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    Don't really think this is a DDoS, the norse map isn't looking any different than usual (there's always some stuff going back and forth). Nothing like this though:
  2. Server down or crashed ?

    Okay, those blasts heading toward Kirksville, MO are kinda nasty - that's the kinda stuff that knocked out the PSN if it stays consistent. But I kinda doubt the servers are located there, lol.
  3. Server down or crashed ?

    Yeah, I've seen a few huge blasts going in both directions in the last 20 minutes, but nothing consistent that would likely cause a ddos. It's nothing compared to what it looked like when the PSN was knocked out shortly after new year's. Where are the servers for this game located (if that's public knowledge, I mean)? Love that site, btw,
  4. Server down or crashed ?

    Yeah, same as me - until I tried to log out. If you're still in Poharan, don't quit.
  5. Server down or crashed ?

    You must be from Poharan, Crimson Legion.
  6. Server down or crashed ?

    That was definitely weird....on Poharan I was doing Moonwater quests and eventually reached the point where I pressed F to talk to someone and it didn't work. Attacks didn't either, although I still managed to aggro enemies. I ran to the nearest load area and passed through it, and then I could talk to people and carry on once again, although I noticed my chat was down and deliveries weren't working. I went through an entire story quest, completed it and finally decided to log out and see what was going on. Froze on the exit out of BnS, and now I'm in the same boat as everyone else. Will be interesting to see what, if anything gets rolled back from that. There were definitely still other people in the game with me so who knows.
  7. Premium Members - Question for you...

    Even a month would probably be overkill for me seeing as I'm already L41 from being non-prem (but with early access) and will probably have a lot of the current content in our version done by that time. On top of that, I don't often get afternoons-early evenings to play and most of my gaming time is the US early morning hours, when there's little/no premium queue (as such the non-prem waits are much shorter, even on Poharan. So, I never really had to deal with this until today, when I was unusually off work in the evening. Anyway, thanks for the info guys, I was unaware that the premium counter seemingly not moving was due to more premiums continuing to roll in. Never occurred to me that there were enough premiums to keep that number constant for hours. I finally just got into Poharan as the premium queue cleared out so it doesn't seem like it was bugged after all.
  8. Premium Members - Question for you...

    And if you read further down the thread I'm well aware of why I'm not getting into the game. I wasn't asking about it because of my own position in line. It was about what the premium counter was saying and nothing else. Maybe the display is bugged for non-premiums - I don't know. But if it is, seeing 500 premiums supposedly waiting in a queue is not the best way to go about getting people to purchase premium.
  9. Premium Members - Question for you...

    I get that, and I'm not salty about it - this thread isn't about that, after all. What I'm saying is that it's been a constant 400-500 range on the Premium counter. It hasn't gone down hardly at all in the last 3 or 4 hours, which is indicating to me that premiums weren't getting in either. Even if it is just a display bug, seeing that isn't enticing me into buying premium in the least, although this thread is somewhat reassuring.
  10. Premium Members - Question for you...

    If the times are so short I don't understand why I'm seeing this as a non-prem. Display bug? This is Poharan from about 2 hours ago btw - it's not much different now.
  11. Queue is BS!!!

    Something is definitely wrong with this queue. The premium list just keeps getting bigger. Either that display is bugged or nobody is getting into this server, period.
  12. This wouldn't really surprise me, seeing as a premium queue has only gone UP for the last hour on Poharan. Maybe something is up. That said there's 11k Blade and Soul viewers on twitch right now so they're watching something.
  13. See you in two days

    See that 398 Premium queue? It's not moving. Well, actually it is. It's going UP. 431 at the time I type this (I'm in the same queue, at #84 non-prem) No one is getting in this server right now, it doesn't matter if you're premium or not.
  14. Queue is BS!!!

    Are you looking at the last few screenshots? Even Premiums are in a 300-400 queue on Poharan that IS NOT MOVING. It's misery loves company at this point - we're all in the same boat trying to log into this server, paying and non-paying alike.
  15. Queue is BS!!!

    Yeah, the Poharan queue is rather hilarious right now. Even the Premium line is barely moving. (Plus it keeps getting added to) I'm still creeping up at #94 and might be in the game within the hour.