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  1. Yes, clearly people need to learn how to right click a box better. Logic much?
  2. Just because one region of an MMO has something doesn't necessarily mean other regions get it as well. It's somewhat common for NA regions to not get certain items players would consider P2W or unwanted from the original region. We probably will, but there's a chance that NC won't bring it here, too.
  3. Doesn't take much longer than that to level, and if people who bought this would only be buying for alts, you should already know the fastest way to level. Takes like 15 hours max if you rush it. Leveling isn't a time-consuming thing in this game. But that's beside the point. It's bad enough we get level 20s sometimes in level 45 instances just because the level reqs are screwed up. We don't need to be getting 45s with lower level weapons/jewelry than those 20s would have. Add this and people will expect to get carried.
  4. People who are too lazy to spend 10 hours leveling to 45? No, a lot won't. I've seen this shit in other games and it doesn't end well.
  5. And have level 45s instance matching with level 1 Hongmoon weapons? Hell no. Thanks for the trollbait, though.
  6. Everyone who's fanboying and defending this, you do realize that NCWest has a game with this exact same system, except it doesn't suck, right? Wildstar's version of HC are Omnibit Coins, and they drop off of mobs randomly. Leveling a character to cap gets you at least enough to buy one thing from the cash shop with Omnibits, and subscribers get double Omnibits when they drop. The system works there, so I'm really not sure why everyone's saying we should feel lucky to get 80 Hongmoon Coins in an entire month, when they basically gave us the same system yet gutted it. Wha
  7. Actually they can't. Go look at the threads around the forum and you'll see that.
  8. You're supposed to be able to mail tradeable things to alts. It's a known bug that we can't without spending NCoin (and even half the people who've bought NCoin still can't). No idea when it'll be fixed, though.
  9. I can see them being rare, but the drop rate's honestly almost nonexistent. I've gotten 1 green venture token ever from boxes. If that's that rare, what are the chances of us getting the higher quality versions? Must be as close to 0 as you can get without actually being 0. They need to up the drop rate, because this is a little ridiculous.
  10. They've responded again to me and said they're still working on a fix but they don't have information on when it'll be available. So maybe we'll see it on the 10th, maybe it'll take longer. The other regions don't have this lock for mail, afaik, so maybe it's harder to fix the bug given that it's unique to our region. I really doubt they'd just flat out lie about it and never fix it; it would *cricket* people off too much.
  11. I haven't bought NCoin - the ticket was regarding whether the support article was wrong or whether it was a bug that you can't mail alts without spending money. I'm still undecided about whether or not I like this game enough to stick with it. So yeah, hopefully those who don't/can't buy NCoin will be able to mail alts soon, and I'm sure whatever glitch is keeping people who -have- bought NCoin from sending mail is related and probably being worked on as well.
  12. So wanted to post a little update: finally got a response on this last night that wasn't a copy-paste of the ones they've been giving everyone. So it apparently is confirmed as a bug.
  13. Did you even read any of the posts? You're not supposed to have to charge NCoin to send mail to alts. That's the entire point of this thread. Their website says you don't have to...so saying "you have to have charged NCoin at some point" may be right, but either it's not how it's intended (for alts), or their website has the wrong information on it, and GMs are telling us the wrong things in tickets. Either way something isn't right.
  14. I got the same answer from support, lol. I sent in a response that hopefully clarifies it - it seems that they're just copy-pasting the support database pages right now to everyone that asks about a certain topic. This feature is bugged for f2p players if we're supposed to be able to mail alts (which support has said we are...), yet they won't actually realize that it's a bug. I can't mail to alts. I've looked around and can't find a single way other than using the send mail window, which is locked. Hopefully whoever's responding to tickets actually puts this in as "not working," b
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