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  1. Friends , I understand that is a selfish request on my part, but if we focus on Spanish-speaking countries, are: - Argentina - Bolivia - Chile - Colombia - Costa Rica - Cuba - Ecuador - El Salvador - Spain - Guatemala - Equatorial Guinea - Honduras - Mexico - Nicaragua - Panama - Paraguay - Peru - Dominican Republic - Uruguay - Venezuela Etc... For that reason I said, we are many. :)
  2. Hi. I believe many people think we are a few who speak this language, but we are many. For my part i speak english, german, italian and portuguese. I have seen several insults from other players, be they racist, xenophobic, etc. We are not all the same country ... we're from different parts of the world who seek a forum where we can talk and meet. So please , Administrators of Blade and Soul We would greatly appreciate a forum in Spanish we are also players, looking for a space. thank you :)
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