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  1. You must have your PvP uniform equipped to see the Misty Woods dailies. Enable faction chat, or make a tab for it. Ask which channel people are farming insigs/dailies on. Change factions. This will require leaving/disbanding your guild and recreating it. Buy the items on the market. If you want a game that does not mix PvE and PvP, this is not that game.
  2. This post does not agree/disagree with any previous comments. It is strictly informative. Just a heads up about people complaining about the ridiculousness of the jiggle physics and the requests for a jiggle slider... There are 3 ways to animate breasts in a video game: 1. Motion Capture - The Expensive Way Even if other animations are motion captured, this requires creating an additional suit with more nodes in the chest area to capture the exact motion of a female's chest. It also requires an actress endowed enough for accurate capture that is still a
  3. Agreed. Smite has it with some of the musclebound gods, so the tech exists.
  4. It's probably to adhere to HTK's art style. They looked at the min-max sizes that appear in his art and based the sliders off of that. Maybe even a little higher. Vere off that path too much and it starts to look like someone from deviantart imitating him instead.
  5. False. We are in it because we love to make games and entertain. Our publishers and financiers are in it for the money. And we play a delicate game of balance to make both our cash cows and our players happy. That being said. More boobs.
  6. If you have a gamepad plugged in, unplug it. They are known to cause issues with games that support both when the gamepad is not being used.
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