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  1. Im looking for some1 that is willing to make a fanart of Raging Grassquatch in ssp into an anime girl. :/ i know how it sounds but still. looking for some1 that would like to take up this for fun mostly. if some1 is willing to do this i can provide with a screenshot of it for reference.
  2. the server im playing on is sadly not a dream server its a real one and its cardinal gates
  3. im pretty sure the price aint 600G on the spot. so if you ganna make an argument about stuff being to expensive and at high cost atleast calculate the cost from market and then post about it. plus 600 + 300 aint 1000g. but since you dont seem to know how to count its not weird you cant make gold to support yourself ingame. Now on to the talk about gold. Gold is alot easier to obtain in silverfrost, you can farm ssp only and you are fine soulstone and moonstones. the price on those are on Eu atm 2.2g for moonstone and 28.5s. i myself sold moonstones that i did not use and got myself
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