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  1. Wintrading

    the most disgusting part is another person posted EVIDENCE and pictures and video on reddit and ncsoft keeps closing the posts http://imgur.com/DjeVfjT
  2. Destroyer's just need a damage nerf and a cooldown on their spin thing and a lower duration when its in rage mode or w.e when its orange. then maby they wouldnt be soo heinous.
  3. Fix the queue times.

    ban every account with a randomized name like " adsfsdda " ip ban perma.
  4. Fix the queue times.

    still trash.
  5. Fix the queue times.

    bdo is trash lol

    last game for plat push winning... about to get it.. dc'd good *cricket*ing game.
  7. Outfits droprates in dungeons ?

    i have ran the rookery place for the past 15 hours gotten i dont know how many of the boxes that have the armor i want a earring a soul shield piece and a random thing and literally for the past 15 hours it has only given me the earring + soul combo every single box same exact soul shield # and same earring this is worst rng out of any game i have every played. :/ really disheartening.