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  1. floor 13 ticket ?

    You exchange for the ticket using Lu Sun/Naksun tablets at the vendor on the ground floor
  2. Why is mushins 9-15 worth less than 1-7?

    Do you know that KR characters have lesser stats in terms of health and attack power than you on NA? Stop this incessant complaining? Is your server a KR server? is the game in korean? You guys can complain about every single thing. Once people lose interest in complaining about something, you find something else to complain about. You won't find as much complains of all the other regions combined in a years of content while NA can trump the amount of whines and complains in a mere week. Just quit this game if there is so much you're unhappy about. Who is stopping you? You have freedom of choice to leave or continue playing. Who's stopping you. YOU CHOOSE TO STICK IN IT EVEN IF YOU ARE OFFERED THE FREE CHOICE OF LEAVING BUT YOU DON'T
  3. People are leaving game cuz Silverfrost gear is too expensive.

    Just because you got force fed content does not mean you should have requirements lowered. Just because you got force fed content does not mean you should be gearing up in double quick time compared to other regions. The content is going to remain there. Are you playing on the CN server or the NA server? Do you know how far into the game and updates the CN server is? People on that server are WAAAAAAY past the gearing stage of silverfrost. That is why prices of materials have gone down because demand is lower. Simple supply and demand economics. How old is your 50 content? Barely a month and you are complaining about prices. You expect prices to be the same on NA vs Asian servers? Your game is in its nascent stages. Everybody is in the gearing up phase. If you want to join the mass stampede to upgrade gear, sure, join in the stampede to pay inflated prices. Nobody's stopping you. YOU MAKE THAT CHOICE. NOBODY FORCED YOU TO MAKE THAT CHOICE. The price of 2-2+G per dart is about right, that was the price of darts when CN first got its silver frost content. What is so special about it right now? You playing the special snowflake card cause you are NA? CN requirements are lower? SURE! Do you know that you have a chance of failure at every stage of the upgrade? Do you know you need buy evolution mercury to get a guaranteed upgrade/evolution? It is a simple tradeoff. Make it harder to gather materials to upgrade, but guaranteed success upon upgrade or evolution. OR make it easy to gather materials and introduce RNG failure like CN. Go pick your poison. I am pretty sure you would go the 1st route, given the INFAMOUS intolerance for RNG and constant tooting of the P2W horn on NA. So suck it up and live with it. You have GUARANTEED success at upgrade/evolution. or would you rather fail again and again? Think of the difference as a price to get a successful upgrade or evolution mercury if it helps you visualize. You would be fine with prices if the content had 6 months? You only have 3 months now? Is the content going to disappear after 3 months? Is Asura going to call it quits after 3 months cause lotsa people bashed him up in those 3 months? Are the snakes in frozen fang lair going to die in 3 months so its not doable after 3 months? Is Yeti going somewhere after 3 months? Did emerald village disappear? Is Pinchy gone? They're all there and are still there, ready to welcome you with open arms if you would just pay a few coppers or silver to teleport yourself there, or even take the effort to enter those instances. You are free to go farm materials from those areas there if you need them People are STILL doing all these contents on the Asian servers even after all these YEARS. What makes NA so special? Playing the special snowflake card again? All you saying in these convoluted arguments masquerading as informed discussion is 1. I want things right here, right now fast 2. I am entitled to have things my way 3. I am the biggest @#%! in town 4. Things should be cheaper coz I want them to be 5. I want to be the best without making any sacrifices 6. I want to be handed everything to me on not just a silver platter, but perhaps even a gold or platinum one Or are you so lost in trying to come up with these convoluted arguments that you cannot somehow see 1-6 are exactly what you are REALLY TRYING TO SAY and are afraid to say. You have ALL THE TIME in the world to get all the materials that you want and at cheaper prices then cause the gear upgrade stampede is over and prices have normalized due to abundant supply of materials on the market. In fact, you will be upgrading faster, multiple stages at a time, getting more bang for the buck. You want to be standing around with bragging rights in town? On the cutting edge of gearing? Well, there is a price to pay, the RELEVANT MARKET PRICE at that point in time. This RELEVANT MARKET PRICE adjusts itself in accordance with the demand in the market and will be lower once majority of the people are geared up. Just quit complaining. If you hate the game so much just quit. Nobody is stopping you. You have the freedom of choice like every other player, myself included to stop playing whatever we don't like. Don't like the prices, come back again when feel it is something you can stomach and are comfortable with.
