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  1. Daily Spin Prize

    shameless bump for hopefully an answer, id ask in chat in game, but gold spam makes it impossible...
  2. Daily Spin Prize

    anyone know if the outfit, i forget the name, you win after completing the daily spin board game is account wide? because all it says is its non tradeable which i do understand.....but im afraid to take it out of the mailbox thing if there is a chance i cant mail it to another one of my toons on my account, which is stupid to begin with....but thats a whole different issue. thanks in advance for all replies/info
  3. Weapon "skins"

    is there any way preview what a weapon is going to look like without having to waste a unsealing charm or whatever its called?
  4. gold spammers

    i know you cant stop them, its a free game, but what you can do is increase my *cricket* block limit past 50, so i can at least read my *cricket* faction chat....this is ridiculous.....
  5. Upgrading Founders Pack

    anyone else having problems with the Credit Card pay system? keeps saying authorization has failed after i put all the card info, agree to terms and i complete transaction. and i know my card is fine, i used it last night to buy NC coins the same way without any problems. is there something wrong with the site atm?