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  1. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6, we were already forced to play 8 pve cuz we lack damage unless u've spent 10k on this game and are max gear, but yeah thanks putting a -40% modifier on rmb on top of the big dmg reduction in 6v6. this is what we needed yeayeyaeyayayaeyayeayaeaeeayaeyaeyae was already kinda unplayable only reason it was viable is cuz we had a 100-0 aerial but yeayea thanks might aswell be forced to kinda play another class something tanky maybe cause yeayeayaeye who cares about the only thing that makes u usefull which got taken away yeayeayae thanks great amazing fantastic ok bye.
  2. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    unlucky they deleted my reply to this i think. basicly what i said is, u obviously don't understand anything i said the quote underneath applies for you. i'm not gonna reply to whatever u said cuz i guess being rank 1 gunslinger is not enough of a valid rank to be called skilled. Where the f did i even say im skilled cuz i can 100-0 i said it's useless cuz that was the only thing we have and we just get outclassed by every other class U obviously don't understand my point. again pls dont post if u dont know wtf u talking about.
  3. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    you saying this obvously shows u first of all maybe just didn't read what i said or u just don't understand. No actually it's the opposite. Remember that thing i said about the 1,4k ap BD and 1,7k ap WL. it was in Whirlwind map and i killed the BD, then the WL came and by the time i killed the WL the BD was already back. now imagine against actual people that know how to play and are geared which my point is. u can't have impact anymore. I'm a high skilled player i know my ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ class. it's not about playing properly or what. it's that the only impact my class had is a 100-0 aerial which got taken away. i'll say it for the idk 5th ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ time. Gunslinger doesn't have the tools to be usefull anymore compared to other classes. Listen everyone. Ofcourse all classes got major dmg nerfs. That's not what i'm complaining about. ALL classes in this game can iframe while attacking, Iframing as in has some of a good time not having to worry about anything while attacking. if you don't understand this tell me and i can explain what every class has to iframe while attacking. for example something like WL sanctum. i really don't care about the dmg nerfs itself. it's good in general, but not when a class's only impact is getting taken away. This is not about the dmg reduction they put in. It's about gunner being useless cuz it doesn't have as much utility as other classes to be usefull and it's only impact getting taken away which was a 100-0 aerial. U can't oneshot with other classes anymore? ahw sucks but u can combo. it's possible. for gunner there is NO possibility to combo against good players. if u don't understand my point with this post after me explaining this for the 2nd time. pls dont even comment on this thread pls.
  4. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    i actually meant a warlock :) in air :) not being able to kill him. :) and even the day after a 1,4k AP BD i couldnt kill in air can u believe that XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  5. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    you dont get my point, if anything; i've always outplayed and cced my enemies the most out of any player in bg cuz i just dont oneshot whales with just pve. the problem is gunner was already very reliant on a frontline not being able to attack when iframing. there is no impact for a gunner to make. ESPECIALLY in high elo, listen i have very low gear compared to the people i queue up with and against but i got rewarded for my skill and was always able to make an impact. when i say gunner is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ bad believe me its ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ bad, i dont play gunner for the fact i wanna full burst someone. i play the class cause its fun and it rewards me for playing perfectly. im saying it's bad cuz it's lost it's potential to have impact. now unless u're a max geared gunner goodluck with getting 1800 rating by not kmsing. "you could say that about any other class" u say? no again cuz gunner is one of the few classes that dont iframe while attacking. have fun trying to combo when since this patch u need about 5 seconds to kill someone IF he is already cced and has no escapes woah nice 5 seconds of having a bd on ur ass a destro on ur ass and a summoner pveing you. THATS my ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ point u get it now? its not about learn pvp or not u really gonna tell me as the best performing gunner its not about pve dummy parsing. only reason gunner was good is cause it was able to 100-0 in air and again i dont mind taking that away, but give us something else to work with. TLDR gunner doesn't have enough utility to be able to have an impact in this patch. meaning we just can't take part in this "combo meta" where u need to combo cuz u simply cant do it while iframed unlike other classes u will just get interupted and killed. already heavily reliant on a frontline to be able to air someone without getting interupted in higher elo before this patch, now even more cuz u need 5 seconds to kill someone goodluck iframing for 5 seconds. ye exactly u can't. and again for those naive people "but u have a 5 hit iframe!" if u ever played gunner and used that bubble u know its not 5 seconds it gets burned in 1 second. again there's no utility to be able to have impact in this meta. thats what i meant with this post.
  6. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    having trouble killing a 1700 AP summoner as a 2200 AP Gunslinger btw!!!!
  7. Localization & Translation Error List

