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  1. I have the same problem, been going back and forth with support and pretty much every quote in this thread is what i get as a response. Word for word. I have even bought ncoin twice and am now a premium member but still no mail. Cant send it to alts either. Both characters are 20+ but when i try to move an item into the mail it says i have to be 16 and above. Has to be a bug but their support staff just read the manual on what to respond with and don't do anything more. In my first ticket i had screen shots of my characters level, the mail being greyed out. My ncoin purchase histor
  2. My blademaster. Anyone else feel like when the RNG is kind, it's like a sign from god saying to play this character? Farmed that mask on my summoner for two days straight and nothing. Tried on my blademaster and a few runs in there it was. Same with the Beast Hunter outfit.
  3. I so wish the cat head items didnt give it hair. I want that conical hat out of the cash shop but the hair kinda ruins it for me.
  4. Find an image hosting site. I have been using http://postimage.org/ Then upload your screen shot. Copy the direct link Then on the forum do insert other media and insert image from URL, past the direct link and you should be good to go.
  5. I kinda feel like that knee face thingie is goin, "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God..."
  6. I plan to get my summoner the other version of that outfit. Looks pretty neat on Lyns
  7. I dont think she looks bat shit crazy... evil maybe. Like bathing in the blood of infants kind of evil. Will be a neat preset for the warlock when ever it gets released.
  8. Ah cool thanks. I wanna see if i can find a screen shot of the different races wearing it since its not in the wardrobe for some reason. Curious to see how it looks on my Lyn Edit: Found it... kinda look lame on the Lyn. Not bad but still lame when compared to the other races.
  9. Is that the male version of that fish net armor with the demon tail? If so what is it called?
  10. The way this game does the scars is great. Its not just a texture tossed over the skin. It actually alters the skin and makeup around the scar. I only wish the Lyn's was a little bigger, it's kinda hard to see with the patch on.
  11. My summoner and her faithful servant Bob.My human female preset. Not sure what class i want to use for that one yet. Pictured is an assassin though.My Current main. Kyo Mos. As you can see, i like red heads in video games lol.
  12. I don't typically like the really cutesy characters but these two Lyns look really neat. However i am a firm believer in eye patches for Lyns rather then glasses. You know just to help balance that overwhelming cuteness factor. I would post one of my Lyn summoner (who doesn't look cute at all) but i don't have any screens of her at the moment and no slots left to make a character. Soon hopefully. (Side note: Getting this multi quote to just show the pictures i wanted was way harder then it should have been.)
  13. Actually the character creator is robust enough that you can do pretty much what ever you want. You can make western or eastern styled characters with ease. Obviously you cant change the graphics engine so they will always have the cartoon styled graphics but that doesn't mean much. So no the game wasn't designed just for anime characters. It really just comes down to what you like. And so far the only ugly characters i have seen in this thread or the older picture thread was ones made to look ugly intentionally.
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