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  1. XIGNCODE3 ?

    then have it save to a text file and not pull the amount of data it dose lol isp logs but rly how u type what u look at what u dl prossess that are filling up pfctl with errors lol i better get a cloned ssd handy so i ant got to format after this shit gonzo
  2. XIGNCODE3 ?

    o man wireshark and virt box and i dont even wana look any more all i can say is this were all on windows/mac lololololololooolololol
  3. they need to offer more modes rly id like to see diff modes with events n shit id like to see a gear 6v6 and a no gear equalized match or maby put in a system were it takes a avg ap per match and bal out the ppl that dont have it bot to much were the ppl that swiped or farmed see a diff but not so massive id like to see hp bonus just in that area alone for ppl under avg of match guildwars did this and other then nurfing my class sad life it was pretty bal after kinks got worked out and id like to see more open world pvp events maby make a new instance with peaches but were u can pvp kill mini boss's exc exc but in a way to make servers = not just a bot farm i miss pvp so much i hope they fix it Mr Robot drunk and stoned rant
  4. Baleful or Seraph

    lolololololol another destro probs playing earth about to get a wake up call here in a few months i under stand that its time from now but be nice to toss that time on a alt not fam a hole new wep and um fury up every mech is op i love fury cd and i spent alot of time and coin testing between the 2 nles u pulling resets off every 2-3 sec witch u are not. or u are in a fight that dont matter u see the diff NS HM Raid Shit that matters over a msp stage 1 pars Mr Robot verry stoned dont mind typos
  5. How is FM in arena?why so few?

    meh there is alot more to do with just that my ping is tech wireless im on dsl with a wireless phoneline thats got a micowave line to server 8 miles of wireless+ over a lake .. to server on lake the hardware to houses so the packet build up and loss on isp end is horrid esp if it snows this game is ping based but if ppl only new the responce time between 50ms and 80 ms and fine tunning settings can promote better play at 80 ms over 50 ms with def settings and winblows settings by def depending on os being a factor or an app running in bc ana packets or what not using resorces that need to be dumped in game or the biggist one downclocking lolol so many ppls gpu are affected by down clocking leading into thinking its ms or network related nvidia have had a ruff patch with drivers id mon your temps and make shure u are not downclocking . wile gaming i fought a good fm b4 server went down i rly dont lost to many fms and this guy gave me a run for my money rly did i ended up wining :P but it was rly fun id say more of the pvp player bases is gone due to all the pvp exploits that went on for ever that are mainly now fixed u still see a few ppl running a ahk script with pixel rec and 100% fully automated and for some not bad some ppl doing daily dont even know there bots hits y u see em around rarely
  6. im done with bns

    Meh i dont work for airvpn any more or the vps comp i prety much started but we have all come to a agreement not to host in tx and it is mainly your isp's walmart route they have not updated u are passing through a bogus l3 server witch is normal due to l3's rep 3. if it is a packet filtering issue thats not a hard fix well if u have the hardware obv the main attacks thies days are done with lil bandwith mass scources and hit logging. u rly need like a server for basic attacks and common blocks then a loging server and a dump server for any log attacks so u can flush logs w/o worrying about losing them for looking at wtf went wrong this is just a basic setup but some times i rly think its same server for alot of things auth/site statefull i hope FW/actgameservers i dont see thies being split up i hope i am wrong to the core about this but u need at least 2 servers upfront 1 for load 2 if u do get attacked u got to be able to move trafic to a diff server or 2 how i do what i do full time network nerd and some time programer and cant explain shit or type well wile typing stupidfast sucks rly bad but google is a mans best friend and id deff google this shit when apps that bypass bad server routes like wtf fast work its a route issue when u start seeings issues after thats and its not a overloaded or some one on the server u connection to b4 game servers dl shit fin torent bots is were u start to see the issue of there servers or fw what ever but from what i see if i bypass the bad server i am able to get my ping at were is should be np some times i see issues after that but i am stable rember as well the in game latency is a train wreck from what i see its never right and the flux is retarted id like to say ping (serverip) -n 20 should give u a just of your ping tracert (serverip) will show u whats up in the route to the server
  7. im done with bns

    well its hard to say i mean i know alot of vpn and gpn's use ipranges from other countrys. i mean maby i give to much credit to the world but id like to say if some one states there from the usa they prob are. rember ip ranges can be dated even from isp that have expanded. u norm do see this with servers sence u can move them all over the world with the same ip to the server sence u own the address/range. who knows all i know is there is a reason my mentor told me to never host in tx i belive l3 and isp's horid routing is the reason
  8. ill state this destroyer is rly solid in pvp f9 we have had issues were hm skills and clunky i frames but i am a firm beliver f9 is the person more then the class im not a massive top 10 pvper so i might br wrong but to say destro needs a nurf is just the reason y destro is in the state they are in cuz as playing a destro i can see what my opp is gona do and counter were if i make a mistake destro gose hamm its a punish class and verry predictable
  9. Destroyers in MSP

