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  1. practically you have no clue what pay to win means.
  2. damn it feels good to live in year 2500
  3. can you define the 'win' factor? What can this guy do in the game which rest of players who did not have legendary wep can't?
  4. if you consider soulshields good or bad according to its hp then i feel somehow bad for you.
  5. wth has this in common with boss/class mechanics?
  6. yes, they drop in 6man Supply Chain. Also u can buy outfit at achivement vendor in Zaiwei for 80g and 5 yellow fabrics if u have above 900 achiv pts.
  7. took me solid 30 seconds to find this on yt.....
  8. at the beginning i've bought x6 expansion and about 150keys in total via gold/hm got: 1x ruby 1x sapphire white & dark specter ~300SS ~100Stingers ~70gold 5 honorary ornaments 4 tablets 4 fabric rest usual craps since then i have opened only the daily ones which makes ~13 chests. All of them were filled with literal craps like insignias, siren emblems etc. I bet the keys gives you higher chance for higher grade items. Something worthy only from daily chests without expansion seems like a pure miracle to me. Like 1 ou
  9. this may be a stupid question, but are you killing the right monsters or do you have really the one quest activated?
  10. new day, new 'dis gaem krep am out' thread. Do you really think that someone care about next quitter who is crying over 100x discussed negatives of the game? If yes the you must be dumber than a fossilized chicken. Bye op, nobody is gonna miss you.
  11. be glad, cabal2 had almost zero ads and now it is deader than c1
  12. haha never noticed this, guess im gonna do these dailies today to check it
  14. most of these bots (at least by my experience) are vulnerable right after their thorns thingy. So just 5 point strike after they use it, air combo and then just keep them CCed till the end (as a bm you could do it easily). I as a bd just aircombo them via 5 point strike, phantom grip them, another aircombo, ez win.
  15. i would say 500+ap, 1k+accu (like 5% miss chance wont really change anything), awakened oathbreaker belt above and the most important thing of course: Knowing the boss mechanic. for smoother run it is good to have summ/fm in pt for projectile resist skills, destro/bd for spintowin flowers at last boss and silverfrost antidotes to remove hard hitting dots.
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