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  1. Stupid maintenance time

    Surprisingly, not everyone has school / uni / work at the same hours, meaning many people have some spare time to play exactly when NCsoft does maintenance.
  2. Too many maintenances...

    Ahahahaha I almost thought your post was serious until I read this
  3. Stupid maintenance time

    The reason for the IPs to give Texas as a result when you use web based tools or whatever, is not that the server is in Texas, but rather that the IP is registered in Texas. The actual device can still be anywhere on the globe, in this case in Frankfurt, Germany. This was said by NCsoft right here on the forums, just like many additional clarifications about server locations and IPs. If you still don't believe me, google is your friend.
  4. the maintenance time!!!

    This. They should have done EU maint during the EU night since the beginning. Just like they should have had gold spam prevention since the beginning. Sigh...
  5. shutdown times unacceptable

    And this here is the problem, they should pull NA and EU maintenance apart. This is 2016, there is no excuse about technical limitations or whatever. It has been done by other studios, so NCsoft can very well do the same. If they actually care about their EU playerbase, that is.
  6. Seriously, do what every sensible studio does: pull apart NA / EU maintenance, and do EU maintenance during EU night. The current time is stupid and frustrating. It makes me regret buying NCcoin, and I won't buy any until this issue is solved.
  7. ... however, I hope this is a one time thing. If there is weekly maintenance in European afternoons, that will be weekly frustration for me. This is 2016, find a way to keep EU servers running during EU daytime. Most other MMOs have fixed this issue over the years, and do their EU maintenance during EU night / early morning. I'm dissappointed to see that Blade & Soul didn't think of that.
  8. If you implement an AFK kick, at least make it a smart one, that can actually decide whether a player is AFK or not. I was AFK kicked multiple times while browsing the abilities window and reading through my class mechanics. This is frustrating and not necessary. This is 2016, AFK kick should not be as dumb as "if the player doesn't move for 5 mins, then kick".
  9. why people still join windrest....

    "why people still join windrest..." Because when you have to pick a server, there's no indicator for population and/or queues, so you just pick one based on the name, because that's all there is. Not everyone does forum research to choose a server.
  10. Wait time?

    THIS, here, is the problem. There's no way to tell the status of a server when you have to pick one, which is absolutely stupid. This might even be the first MMO that I ever played that has no indicator whatsoever. As a result, I chose a server based on what name I liked, since the name was all the information there was. That made me end up on Windrest, which has 3k+ queue. /sigh