  4. Please enlighten me! How do TW/JP players not work for their legendaries? Please enlighten me how you trade your Baleful/Seraph on TW/JP? Cause I would be really interested to buy one for 30K gold if that was the case as I am currently playing on TW as well. I would be really grateful if you could let me know how my KFM can buy a seraph legendary cause I already have a baleful legendary on my toon. Please stop this BS you're spewing! Are you on drugs on something? The baleful/seraph legendary weapons CANNOT BE TRADED! They are a progression from the lowly hongmun weapon you first got when you started playing. So what if TW/KR/JP had more time to prepare or 6-8months that you claim? People today on those servers are still making their seraph/baleful legendaries. Players who started the game late on those servers are also still making their weapons today gradually, while playing the game. Are you hallucinating? Cause I sure as heck DO NOT SEE lots of people rocking around with baleful/seraph legendaries as you claim on my server in TW, CN, KR. I see all sorts of weapons starting from hongmun all the way up to scropios and anything in between as well. A new player on those Asian servers who joined 3 months ago is also making his seraph/baleful legendary, how different is that from the 3 months that you keep trumpeting for the NA/EU client. Get your head checked please. This new player didn't have 6-8 months to make it, he is MAKING IT TODAY as of right now, step by step! How different is he from you? Is anybody forcing the new player on the Asian server to gear up with a seraph/baleful legendary in 3 months? NOBODY. YOU ON THE OTHER HAND CREATED THAT OWN SELF IMPOSED RUSH TO OWN A LEGENDARY YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU WANT TO HAVE THAT SERAPH/BALEFUL weapon RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, ASAP. So what if you get all the contents now? It just means you have all the contents, it does not say because you have all the contents you ABSOLUTELY MUST have a legendary to play the contents. You don't even NEED a legendary to clear the contents you have right now. People on Asian servers worked for it a long time and will use it for a long time? You are absolutely right about that because that baleful/seraph weapon will continue to evolve for a LOOOOOOOOOONG time and you will be sticking with it for a LOOOOOOOOOONG time. What makes it so special that baleful/seraph will last a only few months on NA/EU and be out of date? Are you playing the special snowflake card again? Why can CN give out materials to help lower level players? Clearly you have not played on CN before or even understand HOW the CN server is NOT the NA/EU server. You DO NOT understand how the game is TUNED ENTIRELY DIFFERENT from what you have on your NA/EU client. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH UPDATES and HOW FAR the game is into on the CN servers? Your NA client barely got its 50 content for a month and you are like a beggar clamouring to be given freebies shamelessly like a free social welfare handout. S3 cost 6K usd and yours cost 5K? Is your weapon on NA/EU called a S3 legendary? Is your game as old as the CN version? Are the prices of things the same on the CN vs NA servers? You are comparing apples to oranges. Oh poor soul....if only you knew how much some of those CN players spent on their S3 blessed. Tens of thousands of USD for those high rollers to get their perfect blessed S3 legendary with all the desired stats because of the RNG element which gives you multiple possible states upon each level of upgrade. They kept resetting the weapon over and over again. You should be so thankful you don't have that on NA/EU or your seraph/baleful or you will be wallowing in tears and misery. If you want to get the dragon tiger legendary (the stronger one, the true legendary) which you are supposed to get, WELL! Get ready because you need to possess TRUE LEGENDARY perseverance, LEGENDARY OBSESSION to obtain it. If you cannot even stomach what you have right now in front of you, I suggest you just quit this game because you will not be able to stomach the cost of leveling up the dragon tiger legendary. These LEGENDARY WEAPONS are END GAME of END GAME gear that you do it on your own free time, out of surplus materials and money you make in game. THEY are not REQUIRED to clear current content. You are creating this ridiculous gear requirements yourself. NOBODY but yourself in your own delusions. What in the world are you talking about? There is no point being a dedicated player because you will be like a casual player? Then you say that I am telling you to quit because you want to be a casual player. Hello? Make up your mind! Do you want to be a dedicated player a casual player? So.............do you want to be a dedicated player or a casual player? Since when did I say the game does not allow for casual players? Don't put words into my mouth. I am saying, you are creating all these ridiculous worries, complains and unsubstantiated BS out of thin air. I am saying you want everything right here and right now, because the seraph/baleful legendaries are not MEANT to be obtained quickly while you want them ASAP. I am saying you need to learn that you CANNOT get everything right now. I am saying that things are expensive on your NA client cause of simple supply and demand economics that have cause material prices to be