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  1. Yep, its the windwalking effect. I have really, really flawless fps on the f2p account. I made a new FM on my sub account and got 25 fps again when windwalking. This is just wow.
  2. I did try to make a new FM on another account (its f2p account) and it worked flawlessly, 100+ ping, tried until level 5. And at level 5 I had 25 FPS on my other FM. It has to be the subscribtion effect on Windwalking. That is annoying...
  3. That is what I thought too. But I have tried to unequip the Bangle and still the same issue. But gonna try to make a new FM and see what happens. Maybe there is just something really wrong with my FM lol.
  4. So yeah, I got an Assassin as my main. Works fine, 60+ FPS at all times when in combat, when sprinting etc. I got a few other classes aswell that I've tried out and everything is fine, 60+ FPS always when leveling. Then got to my FM, since level 1 it just goes straight down from 60+ FPS to around 25 in a second or two, but ONLY when sprinting, if I dont sprint its 60+ FPS as usual. I am now level 25 and it still has not stopped and I am getting very angry because I love my FM. Please, help me.
  5. Hey, so I got an R9 390 8GB, and in average I have around 60-80 FPS in game while questing. BUT when I start running (shift running that is) it immediately drops to 25 FPS. It is really annoying, anyone know what causes this?
  6. Hey, I started playing yesterday and noticed I have huge latency lags. Like it works fine for 15 minutes, then I can enter a dungeon or something of some sort and I start lagging from nowhere, like I mean its like I have 50000 ping. I cant move, do abilites, no nothing. Just lags for minutes before it goes away. Sometimes it's for so long that I get a disconnect and have to stand in que again. I have restarted my router, reinstalled the game allowed it in my firewall and rebooted my computer many times. This has never ever happend in any other game I've played, and I've played and tried D3/CS in the last few days as well for hours and no problems there.Please, someone, why is this happening? I want to play but when this happens and ruins it every 15 minutes I just get frustrated and dont feel like playing at all.