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  1. Please buff all bosses in the game

    @SilverFoxR Oh boy. Do yourself a favour and stop typing. You have no idea what you are talking about. I can instantly destroy and debunk everything you just said. Hard modes do not exist for raids. I didn't mention dungeons. Max gear is around 2.6k +, Low gear is around 1.3- 1.4k. Therefore, 1.9 - 2k falls in the middle. I never asked to have the game cater to me, i made a SUGGESTION. Which is what these forums are for. I know white knights like yourself cannot understand that. Never said i could make a better game, i said i could balance it. Never said gw2 was better i said they are doing a balance patch soon and bns should too. Never refused suggestions because none were made. This dismissal you talk about is extremely minimal. And yeah i should have known not to post here because of people like you who don't like anything to change. 4 years of watching people white knight the game every time someone complains on these forums.. yeah i shouldn't have posted anything but it was hard to hold the frustration back. You have no argument here, you are making stuff up and putting words in my mouth. I never mentioned once that i was good at this game. All i have done is complain about bosses dying too fast. And i was talking about the weekly raids. YOU and others brought up dungeons. LOL, you actually work there? Uh oh.. "Just quit" 4Head
  2. Please buff all bosses in the game

    I already do that :)
  3. Please buff all bosses in the game

    @RyVerseLy You just quoted two different people. I swear no one on this forum even reads. Im medium geared (2k ap). I join whatever groups are on the faction chat at the time. Most of them just say 'apply', there's no ap requirement. But there's always a credit card warrior melting the boss in 3 seconds. As a FM i don't even get to finish casting my ultimate before the boss is dead. It's frustrating game play. The lack of class balance in this game is the biggest problem. Most classes just hold one button, while others have 10 button openers.
  4. Please buff all bosses in the game

    I never mentioned dungeons in my original post. My complaint comes from the weekly raids. Botany for example.. The bosses die in a few seconds, because of a couple of guys in the party doing 10mil dps. Its boring ok. I get that 99% of the players want to be carried, but i don't.. If i am the only one who thinks that is boring, then fine. Whatever. @SilverFoxR Your attempts at memeing are terrible. "carry me please" is not an alternative to what i want, i want whales out of lower content because they ruin the fun. But that probably won't change because of the reward structure and daily challenge, so i suggest they give the bosses more health. Before anyone says to me that the weeklies are meant to be fast in and out content, that doesn't mean they should be under 5 seconds. It could be better designed to force mechanics.
  5. Please buff all bosses in the game

    Should have known posting on here would just get negative responses. I only want the game to be better. More difficulty, less faceroll please.
  6. Please buff all bosses in the game

    This would be a good argument if people actually did hard modes. However, a large majority of the players don't.
  7. This game is so unbalanced. Please do something to make this game fun again. Bosses are dying in under 5 seconds, its not fun at all. You may as well just put the rewards in my inventory without me doing anything because that is whats happening now anyway. PLEASE listen. Buff all bosses. Give them double or triple health to what they have now. Its not fair that only raiders get to have fun with their long fights. I wanna enjoy playing this game again but i can't because of the ridiculous power creep every patch. Please stop yourselves with this constant buffing of our characters. JUST STOP. If you insist on continuing with this, then atleast give the bosses more health. Honestly, i could balance this game better than the current devs and i dont have any experience... You should take a leaf out of Arenanet's book, they are doing a huge balance patch this month on gw2 and they are heavily nerfing all classes and its going to be glorious. You should do the same!
  8. Plans to Fix DPS?

    Class balance? Hah! Good one! We get Korea's class balance based on Korean players feedback.
  9. Do you even care at this point?

    No they don't care. Revert the game back to 2016, best thing they could do right now tbh. Its been down hill since silverfrost mountains patch. Utter trash. @Merlin DE Don't feed the troll, just ignore him/her.
  10. Tips for current Tower of Infinity?

    Don't listen to Grimoir. He is a forum white knight, probably being paid by ncwest. He squashes any attempt at feedback, criticism or suggestions. Just go look at his posts if you dont believe me TOI 90+ is completely broken this patch. Every class has changed, they play both awakened specs together at the same time. BM and KFM the worst as a ranged player. Sin has endless cc and stealth and has a new superman skill where he flies across the room and dazes you. KFM completely ignores freeze debuff and walks around freely. BD now has deflect on his spin aswell as defense buff and uses whenever you attack. FM is just cancer, end of. The list goes on for broken stuff. This content is purely made for end game players who can burst the npc down in a few secs. The npcs reacted very differently last season because every player got a free boost from hongmoon levels. Thats why i believe so many more people cleared floor 100 last season. If you look at this seasons rankings, hardly anyone has cleared it. Here are some stats for you to think about. This is how many players of each class have cleared floor 100 so far this season on EU. Its quite disgusting really. Blade Master 43 Kung Fu Master 72 Force Master 22 Destroyer 65 Assassin 21 Summoner 85 Blade Dancer 73 Warlock 92 Soul Fighter 29 Gunslinger 42 Warden 143! Nice balance btw. Why FM, Sin and SF getting such bad treatment? Dev response please? (yeah i'll keep dreaming) Anyway, i have one tip for FMs. Using LMB and RMB baits the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out of every class pretty much. They will block spam and probably stun you with deflects. Best not to use them. And freeze + stand behind them is great until floor 90+, after that it gets ignored most of the time.
  11. Hi, Just gonna hijack your thread since the title is close to what i was gonna say anyway. They really buffed the crap out of ToI this patch lol. Holy ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤! It was way more enjoyable before this patch, i actually did the daily every day. Why remove FM's chill on RMB? Disgusting choice. Why give BD a deflect on spin now? Disgusting choice. Your favouritism towards melee classes is a joke. YIKES Not too bothered since i got my floor 100 achievement 2 seasons ago. But for newbies, this is cancer. Have fun guys
  12. How incredibly dumb. Why invite someone to your party if you can't be bothered to wait for them to come into the instance. At least kick them from the party so they aren't wasting their time. You're right it is a community/people problem. People like YOU.
  13. halve the token cost for mao neck

    Mao's HP is a bit much for the average player. Better not nerf it though, those max geared players will just melt it even faster
  14. Slightly off topic but can anyone tell me which of these stats work in ToI, if any? Accuracy Piercing Pvp attack power Pvp defense Debuff damage Debuff defense Critical defense I have always used extra piercing for ToI, is that right or what? Is any of the PvP gear worth using in ToI? Cheers
  15. Clearly you only read the title of this thread. But thanks for your input anyway. As stated above, the recent nerf you speak of was a nerf to attack power. A completely useless nerf that wasnt even needed. ToI is about fast kills, not taking damage from npcs... I havent encountered any of my immunity skills not working either, so have to disagree with you on that. The npc's on the other hand can do inhuman things, Sin being the worst of them. The amount of posts about ToI on this forum over the years proves that there is something wrong. And one or two people coming in and saying git gud isnt going to change that