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  1. Experience are the key to finish dungs, but experience are NOT measurable. High AP is the only real measurable stat which can define player's exp (except achievements, but they aren't visible in the cross server lobby) which logically means that a guy with higher AP is more experienced in dung than a guy with lower AP -> Higher AP = Higher chance to finish dung without fails. And that's what's going on, right?
  2. that's actually not so accurate example. 'are not necessarily the same people'. Ok, but they can be equally the same ppl. They are focused on easy fixable but unimportant things instead of vice versa. At least from my pov.
  3. okok, lets deal with that #%!"@ profile pictures guys. We absolutely ain't have more important problems at all. Like swarm of bots everywhere or so. NPNP
  4. @Astride kid, mother, child, mother, little brain, mother, grow up, find a job, give me your adress. Nuff said
  5. i came to this thread just for my daily dose of virtual tears. Also, bye, most of you wont be missed at all.
  6. i lold at this thread hard :D I mean, come on, why should every char look like a porn star? Doesnt you have enough of it from the story NPC's? (lets say Soha, when i have seen her in the first cut scene, i was kinda stunned^^) Keep the Lyn look how it is. I see Lyn class as Childern of the Forest from GoT - human like, but in fact different beings.
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