jacked up. I am saying just do everyone a favour and quit this game. I am saying you are trying to masquerade your insecurity at quitting behind all these lame as F posts and videos about gloom and doom and want others to join you in quitting. I am saying you won't be missed if you leave this game, because you are just like any other player including myself who has the freedom of choice to play or leave a game if we don't like it. I am saying, stop spewing BS when you don't even know how the game operates on other regions. I am saying have some common sense. (which doesn't seem to be that common, its very rare instead) I am saying you need to stop this whole lame victim mentality I am saying you are NOT SOME SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE I am saying stop blaming others for choices you make I am saying you have no patience whatsoever with your entitlement mentality I am saying all you have done is nothing but complain I am saying that you have been trying to create all these ridiculous non existent gear restrictions and requirements on yourself I am saying, if you want to say something, do it in a coherent manner, because you don't seem to know which type of player you want to be right now, dedicated or casual I am saying, your arguments have so far appeared incoherent because they are weak, just like a sand castle with no solid base Just do everyone a favour and quit. I won't be updating this anymore since its not possible to have a common sense discussion as you are blind to what you say and are not even sure of what you are saying yourself.
  5. Do you even know what legendary they're giving out on CN servers?! THAT legendary you are referring to is the DE RIGEUR legendary. NOBODY makes the manistream hongmun legendary on CN servers, this is because the game, the stats are are modified to be played using the stats from that "Freebie legendary" That legendary that you keep saying is being given out is the MAINSTREAM weapon on CN servers. The bopae stats, the weapons stats, EVERYTHING that you see on the CN servers is unique and TUNED for CN server play. What the CN servers are giving out is their "MAINSTREAM" weapon which coincidentally happens to be the lowest tier legendary and should be rightly regarded as THE mainstream weapon. Do you even understand HOW the CN servers are configured and tuned for play? I played there for years since beta and I still play on it. For goodness sake. Do you even KNOW HOW FAR into the updates CN is? That is why they give out stuff that helps lower level players upgrade and catch up. CN server DOES NOT and has NEVER given out top tier or mid tier legendaries. Do you even know what is a top tier or mid tier legendary is like on the CN servers? Have you tried upgrading one before on CN server? It is obscenely expensive and time consuming. It is even more RNG dependent with multiple possible states that are subject to RNG on each upgrade compared to what you have right now on your precious NA/EU server that you keep complaining about. How much content do you even have released on NA/EU? How long has it been that 50 content was released on NA servers that that you are already begging and clamouring for free handouts on all fours. You just said it yourself, the legendary system on NA/EU is different (this is because it follows the system of TW/JP), that is the reason it is SUPPOSED TO BE EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO MAKE. You sound to me like you want to have a legendary in a week without putting in any effort. You are basically saying you WANT a free legendary. So are you suggesting NA/EU should be given level 1 baleful or seraph legendaries based on your logic? so that everybody can catch up? if that is the case, they need to introduce as many versions, as many tiers of legendaries as CN because your so called "freebie baleful/seraph legendary" on your NA/EU is now the mainstream weapon and no longer a legendary weapon since its status is now a "freebie legendary". Can you even handle that without all your constant complains about P2W, RNG and what not? CN = "freebie lowest tier legendary" = mainstream TW/JP/KR other regions = no freebie legendary ---> work for it Are you high on weed or something? everybody is into their 3rd legendaries? If you are on your 3rd legendary, I applaud you for spending an obscene, inordinate amount of real life cash on buying gold from external sources OR If you are are playing as intended and legit, then I applaud you for having invested an obscene and inordinate amount of time in your life going for 3 mainstream legendaries. Doing 1 mainstream seraph/baleful is already extremely time and resource consuming and IT MUST AND SHOULD REMAIN SO. It is a LEGENDARY WEAPON. IT SHOULD TAKE TIME TO MAKE. IT SHOULD BE EXPENSIVE TO MAKE. IT IS A LONG TERM PROJECT. It appears extremely daunting right now, because 50 content is new on the NA client, give it time, prices of mats will drop. Prices of everything are jacked up because people are all in the gearing stage and therefore, materials are subject to the laws of supply and demand. Just please stop, you are tripping over yourself and making yourself look silly with your incoherent replies and incessant complains about the NA/EU server and its upgrading, progression systems. If you hate it so much, just quit the game. Nobody is stopping you or are you trying to find some form of vindication.
