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  1. Hello, I am thinking of comming back to the game and I want to start fresh. I used to play on starfall crater but I am unsure of how the population and toxicity is there right now so I will probably start on new server too. What EU server and which side would you guys recommend for someone who is mostly interested in pve and is looking for frendly players? I would prefer the server to have big population, but I wouldn't want to go on Windrest which from what I read is the biggest EU server.
  2. The name is locked for 24 hours after you use name change voucher. If you decide to come back, do a little research before doing such stuff.
  3. You wanted proof? Here it is directly from warlock stream http://www.twitch.tv/bladeandsoul/v/50481610, go to ~ 17min 50 sec. They talk about why no legendary weapons, p2w, pay 2 advance and stuff like that. They talk about it for like 5 mins.
  4. Let us look at the currency exchange. You buy NCoins for $$, then you buy gold from the CX. The gold comes from other players who get HM coins in exhance, you are not paying the Devs to magically create gold for you. Basically the CX is trade between players and by your definitions it marketplace and player trading should be removed because its p2w.
  5. Logic time. I spend 8 hours a day working for $ and you spend 8 hours a day grinding gold and other stuff. I shouldn't be able to progress why? I worked hard to earn that $$ which I turned into gold. You worked hard to earn that gold aswell. So where exactly is the problem?
  6. So what if you are stronger? So by that logic you can consider someone hardcore gamer because they have 1 more HM lvl then you? No, they just grinded for it.
  7. First of all that is pay2advance not pay2win. Second, again it is the players that make the prices not the Devs, so just because it costs 400g now and you cannot afford it doesn't mean it is pay2win. Before Warlock announcement the his book was ~30g on EU which you can farm in 1 week with super casual play (30-60mins per day).
  8. First learn what pay2win is. Second you can farm the book yourself, noone said you have to buy it from Marketplace (which is player controlled not by NCSoft).
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