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  1. mhm .. but the goal of the dash is to get the reward. After you get it you win the dash and then you wait for the next dash :)
  2. The advantage to having premium is that you will for sure get the reward having 3 spins every day. Lots of F2P with 2 spins a day won't be able to reach it. Also with 3 spins a day you have the luxury of skipping a few days and still have a chance to win reward. With F2P if you skip even one day, your chance to win reward is not so good.
  3. Ugh a better answer would have been "we are looking into definitely changing this." Its unfair. It has to be changed. No way anyone should be able to unilaterally change loot options mid game or just before the boss is beat up. That's just crazy. I don't think I even want to do dungeons anymore :(
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