  6. OP, Just do everybody a favour and quit if you hate this game so much. You WON'T BE MISSED. You don't see as much complains and whining on all the other servers combined in years about content than on NA/EU in a week which always seems to think it is some special snowflake. Go run a private server with modified data sets if you hate this so much, you can have instant legendaries at level 1 and pump out 10 million or more damage per hit. You calculated that you only needed 213 days to get the required flowers. People have been playing for more than a year or even close to 2 to even upgrade it on the other servers; that's more than 365 or close to 700++ days. What's your problem? Instant gratification again You know what? Darts are 10 silver a piece or even 1 copper a piece during my F8 dungeon runs on the Asian servers. Prices will drop over time as people get more geared up. It is super expensive on your client BECAUSE of basic economics - supply and demand. Everybody is in the gearing up phase. If you are also caught up in this stamped/rush to hit max gear like everybody else in 1 week or 2, you pay the market price, simple as that. Your quoted price of 2G per dart is normal. This was the price per dart when 50 content was first introduced on the CN servers. How long have you even had this 50 content and you are expecting prices to be the prices on Asian servers? People on the Asian servers who were rushing to max geared in the first few months / weeks also paid through their noses for the materials; they even PAID upwards of 50G sometimes for their breakthrough and evolution weapons. You also work on the assumption that people intend to collect every single legendary weapon/item that is available. If you go that path, OBVIOUSLY (in capital) you will be spending inordinate, obscene amounts of time in the game. You CHOOSE to want to collect every single legendary thing in game. Nobody is forcing you, you created the situation through your own choice, yours and yours alone, so stop blaming others for your own predicament. Which part of the term "LEGENDARY" in mmo do you not understand? It is MEANT TO BE a grind, IS A grind and ALWAYS WILL BE a grind. A Legendary is INTENDED TO BE A GOLD SINK AND TIME SINK. If you get it in a week or even a month, that is NOT LEGENDARY since almost every tom dick and harry has it. MMOs require you to have LEGENDARY PATIENCE, OBSESSION to get something LEGENDARY. Get your facts right before spewing unsubstantiated BS. You DO NOT NEED LEGENDARY WEAPONS OR BOPAE (soulshield) to do the 24 man midnight plains, you can go as long as you are level 50, even oathbreaker weapon will be sufficient. In so far as getting the loot off that boss, you just need to make sure you DO NOT KEEP DYING to the boss mechanics. The threshold damage required for getting loot off that boss is pretty low. If you stay alive throughout the fight and negotiate the mechanics as intended, you WILL GET THE LOOT. If you keep screwing up the mechanics, nobody and I repeat NOBODY and NOTHING can help you get the loot regardless of whether you have legendary weapons/soul shield or not. Even if you are talking about the 5-6 star turtle which is the currently considered the most difficult, it is so HEAVILY MECHANIC DEPENDENT, a buttload of legendaries isn't going to get you the clear if you do not know what you are doing. Unless you were hoping to dish out so much damage you skip phases, well sorry bud, that AIN'T gonna happen, you either LEARN the mechanics or not, with or without legendaries. You DO NOT NEED legendaries to clear mushin's tower either. You must be playing a really really terrible game to rely on AP as a clutch hoping to skip mechanics or just trying to brute force your way through without understanding your class or what you are doing. Sure, legendary Bopae (soulshield) are amazing with fantastic stats, but again, they're nice to have, brag about, great if you are a min-max addict, but they are not required to clear any of the future content. As with all legendary stuff, the LEGENDARY BOPAE/soulshield is again meant to take an extended amount of time to collect. Think of it as a long term project, something nice you get along side playing the game normally. If you want it fast, right here, right now, you make the choice, grind for it with your time. NOBODY forced you get it all in a few days, YOU made that choice of wanting it RIGHT NOW FAST, the price you have to pay? Simple! You pay for it with your time by grinding for it. You are basically trying to create an invisible gear wall that DOES NOT EVEN EXIST in the first place with your unsubstantiated BS. You expect to do top level dungeons immediately after hitting 50 in a week? Max gear in 1 week if it is your first character? Time for a reality check. If you want that, I suggest you just go buy a top level account off somebody. Nobody doing other 50 dungeons like yeti, lair? Haven't encountered that problem