    Gunslinger's "Whipline" skill (E) says Gereates 1 Hook after use instead of Generates in the tooltip
  8. yea i gave up @ImoutoMaster
  9. u're wondering what i saw! now i've seen a lot of crap in this crap ass game but this one really do be different. There is a bug that can get the enemy out of sheat/ice. as u saw i didnt press anything but they got me out of stealth somehow. this game really do be getting on my nerves lately and that's a hard thing to do. ah yeah on the side note, after 6 months of reporting and posting about gunner iframe bugs for the first time ever did it get recognized when i made a ticket to support. it took you 6 months to recognize that an iframe was bugged. To me. U guys are not doing your job well. thats all not gonna make it any longer cuz ncwest/ncsoft really doesn't even deserve any people from this community who try to make it better as much as they can.
  10. ima keep it short again. U guys seem to be wanting to fix anything that exactly no one cares about. What about u fix actual stuff. Disappointment again. GG :))))
  11. Disappointment in skill update patch

    guess what, more bugs. People DMed me today about ice helix which is VERY vital for a Soulfighter's reset in arena or 6v6 is bugged. It doesnt give an anima stack when it doesn't hit anything anymore GJ NCSoft more gamebreaking bugs that u will never fix AGAIN.
  12. Dear Developers, If u need any game testers i'd be more than happy to help since i noticed about 10 bugs in this game the first hour i played after the new patch :))) i reported these and also put them on the forums. LETS DO A GAME :)) let's guess how long it will take for a SIGNIFICANT bug like the Gunslinger SS/Hook iframe bug that happens A LOT every round atleast 2 times; to be fixed. Listen im not trynna hate not at all. I want this game to be doing good i think most people want to, but it just is not. What is stopping u guys from making this a great game? I think most people also wonder this. Aren't all the issues clearly visible. Is all the feedback from the community not clear? What's the excuse? U want me to post 20 clips of all the bugs i've encountered till this point since the new patch? i'd be glad to. Just please make it look like u guys care atleast and i know u do, but not everyone knows that and people quit the game for that reason cause they just don't believe in this game going in a good way, since it has been going downhill ever since the awakening patch. don't forget hit me up if u need game testers. i'm down for a small compensation lmao
  13. Well since recent decisions made by you guys regarding this game. I've decided to not write more than 10 sentences on a forum post. Since most of the times it's a waste of time anyway. Let's get to my point. Skill update's can fix A LOT. fix overpowered ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ fix underpowered ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ and most importantly fix skill bugs. Don't mess it up like 90% of the things u do! Look at what ur community says and act on it. Or do you guys rather act on ur pockets which seems very much so. :) Bless your soul if u guys fix gunner iframe bugs. Still not added to "known issues" btw! wow just wow
  14. disable hunter refuge

    saying that shows u don't know how to pvp. sins have no pve they CC u probly air u after. u can tab it. IF u can react fast enough ofcourse. But again that's not on the game that's u not being able to pvp. doesn't matter if you get one hit or not. if we're talking specifically about sin. u dont just get oneshot. ur opinion ofcourse. self proclaimed? im a known pvper for years. i also wouldnt mind a dedicated pvp event for Arena or 6v6. So let me address u saying u dont get rewards from killing people. u don't get rewards from killing people itself but u get their spot on the map, as u said u get their mob and that's already worth enough. Ofcourse u'd have to defend it urself before someone else kills you to take it. Since the map is pretty full. thats the event. "Pvping only allows you to “steal” the rewards from others that killed the mobs for that. There is no bonus for doing pvp in itself. You don’t get more rewards by killing others. That’s not how a pvp event works." u said it urself that's literally how the event works. U saying that already proves u don't know how to play this event. I get it u don't like the event then don't play it. let me just say this!! nowhere did i ever say this is a pvp event u put the words in my mouth. Seems like people can't read once more. I just said if u're bad at pvp doesn't mean it's a bad event cuz u get oneshot by people. please don't judge if u dont know anything. i see people judging about stuff on these forums too many times. When they're just inexperienced. "Being able to participate in this event has nothing to do with being good or bad at pvp. It depends on the speed of your connection and the people you know and their connection." didn't i already say like 3 times the way they did it is stupid. The event itself is good? can u guys read? event is good, bad implemented. ofc u're gonna think it's bad if it's not suited for everyone. i get maybe why NA is a joke and i agree, with Homra being the only dominant clan.
  15. disable hunter refuge

    Dude please read. Im talking about the people that actually get inside but die to people that know how to play this game and then complain about the event. They have no reason to say this event is bad bcuz im getting killed. That's stupid. The limit on the other hand is stupid. Had to repeat this 3 times bro...
  16. disable hunter refuge

    yea like i said its simple. Event is good, the way the handled it is bad.
  17. disable hunter refuge

