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  1. Is this bannable?

    The only multiple button macro they've said is okay to use is SS (which essentially is one action even though it's two presses). Otherwise the ToS follows the usual one button to one action rule. Multiple actions on a single button press are not allowed, and I haven't seen any game that doesn't find that bannable. Will you get banned? Maybe, maybe not, but I personally wouldn't risk it.
  2. An AFK system wouldn't work lol. These people aren't actually AFK, they're just too lazy to help, and then they bid on the last boss' loot. A system to kick AFKs would be worthless when they just have to move a few steps every 30 seconds or so. A vote kick option is needed, and I've seen this in many other games. Sure, you have jerks that try to kick you for no reason, but those are few and far between. The tradeoff between AFKers not being able to leech and win valuable items or risking getting kicked for a stupid reason is worthwhile. And in a PUG, how likely is it that every other person in the party is an elitist ass? Not very. And if you get kicked for being level 24 in a level 45 dungeon, that's not really unwarranted (yes, that's actually possible). Making it so you can't vote kick after a certain time limit or after the first kill would be stupid. All they'd have to do is pretend they're contributing for the first boss and then just sit there for the rest of the run. They'd still not help on last boss at all, leech, possibly win the loot, and you wouldn't be able to kick them if they hadn't moved since first boss when you reached the last one. I do agree you shouldn't be able to vote kick in combat. That's a given. But vote kick needs to be added, and anyone that says it would be abused too much obviously hasn't had much experience in games that utilize this. AFKing is becoming more and more widespread because NC is doing absolutely nothing to deter it.

    Yes, clearly people need to learn how to right click a box better. Logic much?
  4. Can't send mail to Alt Character

    Nope, still not fixed.
  5. Fps Issues with AMD, Please help

    AMD CPUs are vastly inferior to Intel, unfortunately. Games just don't run well on them, because they don't utilize all the cores. A weaker Intel is always going to run a game way better than a higher quality AMD. That said, I have the same CPU as OP, and a worse graphics card (7870 XT), but get better FPS. I average 40-50 even around other people, though on BW/Terrors it obviously drops to almost nothing like for most people. The only setting I have lowered is shadows. All I can recommend is fooling with the graphics settings and seeing if lowering/removing any will help your FPS. You could try turning off anti-aliasing if you haven't already.
  6. Training expansion ticket

    Nowhere on there does it mention a training expansion ticket.
  7. Training expansion ticket

  8. Mushin Tower F3 tips.

    You probably shouldn't create a thread to berate people for killing extra mobs if you don't even know how the room works. Not clearing out a group between each boss spawn means death at the end. The ranged bombers/gunners hurt and will kill you in seconds when they're all alive.
  9. Summoner got bugged with this patch

    Yeah, since this patch you do lose aggro during its CD. That's what I said...? It didn't work that way pre-patch. We're not supposed to be losing aggro during the taunt, however. I could also name several summoners that do have trouble with the cat taunt post-patch, and all you have to do is look at the forum to see there's way more people having problems with it than those who aren't. That's not a l2p issue. Maybe if you weren't so aggressively condescending in every post, people could actually take you seriously, but your only response to anything anyone says is that they're stupid and don't know how to play.
  10. Change the tagging system please

    I'm honestly not sure why open world bosses are shared tags, yet minibosses and mobs aren't. It's kind of odd. I much prefer GW2's tagging system where everyone who hits a mob gets credit. There are some areas that are super congested with only 2 channels, and it sucks doing those quests or dailies if there's 5+ people that refuse to join a party. That said, it's not likely to change. Something like that is a design they need to have from the start; they usually won't re-design a game like that once it's already been out...and it's been out for years in other regions.
  11. No, thank you. You should have to level each class, not just keep re-rolling the same character to the FotM one.
  12. Just because one region of an MMO has something doesn't necessarily mean other regions get it as well. It's somewhat common for NA regions to not get certain items players would consider P2W or unwanted from the original region. We probably will, but there's a chance that NC won't bring it here, too.
  13. Summoner got bugged with this patch

    Did you bother to read? I said it's going to be fixed so we do lose aggro during its CD. That's what the patch was supposed to do. And you obviously aren't reading the threads, because dozens or hundreds of people have said they're not taunting for the full 8s. I know how to play my class, thanks, and it's a pretty obvious change when taunt doesn't last for more than 2-3s and bosses ignore it half the time. And yeah, I know how to use it correctly, because I never had a problem with mobs running right through or de-aggroing while taunt was still up before this patch. And lol, math has nothing to do with knowing your class, but keep berating people for supposedly not knowing it? I'm not sure why that's your comeback to every post. That ego.
  14. ^ Which is useless, since AFKers aren't going to be offline. They need to either implement it for online people as well or come up with another solution to keep these people from screwing over their parties.
  15. Doesn't take much longer than that to level, and if people who bought this would only be buying for alts, you should already know the fastest way to level. Takes like 15 hours max if you rush it. Leveling isn't a time-consuming thing in this game. But that's beside the point. It's bad enough we get level 20s sometimes in level 45 instances just because the level reqs are screwed up. We don't need to be getting 45s with lower level weapons/jewelry than those 20s would have. Add this and people will expect to get carried.