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  1. Makes sense, still I want the new changes for my class :(
  2. Look at what we are missing. Yes, the V skill, omg. I put my hope too high, now I'm like a deflated balloon :(((. This guy also has the vid for his C skill which boost up dame a lot.
  3. Hi all, as the title states, look for yourself http://emperial.sg/blade-soul-taiwan-skill-patch-1019/ vs http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/beluga-lagoon-patch-notes/. Most skill changes in blue are not applied to us in this patch while they are the same for other servers. I do not know why Ncwest is doing this, but I hope they will soon get us to where we are supposed to be.
  4. Sorry but anyone knows when the next patch will be released?
  5. Vietnam here. So this is a global issue, not just from a particular country. Relax! NC may be doing sthing to the game (fixing, or maybe ninja nerfing :p). We will soon be able to log back in the game.
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