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  1. Outfits in f10

    Please, please bring back Red Alert or Maritime Patrol :(
  2. Outfit Return Poll?

    So I am a returning player to BnS, and have to say - loving the game! Even started spending that moolah again But one thing that I have found (through talking to the playerbase), is the uh... costumes in f10. They're not so great at the moment, and there are lots of people wanting certain outfits back. I was hoping to find some kind of poll from NCSoft, on maybe like 5 outfits we want to see back in the month (Like, give the players 15 choices and choose top 5?) I really want to see things like Red Alert - Pure White Seductress and Olympian personally. Things I missed since returning ~ What do you guys think? Would a poll once a month from NCSOFT be beneficial?