at all on the other servers I've played (KR/JP/CN/TW), always can get a party in F8. People are still leveling and playing alternates, even new players. We even encounter Hongmun 1 players in Black Dragon and Forgotten Tomb from time to time, and even as a random group in F8 we don't mind carrying them if the group feels up to it and the player knows the mechanics. Poh? Bsh? Yea, we still get people running them in F8 or even F7 sometimes. Well maybe nobody is running them on your version cause as always NA/EU is a special snowflake. Everything unique or bad must be NA/EU, cause its a special snowflake. NA/EU always gets shafted, yea, cause NA/EU is special snowflake. Just stop this lame victim mentality already. Stop making all these lame as F videos and complains trying to drag people down to quit with you. People will quit from time to time or if the the game really goes downhill that bad as you suggest. It is the natural ebb and flow of the gaming industry as new games come out and people try new stuff. If you want to quit, just quit, if you don't like it, there's no need to convince others not to like it, just makes you stick out like a sore loser who wants others to join your loser party cause you are concerned that you will be alone and want to convince yourself that you are right. They can make their own decisions about it, whether they like the game or not, whether to quit or stay. If you cannot even stand a 1 year objective to making a legendary weapon, then go play a custom mod where you will be decked out in overpowered gear immediately, mmos are just not for you since it is a long term affair.
  7. Confirmed Legendary weapons coming to NA! :))

    I'm surprised people still don't understand this basic concept Time=money Choose your poison. Want to progress faster there's a method-real life gold. Choose the grind-invest your time Both players get to their end point through different means and time.he got there faster than you through financial means while you invested the time.you make the choice. You have other responsibilities, is that NCsoft's problem.should they change the way the system works for you? Are you some special snowflake? So what if Billy brags about his weapon?makes you feel uncomfortable?life's unfair suck it up.you wanted to have the same bragging rights too yea?but you had to do it 6 months later,you couldn't do it on the 1st 2 weeks and that makes you feel bad.if you live your gaming hobby or life always comparing these virtual epeens,time to reevaluate that mindset. A company exists to make money,they got a business model.don't like it?go do something else or just vote with your wallet as you guys love to put it. Everything I've read till now is all about "me me me". I deserve this or that.I've got issues IRL so they need to cater to me. They got a business to run.if its so bad just quit and see the game get ruined.seems like thats what you guys want. You guys cry all day for more content to be released and when it does you are unhappy and find something else to complain about and want this and that changed to suit what you want. If this isn't entitled I'm not sure what else you'll call it. LIFE is all about choices and it isn't fair.suck it up.you are not a special snowflake
  8. Confirmed Legendary weapons coming to NA! :))

    Basically, all I see are people who don't want to spend a single cent, want to progress as everybody else who spent money to get an item faster. You don't win anything by getting something faster. How is it affecting your game if the guy has a legendary and you don't? You pump out less damage than him. So? Unless you do open world pvp, its not going to make a difference in traditional arena or pve. You clear dungeons slower than him, so? Basically, its just a bunch of brats who think they are entitled to everything, and they ought to be the same and get the same thing as everybody without making any sacrifices in any area. This is why the community in NA/West is so toxic, the world doesn't revolve around you. The customer isn't always the biggest @#$^ around the house. You can't even be called a customer if you didn't spend a single cent. The company OWES you nothing, if you spent NOTHING, so stop demanding they cater to you if you spent NOTHING. Be glad they're even listening to you and nerfing contents (awakened oathbreaker belt) now so whiners and people who have spent nothing but ketp complaining about P2W can do Jade Palace/Sogun's lament as well. From the looks of it, basically everything is P2W in the eyes of the western community. Faster mats = P2W, RNG = P2W, limited daily instance reset stones = P2W, introduction of legendary = P2W, low matdrops = P2W, 2 day grind for a few Nanryu tablets = unbearable (must be a P2W feature), slightly more complicated boss mechanics = P2W feature, what else isn't P2W. Practically everything can become P2W in the Western community if you twist, intrapolate, extrapolate it.
