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  1. Jung hado for me was the easiest(if you don't count the golden pig) minus the timelimit but he only got me with that the first time i fought him (he didn't kill me with it because i cut and ran after i realized what was going on) the time limit may be the ultimate enemy in the game though
  2. i do it daylie 7 runs so far outfits:0 hats:0 I want that hat it looks really good on Gon female
  3. they actually do tell you about this mechanic on floor 5 it's a ridiculous system that really has no reason for existing
  4. I'm not quite sure how to do this so wish me luck x3 the one with the fire was when i solo'd the dungeon with the fat guy in it ^.^ the one with the vines was when the game spat me out of the map and i couldn't figure out how to get back in XD i'm not sure how to check my post before i post it >.<
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