    @Pesyc dude what r u talking about? u don't think we kill eachother? I'm not even a whale. i'm sorry that you're bad enough to not benefit from this event. It's a pvp event ofcourse people who are bad at pvp are gonna complain. Don't worry the rest of the year u can continue with ur boring pve event dungeons everyday :)
  18. disable hunter refuge

    want me to be VERY honest, someone else said it aswell. i get it the hard cap is bullshit. but events like this are nice for the change. it's boring pve events for 12 months a year. Which mostly are for new players getting old accesories fast and stuff, ofc we get a couple oils but it's always the same. This is actually something that i can enjoy as a pvper and long time player.
  19. Hey there, Just wanna keep it short and give u guys a thumbs up ( Yes my posts aren't always complaints ;) ) for putting an effort to increase transparency! This is a first good step and me and the community and the rest of the revolutionaries (im joking lmao) need you guys to keep doing this. Talk about stuff that's soon to come. What u guys are aiming for soon. And anything else really. Even if it's the smallest announcement or message. It feels good to know that u seek communication. Keep going!! cya next post, uwu nya
  20. Marketplace ( problem)

    this bug is addressed in this post. Let's keep all the bugs there in one place. ofcourse if u have new ones. I'll add them.
  21. Looks like u guys got the message W R O N G. Again. Not a surprise to be very honest. Okay let's start off with a couple quotes from other people who i agree with. I heavily wanna emphasize on this part: "Ncsoft instead of fixing the issue and prevent people from doing that, they put a filter on their system to pickup anyone with the auto fishing behaviour, using the demon skill, outfit id modification and banning them automatically by their system. Good job. Big brain ncsoft right there". First of all, like he said, instead of fixing it u're just putting out a mass ban that hits even innocent players. I agree u have to ban those who cheat. That's in the rules, but not like this man.. Second of all, Since u guys got the message wrong let me type it out for you, since it seems hard for you guys to understand the community. THAT WE HAVE TO MAKE SOMETHING GO VIRAL BEFORE YOU GUYS DO SOMETHING ABOUT AN XML/EXPLOIT/CHEAT IS WRONG. Making the wrong decision what u just did now just made it worse. Why did it have to come to this? Let me tell you why. It has come to this, because u're ignoring ur damn community. "We hear you We hear you, but let's not do anything about it". How many times do we try to tell you guys to talk more to us. U PAY PEOPLE TO DO THIS!!! COMMUNICATE. It's not illegal to talk holy ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. 2nd reason it has come to this is because u guys ignore the XML, Exploits and Cheats aswell. Ignoring the community and not talking with us is one thing. Ignoring ur game with all of it's problems is another thing. Guess what, YOU'RE DOING BOTH. I'm assuming this represents NCwest's view of things. So i will base my reaction on it off of that. Quoting: "As a reminder, we do collect your feedback and forward it to the appropriate team members. What comes of it is another story," Again. W R O N G. At this point it's not about the feedback. IT IS EXACTLY "what comes of it". That's what this is about. Nothing comes of it and that's the problem. U don't seem to understand. Once again. SHOUTOUT TO RUSSIA'S BNS TEAM, THE ONLY REGION THAT TALKS WITH THEIR COMMUNITY AND ACTUALLY DOES SOMETHING. RESPECT!! u can take notes NCwest ;) I also saw something about China. GJ that they actually reach out. Where is NCwest doing this? nowhere to be found. Other than the "bot message" we get on any post that includes criticism of anything NCwest is doing OR NOT DOING. There are a lot more bugs that can go public like the ones that have been going viral. I'm just saying let's not get to that point NCWest/NCSoft ;) Cya on my next post players, uwu nya
  22. Exploiting Game Mechanics Outside of Intended Usage

    also any skill that's bugged rn??? maybe something like gunslinger iframe bugs :))))))))))))))))
  23. they saying this but i wouldn't trust if i were you. (NOT MINE)
  24. Let's talk about ur emotional rampage on the players.

    lmao i'm sorry even if it's in the rules. It seems weird to ban someone that's casually playing and streaming the game and meets bugs in game. Streamers SHOULD be used and are used to address bugs in this game. It's one of the best sources with clips. and this is gonna be good for what? a statement? lmao no that just seems weird. They already banned other people as a "statement". banning me and nero isn't gonna change anything.
  25. Let's talk about ur emotional rampage on the players.

    @LilyFU What is it exactly what we did that was against the rules? I was casually playing arena when i saw someone abusing this against me and i decided to stream. Nor did Nerokoso do anything wrong. We are streamers who just stream the game. This is the current state of the game so we stream it. Neither of us abused it or made other people use it. I'm sorry but no, this was not obvious. As u can see EU/NA are the only regions that have these random IP block, because if this braindead decision they did. Look at Russia THEY INSTA BAN PEOPLE WHO ABUSE IT. IM TALKING ABOUT INSTA. what does NCwest do? yo let's put a filter on this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ and ban everyone that's using ET demon skills. Also Russia ATLEAST MAKING A STATEMENT. NCwest never talked about any of the random IP bans they do right now. We had to hear it from the community ourselves. Even China put out a message. Like come on man. no one else to blame but for their ignoring asses