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  1. =Negy's Drawing Hooplah=

    My favorite mob in the game ~
  2. =Negy's Drawing Hooplah=

    Lil animation of my summoner alt
  3. =Negy's Drawing Hooplah=

    Dont worry m8 believe me its much apreciated <3. Thank you so much! One of my favorite mobs in this game.Also my assasins spirit animal.
  4. =Negy's Drawing Hooplah=

    Heres a panorama I've made a couple days ago
  5. Your In-Game F2 character Profile Image!

    This would be mine
  6. Cakwe's Shop! (Requests Closed, ty! <3)

    isajfsdkljd oh you /)//w//(\ Thank youu ;w;.
  7. Cakwe's Shop! (Requests Closed, ty! <3)

    I know right? Takes you off guard a little at first pfft XD. Wow thats looks super great! I'm pretty impressed with your work ! You got some great potential! The linework is hella impressive and gosh the little dotted lines made this diabeetes inducing! I work as a commission artist myself. Its kinda how i pay my bills actually XD. And I gotta say you got some great stuff (snooped around in your DA) so I say go for it! (I hope you dont mind if i point this out but you forgot his ponytail ;w;/) Also i might add i never seen a pencil like that one. the lead seems to be really thick o3o.
  8. Cakwe's Shop! (Requests Closed, ty! <3)

    Oh my god this is so adorableeee *O*. I love how you do linework!
  9. Cakwe's Shop! (Requests Closed, ty! <3)

    Awww gosh darn Thank you! XD I know what you mean. Theres some out there that really put the edge in edgelord pffft. But nah I've had the sort of "best friend", mellow kind of look for him from the begining! (Also what are you talking about your english is great!)
  10. Cakwe's Shop! (Requests Closed, ty! <3)

    Oh man you have some amazing art right there! I wish you all the luck possible and i hope you get some customers soon! Heres some refs of my character, Olan. I hope these are ok \;3;/
  11. =Negy's Drawing Hooplah=

    Dangit i forgot to add this one here. Heres a commission i made for a lyn friend :D
  12. Any Deviantartists here? <3

    Hi there :D I used to be on DA looong long time ago <:3.Since around 2007 if i remember right. I remade it after a while but I havent posted anything on it in a while. I still post my stuff on tumblr. Heres my Deviantart and Tumblr :D Also you can have a peek at my Blade and Soul art here \o3o/ I also have a clan going that recruits artists : Right now its barely starting up with just a handfull of people but we're planning on expanding soon \o3o/. Server: Juwol IGN:Negyek, ShikaOlan Main:Jin Assasin ShikaOlan Faction: Cerulean I like drawing and animating Paint tool Sai is my bby Still trying to tame After Effects Meeting new people in this game is always a blast for me I consider my self a mix between an explorer and a socializer as these are the main 2 things i do in mmos.
  13. =Negy's Drawing Hooplah=

    Clan signature is finally done! The lineart and particle effects are made by me. The dragon coloring was made by my friend and co founder Tooie.