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  1. I am a returning player and had this annoying crash report issue. I get all the way to "start playing" and says "Connecting...". After that it crashes to Windows. I was searching for threads that included this crash... and finally I found this thread. This right here helped me! I have tried for a few hours with this crash report and I finally found this...MSI afterburner is creating the issue. I have turned it off and the game finally connects to the server.
  2. Stuck on downloading repair files

    This may be an old issue for some, but I had luck on my third try after a couple of times having that download stuck at 0%. Before my third try of getting into the game I disabled my antivirus. I relaunched it and -Boom- I got into the game. Antivirus' have that bitter/sweet ability to prevent downloads from happening. I am using the "Panda Free Antivirus", btw.