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  1. Yelled at FOR tanking!?

    I think there are some items that increase threat you should make sure you have those
  2. Arena Lag switching?

    from the sound of it it was your lag it happens to me from time to time it's a real pain in the butt when it does
  3. How to beat Junghado????

    Jung hado for me was the easiest(if you don't count the golden pig) minus the timelimit but he only got me with that the first time i fought him (he didn't kill me with it because i cut and ran after i realized what was going on) the time limit may be the ultimate enemy in the game though
  4. anything i can do with blackwyrm fps?

    I blame the Blade dancers with Ctrl F you still see the flying swords

    as long as it uses the Energy bar like running while in motion and you cannot bring it out during combat i'm okay with this idea
  6. so warlock coming with major nerf?or no?

    Mage classes kind of bore me I kind of want them to make a class thats all about smacking the enemy away like a ton of Knock back skills maybe do bonus damage if the enemy is slammed into a wall or something and have an ability to make a wall that has decent HP that would block ranged attacks if you got behind it we kinda need a greatsword class too they could be one and the same I also wouldn't mind a grappler class though i feel that technically Destroyer fits that but after warlock we have spirit fighter which i might use spirit fighter for a little bit but warlock kinda doesn't interest me at all
  7. Swordsman Hat droprate

    i do it daylie 7 runs so far outfits:0 hats:0 I want that hat it looks really good on Gon female
  8. How to beat Junghado????

    they actually do tell you about this mechanic on floor 5 it's a ridiculous system that really has no reason for existing
  9. look at the wave of topics my god XD it was very sudden
  10. I'd agree with this if you could get like 30 different special outfits from Pvp or at the very least allow us to unlock all of our hongmoon skills through pvp (which honestly makes more sense then eating a bunch of random ingredients) there is only one real reward for pvp atm and that is soul stones changing that without replacing it makes it worthless even if it is fun
  11. What outfit is this

    I wouldn't mind more Armory outfits myself atm the closest things i have are Regium corvis and Temptess i think was it's name?
  12. Can we just remove the Enrage mode mechanic it's nonsense

    my feelings haven't changed it's still a damage race and the players skill doesn't really matter they want you to do ONE thing until the enemy dies if you don't have enough damages you lose even if the boss was bleeding out with one or multiple limbs hanging off by a strand of flesh it makes absolutely no sense if they made the bosses more difficult then this wouldn't even be a problem as it would require time to be skilled enough to even accomplish such a feat unless someone is naturelly that good in that case they deserve respect what is wrong with the mentality Skill > stats the second part of your post is like "you may have defeated the great demon lord but now you need to face the great Evil Demon lord to have an opinion" that being said i've fought the Mysterious mans shadow while they were both aggroed onto me the shadow didn't have any indicators and he was attacking from my back so i understand what your trying to say even so they are probably going to be using the same moves so unless they speed up their attacks significantly or have new attacks all together it's just a matter of getting a better weapon and making sure my teamates have decent weapons
  13. Can we just remove the Enrage mode mechanic it's nonsense

    alright so i decided to finish mushins tower up to where the game will allow because apparently i don't get a say in the enrage mechanic if i don't(even though mushins tower barley has anything to do with it besides explaining it) jung hadou was worthless the fight is literally stun lock until you win only using one combo until he breaks unless time gets you (which is boring(seriously it feels like a chore but that 2 gold a day is needed)) my feelings have not changed at all the Enrage mechanic is lazy and makes no sense it's not skill based and it's so braindead bots could do it infact it encourages players to drop their own play styles to do one specific robotic thing until the enemy dies I'd much prefer the enemy to be skilled and interesting to encourage players to think of new ways to fight ways that they wouldn't normally think of