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  1. Uhhhhh... Summoners?

    Because it's yet another crutch for the class that welcomes all the unskilled players with open, forgiving arms to lean on.
  2. Jiwan seems to be leaning towards balance now that the BRs, who are a high amount of the red population here, are starting to get bored of the game and wander off huehuehueing into the sunset.
  3. [OPINION] PvP etiquette

    My personal rules. 1: Be polite. (Unless it's a summoner. They're horrible and deserve to be made miserable at every opportunity) 2: Be professional. (Aside from teabagging/teacupping summoners) 3: Have a plan to kill every red you meet. (especially summoners)
  4. The real WHY summoner is OP

    12fps? Yeesh... That sounds like summoner material.
  5. FM WON

    Jaesung is in a very, very different game state than we are currently in and probably shouldn't be used as an example until we're caught up entirely with balance patches and hongmoon levels.
  6. 3 classes need to be fixed

    ITT: A lot of people crying about people they immediately assume are crying because they simply disagree with their opinion.
  7. FM WON

    NCsoft itself at some point strongly implied summoner was 'easy mode' for the type of players who don't have the reflexes and acuity to play other classes.
  8. FM WON

    In that case leave your rampant masochism out of balance discussions in the future. Not all of us enjoy pain.
  9. How to fight a summoner

    I don't see any mention of 'Wait until the damage increases of other classes leaves summoner in the dust soon.'
  10. FM WON

    Compared to, say, a scummoner who can beat their forehead against the keyboard and achieve similar results. And why post now, Zdradek? What makes my post any different than the others saying FM is weak? Go back to lurking and playing your summoner.
  11. FM WON

    Get on your main account and post, Mr Alphabet soup vomit name.
  12. With a suggestion like that you can tell you're certainly the sort who would choose to play as a summoner. ;)
  13. plat summoner PVP live stream

    Pad your forehead ahead of time because you'll be doing a lot of facerolling to win as a summoner.
  14. FM WON

    Because one exceptional player managing to beat everyone else with a weak class totally means balance, amirite?
  15. Always warms to my heart to see a summoner being shown how it feels to be cheesed.