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  1. so to the ppl that are at awk pirate and above how many runs did u guys need for your silver deva wep? (✪㉨✪)
  2. Some Information about Blackwyrm

    Thanks for the info man!
  3. I didn't read it completely, but if noone has mentioned it yet, keep in mind the NA and EU servers are based on the Korean server and this "greedy" cash system is exactly the same like on all the other servers, it's not like we´re getting "unfairly treated". I agree with you that there are some adjustments to be made, but that's how the game is and if you don't agree with it then it's pretty much your problem, not the problem of the game.
  4. Well I dont really get what you mean, I always find 6 people in under 10-15 seconds for literally every dungeon in the dungeon lobby lfp. The game is ofc still exploding like hell imo and even more people will come since until now it has only been 3 weeks since release.
  5. maint without notice?

    K guys they did a post on twitter, theyre looking in to the issue with ebon hall, so its not a maintenance, lets hope itll be fixed quickly
  6. Free Goodies for downtime

    It's logically and realistically not even possible to compare South Korean servers and Western servers l0l but yea I think that wouldn't be that bad of an idea