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  1. Enjoyed it, played for hours, but it's now out of control. Really sad that it had to end this way but I can endure no longer. Such a great game that had all its potential buried under the millions of bot corpses at the arena. I will close the door on my way out like any true gentlemen would, maybe hold it open for anyone else following. And I'll gladly let it hit me on the way out because that rouses my inner M. Here's to hoping it's a revolving door. But seriously, Bad support, awful localization decisions, bots & spammers defiling all that was good, players that were birthed by a toxic waste dump, and whatever else that's been covered. Inc ban! Probably won't even sneeze. PS: No one gets my stuff, I already coined it all to the B&S goodwill of feed my starving bots with more $ so they can buy more heroin and dank nuggz.
  2. So, what level is your Warlock now?

    0. Because I'm not making one.
  3. Any character model in-game can be copied almost identically to the original as long as you have the right cosmetics. That said, you also have to be really good at playing the slider game.
  4. 1) log out 2) log in 3) ????
  5. Baba Ji's looking pretty enlightened atm.
  6. Program them to not spam on a single character while doing it across hundreds of different accounts. Really though, it was just hypothetical. Gotta ban 'em all!
  7. Whats "siphoned"?

    This is why I write in every survey that tooltips need an overhaul. I'm guessing there's a debuff that goes with the skill that trigger the cd reduction?
  8. I am banned and need help

    "Support them or leave" didn't sound like just a statement to me, just saying.
  9. I am banned and need help

    That's asking too much of course. Banning already banned people is probably too much extra work. What is eating you? I had a suggestion. "let people speak" Thanks.
  10. Training Weapon

    Could always use the one sold in the general store. No idea if it's actually equip-able though. Wish we could use it as a skin, because I actually kind of like its appearance.
  11. I am banned and need help

    And still, people are doing their own threads anyway regardless of what anyone wants. If they're going to do it anyway just put them all together as one.
  12. God, everything just flew right over you, didn't it? I'm sorry I offended you so much, literally without even trying.
  13. Well like you've said already, the systems already designed such in a way that individual progression in pvp is pvp. It encourages avoiding pvp activity when it's actually available, so that is the first thing that needs to go if there is any hope of improvement. I have no idea where CN B&S and all the other versions are at currently, but if they don't have bigger better battlegrounds then we won't either any time soon. Currently Misty Woods feels like playing in a sandbox Obviously the class balance is being worked on, but if there's not a definite ETA for when it'll happen, then it's sort of useless to blindly add content that no ones going to do because their main falls behind everyone else.