    well lets break this down ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Leodore Also, destroyers have the ability of reducing damage to themselves and to team members by 50% and also giving their defense a 300% boost? (I do not know how long this buff lasts though, as the skill doesn't seem to say, so I'd appreciate more clarity on how long this skill lasts when casted, it has a 45 second cool down, so I hope it's a decent amount of time, but nothing extreme) Robot: the area is so small it blows and rly every destro should be running damage stomp or def stomp if needed the area is not a party wide affect its a area and its verry small :P Leodore Correct me if I'm wrong, but destroyers have the ability to increase the parties damage by lowering the enemy's defense by 20% for 25-33% of the time? Robot: the way pierc works in game u dont need to red def and besides its being done by other class's n shit as well not gona go into it piercing makes it mute on top other abilitys from class's and sheet lower all the def as well its not a needed stat crit 100000000 times better :P u wana crit on a restraint :P Leodore Also destroyers can protect people resurrecting and also reduce their time to restore chi significantly? Robot: amazing skill yes i love it its a lil buggy some times but when it works its amazing only issue is if u 4m after a wile u dont rly die or kil 1 hit koed on mech in 24 man its nice though cuz u can pick 1 person up :P Leodore Since destroyers can also spin to negate alot of damage to themselves, with this combination of abilities, saving a party from a complete wipe could literally come down to a destroyer using his party friendly skills, while also helping keeping members from even dying to begin with, and helping all members kill the boss even quicker. Robot: i run parry spin just what im used to in pvp and pve i can block boss's and do like orbs in ashura exc exc i dont see our spin rly bing any thing near a party savor though its more of a back up for some meh in instances Leodore As for the changes on KR test server, you also get a few more self surviving abilities, and your defense/damage reduction party buff gets buffed to 70% and I think 400%, instead of 50% and 300%. Robot: we dont need more survivability we need a party wide negate or damage buff ,not a verry small range for verry lil time its good for raids protecting the mele only issue is most mele have longer iframes n such to rly not make this skill buffed 1000% that much better Leodore I dunno, seems pretty useful to me already, but I don't see any destroyers utilizing this o_O; I do see many complaining that their class can't do anything for a party. Maybe i'm confused though, so please, honestly and sincerely, correct me if I'm wrong about any of this above. I'm still learning about all of the other classes, so I could definitely be wrong. destro is not horrid were just at a state were we could be alot better comparing us to dps were able to top 6 1-4 dude to burst but long fights and bringing party wide support were verry lacking and this game rly is about how fast u can do somthing to try to get rng i get in 4m groups and all that i farm every thing every one else dose but id like to not be the guy that knows mech to a tee witch is great trust me but we just dont have that thrive like o man lets bring a destro to this group for his class not the players ability to play and do half ass nerfed meh that ppl either swipe to bypass learing it or are just dumb and not studying that said i make mistakes ir only human but for speed and effency were lacking as a class comp to any other then maby sf rly sence they dont have a dps buff or party iframe i would say that sf is prob atm in a state of destro other then they can bring more dps on longer fights i found a good post in tw destroyers are a amazing class but hm lvls and soulbadges have limited there play untill a later state of game that might takes months for na to uptain i hope i did ok here u are not wrong or said any thing bad i am glad i got to break it down ty ( what im trying to say is i get 4 mans but im not sought out for 4m content though i farm daily and could farm all day f8 even over 700ap is hard to get in a group as a destro and i have to rely on ppl that could easy bring a dps clas to not have to comp for a destro u got to think u dont need a tank y would a wl sin bd and fm want a destro every person brings a role at a point were understanding of meh is not the only thing needed hinders my experence and ability to uptain as many runs as id like some times only imagen new destros or destro comming back or bad destros and the lack of progression they are going through and u can go on redit n talk to all the good destro we love the class obv but we all agree we need lovein .) Mr Robot ps 24hr farmin msp that sleepy typo type
  10. Issue with wtfast

    conf u not the only one log out try diff server all u can do for now let u know if i find more
  11. Issue with wtfast

    hmm ill ask a few ppl and let u know if i find a fix im bitching about destro long enough anyway thinking some magical GM gona say its gona be ok but we all know that story ill keep u posted id as well try posting it to them
  12. KFM or Soul Fighter or Destroyer

    i like it in pvp and the dps one is meh for a class that atm is not dps based i think for a fast fix our old cd and a full 8 sec would be atleast a start but rly destro soul badges wont get good for awile if it gose on tell kr soul badge and class update
  13. Issue with wtfast

    no idea verry werid i dont trust gpn though id adv airvpn set up a lil server on fron end with free or open bsd macro the vpn ips u use then dl openvpn and do the set up from there no need for gpn man there insecure and though bns might not be big enough any more they are looked at alot by exploiters sence there is money with gaming :P one hell of a way to get owned look at it like all thies ppl are connected to your home network obv this is just a basic example and the only thing between u and them is SSL/SSH scarry shit
  14. msp

    um alot is user settings and driver vrs at leas i can speak for nvidia never used a amd though the array of broken nvidia drivers and mass issues i though about trying i have 2 rigs set up both 4790k oced 1 to 4.6 1 to 4.8 one rig with a basic 980 the other with 2 1080 tis atm only useing 1 sli having issues i get no less then 50 fps with max every thing i have to adv 2 settings to 3 instead of 5 and i get 0 fps lag no less then 50 even with the 4gb 980 i dont rly like to give my settings but i will to pl that are from my server and shit can pm me Mr Robot we can work some shit out if u have a nvidia card. i will say this though i am not respons for any damage a few settings ill toss out there ambient off anti aliasing options all of max pre rendered frames 1 here is a big one if u have fan controll it also fixs a few of the down clocking bugs nvidia is experencing atm power manag mode perf max performance virt reaility frames 3. make shure to get a good driver vr i am shure u can google windows 7 980 stable driver 1080s got a lil issues atm lolol least to say i am on new driver though some reviews were bad i have had 0 issues other then making max power mode in my global settings not bns tab
  15. Legendary SS.

    i kill whales daily in 6v6 ;)