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  1. Im looking for some1 that is willing to make a fanart of Raging Grassquatch in ssp into an anime girl. :/ i know how it sounds but still. looking for some1 that would like to take up this for fun mostly. if some1 is willing to do this i can provide with a screenshot of it for reference.
  2. Unlock the Chi Master

    3 DAYS LEFT \O/
  3. so im planning to name change one of my characters to use it on the sf that im planning on making but will the name be reserved for me? and if so how long will it be so untill other people can use it? appreciates the answers.
  4. Unlock the Chi Master

    Only 13 days left for our SF class its hype time guys !!!
  5. most people that get banned are from the auto ban system and they are so by getting reported from other people ingame. So its the people ingame you should be afraid of since if enough of them decide to report you, you will get banned but the support till remove the ban if you havent done anything banable
  6. Highwire fun

    just get a bunch of sins from your clan or server, and if you get like 1 or 2 more than what we were you dont have to wait so long between each drag and you can make it go faster
  7. Highwire fun

    some times you just wanna mess around abit .-. fun stuff
  8. Highwire fun

    A bit over a week ago me and some clan mates decided to have fun with sins ability "Highwire". i recorded us messing around and we managed to do pingpong with highwire aswell as getting in a quadra highwire on a random person that decided to interfere with us. Decided today that i would share this with you guys and see if you have done anything similar to this with your clan. If so share it on this post. This is what it looked like when we were messing around (people on this was fine with the recording so it should be no problem showing their names on the forums)
  9. Inviting alts to my own guild.

    then you decide who shall be in the clan. since its your clan
  10. Inviting alts to my own guild.

    this depends what your clan says. every clan functions diffrently. asking the clan leader of advisor should do the trick.
  11. there is a chi master thread already just go to that one and post anything chi master related
  12. Unlock the Chi Master

    I can barly even be bothered to play bns atm because i dont wanna play on a character that i might not main. .-. its so frustrating that they ganna stall the soul fighter release so long....
  13. Unlock the Chi Master

    reason we get stuff taiwan doesnt have is cause we are getting the bns code from korea. but still they should just release soul fighter
  14. Unlock the Chi Master

    translating soul fighter is really hard. you must like translate it and stuff
  15. dont know why you bid or complain about the shrooms that drop from the chest. you get 2 shrooms from the daily and if you kill the boss fast enough you get 3 boxes which can each contain up to 8 shrooms. and killing the boss before the first timelimit aint even hard. i dont know why you complain about the timelimit at all. running to the boss and dodging the vipers as much as possible is not difficult and when you are at the boss you just need to skill the small shrooms and throw the green orbs on the boss. a party of lv37 can do that dungeon fast enough to get 3 boxes and they dont have to spend 2 g on the shrooms that comes from the loot chest.