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  1. Are you still recruiting? I'm a blade dancer HM 11 AP 751 ingame name: Filero
  2. Today I tried to send by mail some jewels to my alt so he won't be discriminated on LFP but noticed that this gem have a 5g mail fee thing that other gems of it's time don't have (just some coppers) so I'm thinking this is a Bug, can some GM confirm if this is working as intended or not? I think the amount on the fee is so expensive.
  3. So, in my case that unlocked my gem slots on my true breeze weapon from the third to the fifth slot what? I have spend 11 gem hammer aka 55gold, I don't need the refund of the gem hammer since price gonna drop now, I want my gold back, yeah sound selfish and I know you are trying to improve the user experience but this was a robbery to all those players that used ncoin to buy they gem hammers again since drop rate of this things from boxes is like 0.00000001%
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