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  1. Wah, try doing the lycan world boss for 8 hours trying to get the outfit and then come cry to me.
  2. Either trolling or someone messed up.
  3. I wonder if they will fix it...
  4. Seems like they are using second hand servers, btw just played had a lag spike for the first time ping at 300.
  5. I hope I get into a dungeon with you so I can do it out of spite.
  6. I enjoy the Kungfu Master, with the grapples and the combos. It's fun tossing bosses into the are and comboing them into the ground. My main is a summoner though, I do like the traditional caster class.
  7. "ping lags" Do you mean lag spikes? That could be on your end, I play and have no lag spikes. You might have something downloading or someone elts in your house downloading something or watching something. "crashes everywhere" What is your specs, bc some people have had crashed bc of either other hardware or software they are using. "map fails everywhere" Don't know what you mean by that. They clearly show you where everything is and in the quest log it tells you what to do. "many stupid things" Explain the stupid things I would like to know then. Ive leveled two toons to 45 and only encounter
  8. DarkNexis

    Mail Bug

    Ive posted about this before but go no reply from no one. I have seen other people with this problem, I put Ncoins on my account and was abke to send mail for one day but the next day it told me I had to purchase Ncoins again. This is very annoying! Idk if it's a bug or bc I bought the coins on amazon and put them on my account it's not the same as using a cc and loading them from the game. It's just weird that I was able to use the mail one day and the next I couldn't. Does anyone elts have this problem?!
  9. I see one or two spammers but the block spammers button takes care of them, don't see another for at least 3 hours after that. I love this game and can't wait for all the awesome content that I played on the Korean servers on the NA ones.
  10. Play each class and see which one you like better. I like summoner and kung fo master the best.
  11. Same problem put ncoins on my account mail is still locked..well it was unlocked but the next day it was locked again...
  12. Yeah I played on the Korean servers for a while and never experienced little to no frame drop in the game constant 60 fps..wonder if the NA version has a way smaller team to work on it, seems like they are having difficulties just dealing with bots let alone fixing things in the game.
  13. Kinda wished that the NA version was going to more like the Korean but if these bots are taken care off soon the game will die very fast..
  14. In game now no bots in any chat, talking in faction chat is weird.. Edit:As I typed that chat died rip
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