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  1. New costumes in Hongmoon Store

    About Valentine's costume bundles: Make sexy costumes for the males too. They already made some for the gons. Neck to toes all covered male, lingerie female? Not buying :p Those costumes don't fit each other not even a 1%
  2. Your character look after launch

    Got Luna costume today. Happy!
  3. New outfit releasing in KOR

    Same shirt without pants for males lol. We already have skirts, this won't hurt XD
  4. New outfit releasing in KOR

    No money from me then XD
  5. New outfit releasing in KOR

    Nothing for the males in Valentine's?
  6. This indeed looks devilish! Awesome character :D
  7. My new friend :)

    You haz big friend in there!
  8. What Costume Are You Hoping They Add?

    I'd say that is a weapon in itself XDDD (man wearing skirt in pvp). Enemy jumps on you, you get distracted by the skirt, you loose XDDD
  9. What Costume Are You Hoping They Add?

    I'm sorry, but skirts for man are already in game XD And there's ppls wearing them o/
  10. PSA: The New Hairstyle is Broken

    A softer tone would be more realistic on the top head part : ) And a less abrupt line in the mesh used for hair too. It's a matter on how much you invest on fine details.
  11. Want More Clothes

    This is one of the few games where you earn nice outfits in early levels. At level 10 you get a nice black and red outfit as a quest reward and as someone else said you can farm the Jiangshi raiment at that same level (even a bit earlier). After that yes, you get faction outfits but you also have some more roulettes waiting for you (golden deva, pinchy, lycan) and some dungeon drops if you have the patience to farm (poharan for example). So, roulette+dungeon drops are a nice source of good and free outfits in this game.
  12. To all the guys saying "I got it in 3 or 10 spins" you know you were lucky and you know this is pure rng. Not everyone has the same luck, peeps. You'll notice when RngJesus goes off your side XD
  13. Wolfskin Costume

    I'm not going to complain here because of bad rng which I had, just because this is something you can obtain for free and roulette outfits are normally very nice from experience. Have to farm them? sure! I farmed 150 for golden deva full outfit, 120 for jiangshi full and I just began with Pinchy XD This is a patience thing. Join a channel with ppls and farm 40 or 50. Go next day and do the same until you get it. Considering the roulette also gives you other "usable" goodies, having bad luck in there is the last of my concerns. I'm a patient individual :p I have to agree in the account trading thing. The costumes you get from roulette should be account binded, this way you can get them for your alts and avoid the farming with them.
  14. Show me your costumes/outfits!!!

    Got this yesterday for my "lil" Gon FM :3 I love how much they worked on early ingame obtainable costumes : D