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  1. How do I defeat a destroyer?

    Just to start off, this is not an "destroyer OP Q_Q" post, but a will to learn. I really want to know how to counter them as a blademaster. The normal spin is no problem, it's just to knock them down on the floor. However they have this huge yellow spin that: 1) Moves faster than me (60% speed buff when my backstep only gives 30%?) 2) Staggers me 3) Makes them immune to CC 4) Lasts through half of my hp 5) Lasts even longer if I hit them during it 6) Completely ignores block and parry Even if I backstep out of it and just run away, they catch up with me due to superior speed, or just pause, get to me, and resume it. How do I counter a destroyer as a blademaster? When a destroyer jumps down in the middle of a group of people and start spinning, is it really just a battle of gear? Nothing we can do to stop him except try to outburst him?
  2. Invitation from Poharan vanished? Help~

    I am confused about this as well. I've been 45 a long time, and I've finished the whole story up until act IV. I did get my dokumo weapon when I got to that stage for my hongmoon upgrade, and I even equipped it and ran around with it a while, since I heard people talk about dokumo being needed, but since no invitation showed I just upgraded my hongmoon and moved on. I have yet to see that invitation. I have already cleared the dungeon by entering normally, so it's kind of silly I can't do it using the cross-server lobby.
  3. Dungeons Aggro

    Have you put any talent points into lowering your aggro generation? Are you sure any of the others have put points into increased aggro generation? Most probably everyone goes for damage, and when it comes to pve force masters tend to have the most leeway to do damage, since melee has to block and avoid circles. Most damage = Most aggro unless talented otherwise. The siren bracelet increases aggro by ~16% or smth, but it's not much.
  4. Server Overload?

    Agreed. At least good to know it's not just me having this particular issue. Lets me rest my mind when it comes to looking for possible client issues. My curiosity would prefer the a) but my reason would prefer the b) >_< I wish you good luck surviving out there until things calm down!
  5. Server Overload?

    I was happily running around questing in my home server (Cardinal Gates) when suddenly the server refused to accept skill input and movement. The first time, after a while, it decided to accept my input again and I could live for the moment. The next time all I could do was run around (client side, the server never acknowledged me moving) and watch how the mobs slowly killed me. I was still in good contact with the server, receiving all happenings around me. Just my input was ignored. The feeling I get is that of the server deciding to deny all my requests, possibly due to a DDOS protection (triggered by players rather than attackers), but I could be wrong. Has anyone else encountered this? I read in another thread they raised the server caps to reduce the queues. Maybe they got raised a bit too high.