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  1. hahahahaha you don't see a problem? What you just gave was a work-around to a *cricket* poor game design decision. But lets be real, anyone surprised NCWest **** at their job?
  2. You may notice from my posts that I am one of those people who have left. I am lucky enough to now identify when a developer has no control or begins ignoring the problem. I myself left a day after the floor 8 Mushin Towers came out. It took me a while to learn, but it is a difficult concept to grasp. After pouring your heart and soul into a game and having to admit its eventual defeat is tough. Arena is probably not dead and it may take a while, but it will likely end up much like Archeage did. Games like Warhammer Online, Archeage, Final Fantasy Online (first one) all
  3. I was questioning on coming back, hell maybe even renewing my membership, but I certainly did my homework this round before wasting hours get to lvl 50. Your post helped sway me from coming back to the game. Curious to how many people similar to me question coming back because of NCSofts TERRIBLE and I mean GOD AWFUL ability to address the issues that plague this game in terms of bots.,
  4. You are my hero. Thanks for helping fellow BM's :D
  5. Exact opposite problem on Soha crimnson gears up then ganks any Cerulean player. It has now turned into a running job on both sides that Crimnson cannot and will not 1 v 1 any player.
  6. Just so I understand this correctly, you want to block ranged weapons on melee classes? Let's ignore the fact you are comparing a ranged class with a melee class, something in which strategy and combos are very different from one another. I just do not see NCSOFT adding a buff like that to a heavily offensive ranged class.
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