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  1. Show off your characters!!

    ......*deletes character*.......
  2. Show off your characters!!

    My exotic looking Assassin <3
  3. we call NCSOFT attention

    Yes, we feel so special <3
  4. I FULLY agree with the OP, and I'm only playing this to pass the time for when Black Desert comes out. And I'm never very negative about games, but BnS just gives a bitter aftertaste with everything it does. If BnS would've been released at around the same time it came out in Korea it would have given it a few years to get money out of the game and maybe actually create a good game that a lot of people could enjoy, without it being an obvious money milking cow. But with games coming out, like BDO (with it's AMAZING graphics and combat system), Monster Hunter Online, Bless, etc.. it makes BnS look like the old game it is. Not to mention buggy as hell (even AFTER 4 YEARS of the Korean release) And with NCsoft breathing down everyone's wallet it shows how little faith they have in their own game. Bluehole did it with Tera, and NCsoft does it with BnS, release all sorts of cosmetics so they can cash in fast whilst the servers stay crap and you will have to pay for everything to enjoy the game. Sorry NCsoft, but you really missed your opportunity to release an awesome game here in the west...
  5. Show off your characters!!

    Finally took a few screens of my Summoner (lvl 33) Lyn are just too cute <3
  6. Show off your characters!!

    You are very welcome ^^
  7. Show off your characters!!

    Alright, these are the presets of the first time I made her (before the maintenance today) but they are very close to her presets now. link to larger screen: http://i67.tinypic.com/11htett.jpg
  8. Show off your characters!!

    Finally made my second char. I actually wanted an Assassin, but I just LOVE the look I could make with the Yun race, so I made a Kung Fu Master =D And here she is <3 I hope you like her!
  9. Maintenance again so SHOW OFF YOUR CHARACTERS

    I can upload it here if you want, but photobucket and tinypic seem to be down xD
  10. Maintenance again so SHOW OFF YOUR CHARACTERS

    Just adding some screens I took from a female Gon and Yun I created.
  11. Maintenance again so SHOW OFF YOUR CHARACTERS

    I was just trying looks for my second character when I got kicked *utter fail NC, really* And all I needed was to find the right hairstyle....
  12. Client crashes

    Also have this problem, I crash everytime, and I don't even make it to the pincode... NCsoft really needs to get it's *cricket*ing act together, it's getting really tiresome.
  13. Thoughts on Blade and Soul

    These are my thoughts of Blade & Soul after some 2 weeks of playing....if you think anything else that's great ^^ For an old game, even if it just released here, it's a bad game. It's made by lazy people and sold by a non-caring company, though I guess they do care about money. It has already been out since 2012 in Korea and we get a non-finished game that bugs out every 5 minutes....oh wait I have to stop MY Razer services? I don't think I have ever played a game that made ME do something like that. Sorry NCsoft, YOU do something about THIS shit. I often get loot for the Warlock class that isn't even in the bloody game. Clean up the loot table you lazy people! Everything costs real money (or too much RNG), expending your inventory/warehouse, getting the right weapon for unlocking your main weapon because you are all out of keys, etc etc... The gathering system is a joke, like 10 nodes in a zone and it's not even personal...really?!?! Sure the character creation is nice, the outfits are nice, it's fast-paced combat is nice, my Cat pet is nice. But it's basically only the looks that make BnS a "nice" game. It's never going to replace a game like WoW, (not saying WoW isn't dying but that's for other reasons) it just might replace a game like Tera or Aion imo. So all in all, BnS is a very VERY casual game and will do nicely if you like looks or have nothing else to play because you are waiting for a different game (BLACK DESERT!!!!), but to me if you are looking for a great,and awesome and most of all a STABLE game, look elsewhere because you will not find it here.
  14. Servers down?

    My game crashed (as per usual), logged back in, had to wait 22min. When I got into the game again I had no sound because that is what crashed in the first place. And now that I relogged (gaming without sound is just weird) I have this problem, after my pin...nothing.... I am SO happy this game has already been out for MANY MANY years in Asia because can you imagine how buggy this game would be if it hadn't?!?!?! *yes, loads of sarcasm here*.
  15. Game crashing

    It's the game and/or the servers, not a problem with our PC's.