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  1. Server down or crashed ?

    Old Man NA here. Switched characters, got disconnected before I could do so and cannot get back in.
  2. Missing Summoner X Skill

    Thank you. Still figuring out which of my skills in there I wanna learn.
  3. Missing Summoner X Skill

    Thank you. All I needed to know. I've since unlocked it but I've no idea how.
  4. Hi, I'm lvl 22 on my Summoner but I still don't have my X skill (the one attached to the key x). My brother got his a while ago (lvl 21 Assassin) but I've yet to get mine. Are the classes different? Or have I perhaps missed something? I'm pretty sure I've done everything (save a few dungeons/dailies). Some help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I have 2 characters if anyone wants to add me. Laurelz or Laurelzz (currently trying Summoner with Laurelzz to see if I like it better than Force Master).
  6. Mine went to 3600 something. After a relog it's now 9. Def gotta relog to correct that queue.
  7. where do you buy premium plz help

    I got mine from the link above right now. No issue. Not sure what you're talking about.
  8. Show off your characters!!

    I did start with a Force Master who is also a Lyn and just as adorable but has black hair/ears/tail but I really wanna try Summoner so I've made this adorable little Lyn. She's literally pocket size. So tiny.
  9. I'm on Old Man on NA. Been trying all morning to get in with no luck, 3 crashes so far booting me back to the end of the queue. About 3 and a half hours now in queues.
  10. Server Population List

    Old Man Cho on NA is maxed out atm. Over 5k normal queue.
  11. What was your longest Queue Time?

    Waited an hour, was still #4100 something in normal queue. Game crashed for the 10th time since I installed it. Now normal queue is full and I can't even get in. Time to find another game.
  12. Queue is BS!!!

    Not like I wanted to play today or anything. Queues are BS. An afk timer is badly needed and all bots destroyed.