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  1. When I see a summoner or BD

    You are most certanly not the only one xD
  2. I dont really mind that there is a maintenance or two or three ... But 5 and 6 hours for almost nothing ? Come on ... I can only imagine how long its gona take to get a bigger update running! A day ? Two ? Three ?
  3. Lol well lets see ... 2 times a week 5-6 hours maintenance and when people ask for something in return they get a "Go read ToS" . Well that certanly feels like someone in NCSoft has a great nose for bussiness and knows how to invite / divert new players from coming and buying premium.

    If they removed a bunch of these bot spammers = poof all problems solved :D
  5. Fix the queue times.

    Lol well you know ... I for one am NEVER gona pay a single coin to "avoid" something that shouldnt even be there in the first place. I will however donate if it all works well and it doesnt look like the company is doing its best to milk me like a cow. Donate for aditional exp, more character slots, inventory slots, fashion or w/e but not this. Never this.

    Ofcourse not but this is kinda baaaaaaaaad xD

    And there i was moaning about how i was one click away from my "leveling goal of the day" xD Oh well :D relax guys cant be all that bad ! If you donate you can get into the game without 15hours of waiting in a queue
  8. Character deletion queue removal petition

    7 days for a character thats above level15 is extremely ridiculous. I think the standing confirmations are more then enough with the 5minute timer. Hell even a one hour timer would still be acceptible. But this? No this just makes no sense. Also gold sellers ? No they wont level their characters past level 15 ... i can promise you that!! Instead the staff should do their jobs, locate the gold sellers and ban their accounts.