  9. Confirmed Legendary weapons coming to NA! :))

    Just stop complaining and expect to get legendary weapon ASAP. It's called "LEGENDARY". What is so legendary about it if everybody can get it in a week or two? They are INTENDED to be EXPENSIVE, get over it. That is why it is called a LEGENDARY weapon. They are INTENDED to be a form of progression. They are INTENDED to be hard to make. They are INTENDED to be a gold sink and time sink. You can still clear stuff even without a legendary weapon. It's the same on TW/JP/KR/CN, people still clear stuff without legendaries, people are still rocking around in breeze gear, even oathbreaker in Asura or even Forgotten Tomb sometimes. You won't DIE without a legendary weapon. This is meant to be a long term investment and project. It's the same case on ALL other servers, it is INTENDED that you do not get everything ASAP. You will get it in the end, it is just that it will take time. The amount of mats need to make these weapons on the servers in the other regions are also very demanding, why does NA always need to get special treatment? The argument that "NA/EU players are casual so they need to cater to us with lower mats / soloable dungeons etc" just doesn't cut it, its getting stale. Just cause you guys got content pushed out faster in time for the world championship is irrelevant to having easy legendaries. These weapons are endgame of endgame gear and has no bearing on being able to play in a competition or not. It's not going to change your skillset to something totally different. You don't see many people rocking around with legendary weapons on the other regions around cause it takes alot of time and effort to make one. Although I don't support gold buyers, at the end of the day why do you even damn care? They just paid extra to be the first few to get their legendaries, You'll get yours in time if you stick to it, only that you can't get to stand around to show it off together with them in the 1st 2 weeks. Just play whatever content, and work your gear progression gradually and you'll arrive at the legendary in time if you quit subscribing to this "its for P2W, its for gold sellers, i cannot clear stuff without legendary, I cannot catch up, I'm going to quit" mentality. If you can't handle not getting something "right here, right now". You might as well quit the game and play a custom mod, cause expect a crapload of grind not just for the weapon but for your future accessories as well. I've never seen a MMO where you can max everything out in 1 week or 2. Constantly threatening to quit just cause you can't afford something in game right now, cause somebody bought gold, somebody spent money or because you can't catch up is getting so stale. This is a F2P game, somebody's gotta pay for the cost of running the servers. You expect NCsoft to run the servers and game for free? Are they are charity organization that gets government funding to run this game so everybody can play without coming out with a single cent? Learn to define P2W. P2W is when you can buy something that eg. a weapon that can ONLY be bought in the cash shop and no other way of obtaining it in game via grinding or in-game currency. If it is something that takes time to acquire, but can ultimately be gotten through in-game methods, that's not P2W. The fella who paid for the mats in real cash just got it faster that's all. You can get it as well, you just need to TAKE TIME cause you decide to grind for it. It's called a GRIND. You expect to be on equal progression pace as somebody who forked out real life gold? That's called being "ENTITLED" You want something and to be the same with them without effort or making a sacrifice somewhere. Why would a company let free players progress as the same pace as somebody who forked out cash? Makes no sense at all. They need somebody to pay for servers and cost of running the game. Giving these real life spenders some advantage and satisfaction of progressing faster is their way to keep people spending. If you want to keep feeling entitled to instant gratification, just quit the game and stop making threats, you won't be missed. Go find something else that suits your taste.
  10. How to prepare for the two new heroic dungeons

    Jade is probably the first of many dungeons to come that requires the party members to know what they are doing and to play their part in the team. It would be a good idea to read up some guides and watch some videos before heading into it so you can see the actual mechanics in action. Going in blind will result in alot of angst. With sufficient AP (not cutting edge gear, but not undergeared either), it can be done really really fast if the party knows what they are doing, the various roles they play, who and when to CC etc. If members do not know what to do, it can become extremely frustrating because you will be stuck at the boss with no end in sight until the group "sorts out their shit" so to speak. It boils down to teamwork, understanding the mechanics and role you play within the group. Also, especially at the final boss Asura, players MUST do their part in bringing antidotes to counter the poison from the flower mechanic. DO NOT go in with no antidotes and expect other people to do the flower clearing for you. BE PROACTIVE about it, don't reach the final boss and tell the party "I do not have any antidotes, so I won't be clearing any flowers" or "it is not my responsibility, it is the destroyer/lyn blade's responsibility to clear flowers cause they can spin out of root status" In a coordinated group with teamwork, you'll most likely use 1 to 5/6 antidotes or less in a single run. If you have selfish players or find yourself dying repeatedly, expect to use up to 20-30++ or even more and still be stuck. The worst case scenario is everybody runs out of antidotes and you quit the instance uncompleted, cause there is no way to clear it without having antidotes to prevent yourself from dying from the poison.
