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  1. Appreciation to DEV's

    I like turtles
  2. WTFast cause account to be banned?

    I remember reading somewhere that WTFast wasn't bannable however it was not supported so use of it was on you. Can't remember where, but i promise you senpai, I really read it.
  3. Atleast you have something to work for at the moment. Imagine getting everything on the first go and reaching end game with the best possible gear in a few days. Yea, sounds like a killer. What's next? Complain about how there is nothing else to do?
  4. It's a common thing. You pay for an outfit for a single character. I don't think anyone purchases one with the thought that it will shared among all the characters on the same account. To make it possible, one would expect the price of the costumes on the store to increase giving birth to account bound costumes. But even then more people would complain. Keep your chin up, Mercenary!
  5. And here i thought we should endlessly shower games with praise.
  6. Need help picking a class

    I face tank hard with the summoner. I like feeling like i can take all the hits from those big scary monsters and still be able to take more.

    Can someone explain what this is about? I am seriously lost. Sorry.
  8. I like a handicap of playing with 200 ping. It makes me stronger. It makes me better at predicting the future. It gives me super human strength and I become popular among the cuties.
  9. Not gonna pay for mail system......

    One should not advertise a game as free to play if a basic feature is locked by a pay wall. It could be 50 cents and a kiss. People shouldn't be expected to pay because they think its a convenient fix against gold spammers or what not.
  10. Not gonna pay for mail system......

    That will be $14.99. Thank you.
  11. Not gonna pay for mail system......

    Can we all just hug it out? <3
  12. Premium Members - Question for you...

    I'm sorry. You should not stand for that injustice.
  13. Good Bye

    Don't fight guys. Lets all be friends and hug each other.
  14. Thank you NCsoft

    The queues are amazing. It's given me time to think and find myself. I've decided to become a potato and spread my potato wings. I hope one day I find that special vegetable that i can spend my life with though. .. I'll just think about it while waiting in this queue
  15. Hongmoon coin?

    I am also interested in learning about this.