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  1. I'm a returning player and I earned many outfits across my characters, farming bosses for every last piece and loving to change them often. I come back today and all my characters have on one thing - what they were wearing when I left - and everything else is either gone or locked. What gives?! EDIT -- Found them by pressing F3 and choosing Wardrobe. It is different than the tailoring shop and was moved. /phew
  2. Server Consolidation — May 1

    It could also be that they got a new server and/or faster routing equipment that has the capacity to host more people for less long-term cost. Another possibility is that server merges will free up equipment for an upcoming game or a Blade and Soul alternate rule set server, like progression, which seems so popular recently. I joined BnS despite my misgivings over closing CoX because I absolutely adore Hyung Tae Kim's artwork. Also, I fell in love with my KFM; so here I am, *again* talking about a game I adore by NCSoft that doesn't listen to its customers when they suggest real improvements (ping issues, player-run events, more GM involvement, engine updates, more tools for players to be part of the game design experience - from character customization to creating quests or missions) and probably won't last because of it. What made The Elder Scrolls and Fallout so successful were the players taking up the mantle of GM and providing added content and customization. This works for MMORPGs too!