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  1. yey thnx i was worried alot :D
  2. Wierd my Characters has no costume but has weapon.. just finish the 1st patch 2nd patch on progress cant login cuz its on the ice ice map.. any idea why my characters has no costume on it? i quit the game 4months ago.. just redownloaded the game just now
  3. i can handle the bots. bots are worst when the games was release. i got enough gold like 300 and some materials i dont know bout the prices now quited 4months T_T
  4. thnx imma download the game again hope my husband wants to play again to :D
  5. Is the game worth playing again? i quit the game like 4months ago cuz of there fast updates T_T i miss my ladies so much T_T
  6. pay2win = boring way to play you still not gonna get top 1 in arena rankings really its up to you how you gonna enjoy the game :D
  7. as you can see yes its kinda pay 2 win but.. if you have common sense most of the items for now has max upgrade or limit upgrade like true pirate.. its just 2 journey you choose farm and enjoy the game or upgrade your items max lvl in pay2win way just like you said and get bored fast:D
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