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  1. i have a gunner, please don't use 'res' for gunners. use "AC" instead, it is a short form for Alpha Call which is gunner's skill for resetting. it would be less confusing that way.
  2. that is strange, my premium period was already over, but i get to move my outfit to my inventory, i just can't move them back into showroom.
  3. thx! i tried to look for that,but no wonder i can't find it. since i don't have any of those links. i tried googling, and i can see that i don't have the links. guess i cant get the keys then :( thx for explaining though, i am sure you helped others a lot.
  4. thx for he tips! but how do i share an article? any article from any source would be ok? i find this part very vague.
  5. oh, lol.sorry, i didn't understand your question properly. but, to answer that question. not really i guess.but i did get a premium transformation stone from last trove, that was probably the best thing i ever got from troves, with me never buying keys or open the slots because i never trust my luck with RNG stuff, and i still don't.
  6. unable-to-trade item? you probably saw the sealed version.only certain items have sealed version. i don't think you can seal profane awakened stone though.
  7. i did, on my very 1st click on trove.i got a legendary element.for 5 gold.
  8. if i am not mistaken it is for reducing the cost to upgrade your weapon? but what weapon? galaxy weapon only? or other legendaries? please help. i just don't understand what these ascendant weapons means?
  9. i rush too much to do those kind of things, and still rushing. still having a hard time controlling my Q skill. i am rushing to get the legendary weapon so that i can start using skin weapons.. :(
  10. i agree, i would like yun WL and gon gunner but oh well, it is all decided by the koreans devs. :(
  11. same problem at zulia server. everything is strangely quiet.no chats at all,and when i try to type in the chatbox nothing came out except normal chat. i can't find MSP party this way T.T
  12. she's cute, she looks like a young teenager. around 15-17 years old. here is mine: i had been wanting to use this hairstyle for a loong time,i wanted to make a tomboyish character. my WL is too girly. :( good ol hongmoon days :( she got a new (hand-me-down) outfit! now with a blindfold.
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