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  1. New outfit releasing in KOR

    I love sexy costumes but the whole "I did up 2 buttons then quit, look at my bra please!" is just a little too obtuse for me
  2. Dilemma - Lyn is not sexy

    'sexy' is a matter of degree and perception. if someone says they don't think lyn can be customized to be 'sexualized' enough for their preferences, it does not make sense to say 'they already are'. the degree to which they are 'sexualized' is not on par with other races, that is for sure. I can't find any thongs, for example.
  3. Show off your characters!!

    had to try making a really lanky gon this is what I came up with. I love her not the best costume for her and not the best screenshot but I'll work on both of those ;p
  4. okay so this sucks and I really feel for you, no reason you should punished for a simple mistake but I just have to say... I am laughing so hard at this right now, I can't stop, I am crying
  5. don't worry; no one is trying to "cater" to you by telling you that your first post in this topic was completely false. "lowest damage output" is not a matter of interpretation.
  6. this is an MMO. how exactly do I "step away" from players with much more influence on the economy than I have? they are going to affect my gameplay no matter what I do. you act like "P2P" is black and white, but there are degrees of P2P. If premium members can earn 1,000,000 gold every second and free players can only earn 1c every day, are you still going to say "you still have access to the currency though!!!!!"
  7. I think the idea is that players cannot resurrect and run back into the fight over and over, the party only gets 1 shot at the boss fight. seems like poor implementation of a fairly common idea. today I had a 45 kung fu master try to run and solo the terracotta general in the tomb or whatever, and we spent like 2-3 minutes waiting for him to finish and then he died lol. the other five of us then finished the boss in like 15 seconds and of course the kung fu master starts calling us slow and bad. so annoying.
  8. Pinchy's outfit

    good, good.. what I want you to do next is take a picture of your character from below while you glide through the air what? you want to be A STAR, don't you?!
  9. Pinchy's outfit

    so uh... anyone got a picture from the front?
  10. Please add twerk dance

    at least your character has boobs to throw around as well. as a lyn player I firmly support this, we really need SOMETHING to show off our only asset.
  11. yes, the lockon thing is very tabby. a lot of my skills require a target to use the skill. idk in TERA every player and monster feels like it has a lot of 'weight' to it. everything in this game feels insignificant, like a tabtarget game. maybe 'tab' is a bad word to use but, I am just talking about how it feels to me, and on the scale of things... BnS is more WoW and GW2 than it is TERA.
  12. the way I can edit my character in this game is crazy good. both the character customization and the diversity in different skill setups are topnotch. the combat feels a lot more tabtarget than true action though
  13. Dirty Player Names

    I like naming my characters after plants because I garden a lot people sometimes have an issue with my mains name Cumin I don't get it though, I think cumin is delicious
  14. and has been stated in this topic, most players agree that changing 1 skill from 1 button to 1 other button does not change how the game "runs". This is important functionality to people with disabilities, it is not something games typically can offer within the game itself, and it does not offer a significant advantage to the player. Technically speaking, NCsoft can ban any account for any reason they want - that doesn't make it "okay". no one is getting "mad" (well, I'm not), we just think this is really stupid. and blaming RMT... I don't know where you are getting that from, but that is just a whole other issue that NCsoft is doing a terrible job of handling, and nothing RMT does can be used as an excuse for erroneously banning players.
  15. it is reasonable to assume this functionality doesn't exist because the creators of the game don't have time to take into account what sort of controller everyone likes to use, not because they see binding keys to the mouse as some sort of exploit. all sorts of computers have all sorts of software running in the background that "affects the performance of the game", and the expectations you are putting on the consumer are unreasonable. if they are going to be so trigger happy with instant irrevocable permabans then they should do a better job of clarifying what "third party software" means.