  11. Hi, I made a few guides to help new players to the bosses in Sogun's Lament/Jade Palace of Sorrow Boss 1 - boys Boss 2 - lightning beast Boss 4 - asura I skipped Boss 3 (2 birds) because there is nothing special about their mechanics. Simply tank and dps Boss 1 This is using the LAZYmethod - fighting both boys on 1 side Proper method 1. split players on both sides 2. knockdown boss at 3 stacks of dust 3. CC the boss or ice flower the tank when it pulls tank across after boss jumps to other side 4. repeat 5. kill 2 bosses at about the same time This is a very old video using the proper methodfrom when I played on CN server (high unstable ping >.<) Why knockdown at 3 stacks of dust? At 4 stacks of dust, you will be frozen, knockdown and then take damage Knockdown is the ONLY CC that will cause the dust to fall off the boss and reset it to ZERO stacks Boss 2 1. Tank and DPS boss 2. double CC (knockdown and daze) the 3 adds 3. green - KD / blue - stun (note: in the video I have used daze because that is the original term for blue CC on Asian clients), NA localization used "stun" for blue instead of daze) 4. kill shield soldiers and take their shield 5. block lightning spears with shield 6. throw shield at boss - 12 stacks for max damage explosion 8 dps boss on the floor 9. CC (suppress/lift) boss on the 3rd time it lifts its head for extra few second of free dps time - look at the movement of the boss head when it is on the floor 10. Boss gets up and the mechanic cycle repeats 11. Repeat mechanics until boss dead or enrage This fight is a dps race and requires some teamwork, coordination and making minimal mistakes ****Note**** In the video I use Blue = Daze but if you play on NA/EU, this is the "STUN" skill This difference in terminology is due to the localization team choosing to use the "STUN" instead of "DAZE" for blue CC NA/EU has swapped the terms around, "DAZE" on NA/EU is now for RED CC Original terms Asian clients Blue = 眩暈 = daze/dizzy Green = 擊倒 = knockdown Red = 虛弱 = weakness/weaken NA/EU clients Blue = stun Green = knockdown Red = daze In NA/EU terms Blue add = double stun Green add = double knockdown Boss 4 Stepping on flower gives infinite chi (focus), poison status and root condition Destroyer and Lyn Blade can use spin to get out of root status. Useful in helping team clear flowers because they can spin around and clear a few flowers together Remember to clear the flowers - if Asura absorbs 5 stacks of flowers = enrage = game over Also be a TEAM player, contribute to the team, bring your own silverfrost antidotes, help clear the flowers. DO NOT play till the last boss and tell everybody you have ZERO antidotes. Player who blocks the 1st fire/ice ball during "Big Fire" phase runs clockwise around the room to bait the fire swords. Getting hit by the fire sword is either an instant KO or taking massive amounts of damage. Summoners RECALL the cat during the "Big Fire", "Big Ice" phases. Cat may become the fire sword bait if not recalled during "Big Fire". This causes the fire swords to land at the boss location or wrong positions. Watch the colour of the swords at Asura's back to determine if he will go into "Big Fire" or "Big Ice" phase. Hope these will be helpful to you guys in clearing Jade Palace/ Sogun's lament
  12. Convince me to main KFM

    KFM Q/E is a normal priority skill. This means you need to stop whatever action your are doing when you Q/E. If you are are in the middle of an attack, you need to stop pressing that attack button when you Q/E. Q/E will not override the command of the attack you were doing before. The activation time for Q/E is not exactly instant, it is something like 0.2 sec This is also why ping is extremely important for KFM. At the same time, you need to know the attack animations and rotations so you can anticipate what attacks are coming up so as to better use Q/E
  13. Dealing with the big arse gauntlets?

    http:// These are my gauntlets - bare-fisted fighting
  14. Figured it would be amusing to play destroyer without the axe ani cancel
  15. yeti dungeon for commoners

    You don't need to let him grab the player. Just CC him when he attempts to jump after the grab attack VERY important - it must be the 2nd jump after the grab attack