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  1. Basically, I only enjoy MMOs due to the pvp content that they offer because everything that PvE has to offer becomes repetitive at some point. It seems like the PvP in this game is pretty bad (1v1 and 3v3 are pretty boring tbh, i apologize if anyone of you actually ejoy that but it's not my thing). I don't know if leveling and then at 50+ regretting why i DLed this game, is worth it or not. Thanks a lot for the replies !
  2. So i am an ex-Tera player and I have stopped playing MMOs for a while now. There was a lot of hype about B&S and now I'm on vacation so i'm thinking of giving it a try. Why should i try this out? Anything that you love about B&S, please share it with me! Also things I'm looking for are below so you can let me know if i'll be disappointed or not. -Huge PvP battles frequently (Clan vs Clan, Guild vs Guild) etc. -Fun Dungeons to do -Not heavily Pay to Win though i realise that most of the F2P are now about pay to win as that's the main way of making cash for the comp
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