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  1. Like all worlds we are of what we make of it. Their are many of mainstream games that offer a plethora of if individuals that are upbeat funny lively and those who follow their personas because of it. But not everyone engages to train or pay money to get what they want. Your experience speaks via your actions and the community will see to it and judge you based upon your character. I like to see this world as a training ground that test your heights. How far are you willing to challenge your self. Overall the world of Blade & Soul is beautiful and all of the stars who put their heart and
  2. *Looks around for predators and sees its clear, flips & pops out a bush* Hello, Oh nooooooooooo! I was on vacation somewhere and unfortunately missed my opportunity to purchase this adorning outfit, the book pet, and the shiny weapon and am so very disappointed in myself. The event was so fast and unexpected. I really do not want to be punished and wait in corner for a full year for Spellbound to show up. Please gods of Blade & Soul hear this cricket's humble plea have mercy. I kindly ask you to return the Spellbound back on its celestial course on t
  3. Oh no this is a most unfortunate turn of events. Yes ever since this new patch the Auto fish fail has occurred. I wonder if its part of the system now where it ensures you are not AFK. That would be very displeasing. What would be the purpose of purchasing auto-bait if its just bound to fail. Is this an actual rule that we are not aware of. That all are not allowed to be afk while auto-fishing? The joy of fishing would be ruined. Its most troubling to have to go back every now and then just to ensure your not afk. BnS Gods and Goddesses hear are prayers. Wait, could it be possible
  4. Is it possible when Auto-Fishing for a System message to come up and say Fishing Failed? Not allowing you to resume fishing and ultimately prevent you from auto-fishing? This has occurred multiple times and in the past I have never seen this and want to make sure its not just me. If the situations gets worse I will create a ticket. I have logged out and logged back in and that seems to have helped for now.
  5. Hi please message me for more details thank you. I will also post once I have got one but still looking for a code thank you.
  6. *Pops out of bush flipping out of nowhere with little Lynn Flag and Bugle half asleep and tipsy* This is simply an OuTRaGe *loses voice*. I want to feel special* stares at the few little of a crowd that remains*. Long ago when the dinosaurs realmed the at the time when WAIT WAIT don't leave .....at a time when Poharan,Mushin,Icksooonoon servers were a thing and more of course the time of the beginning when Poharan and Hae Mujin still kicked butt. Running wildly in the the sea pirated breeze fending off scary mobs and collecting perfumes. Waiting for the spawn without timers announcing to
  7. I do not mind them. Always fun to not always do things mindlessly. I'm not here to argue back you win I get it no point in this and that Yada Yada I'm defeated. But the importance of each dungeon being unique in their own way is vital and shows growth through experience regardless of how simple they become in time. Throw in a little fire rings and bubbly cold sparkly water. Just like every person is unique the dungeons should be too. Oh no run don't want to get closed lined hah even if you tried I'm to small. Perks of being a Lynn... Their really is no winning against the system is their you
  8. Yay, well for starters there's a fun filled most joyous Holiday Tree and cozy snuggle wreath with wonderful presents at Jadestone Village. I also saw the garnish taverned around one little home their. So check this out. Jadestone is pretty bright and while that's cool and all imagine it actually getting slighting darker that way the holiday lights brighten around with pretty snowflakes slowly glistening down merrily dancing down from the heavens creating a most enchanting canvas and adding holiday music something happy not to depressing ;p and all the while
  9. Oh hello there. Just your friendly lil ol lynn passing by. Oh yes the topic at hand the topic at hand. ummm I was thinking if there could be more snow on trees with lights and hot cocoa sorta everywhere. Even Foshi can be like Halloween town Holiday theme a little spookier than the rest but still snowing. uhhh I want big candy canes that shoot confetti and gingerbread houses. Hmm turn the lakes into ice for Ice skating. hmmm allow snow ball fights and the abominable spooky yeti event. Hmm give us snowboard or skis and allow us to do cool tricks that tour are
  10. Umm...hello yeah soooo I'm sorta stuck right now on a rank and can't really go higher. *Hears the panting roar of bullying pent up animosity with frustrated burning eyes of in the darkness waiting to devour my young hongmoon soul like starving vultures* You know, I know a lot of people don't really see an interest for so so many reason yada yada but for a simple minded guppy such as myself it would be cool to have the higher sounding titles not that it does anything just you know sounds cool lol yeah silly me. Yeaaahh... pure vanity fun stuff don't really want this
  11. Though the players were informed that it would just be a temporal thing I still find it most displeasing that all the hard work and effort those who put in went for not. So the next time an event rolls by are we suppose to take it seriously? The joy of an event is knowing and expressing content that is not strictly based on the core principles of the game, but arbitrary fun factors and rare opportunities to boost community morale. I know lots were displeased overall that it was strictly pvp enforced and they finally brought about a pve based solution which is awesome for both sides.
  12. I notice the only real time I encounter disconnections mostly is while playing BGs. I can almost see it coming by slight glitches very faintly but they occur like the game is overloading. I too attempted to rush back in as to avoid the penalty, however I got the system message you can not enter even while pressing yes believing I had joined on time. This is a bug and must be fixed as I am all for penalties for being afk and dc intentionally trying to sabotage your team. Yet if you are being penalized for entering due to a true dc and can not resume afterward
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