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  1. Downloaded the new launcher and then it installed THIS. Is this really needed? I deleted it before and then it installed again automatically. I only got a 150GB SSD and want to save some space for windows updates...
  2. Thank you very much Bethany and Jonathan, you both did a wonderful job. Thanks for being excited with us about the new updates and content! I will really miss you both, livestreams will never be the same again <3 PS. Danté should make a Bethany and Jonathan pet as a memory
  3. What are we doing now with green/yellow/purple moonlight crystals? The nightstones are used for MSP currency now, so are the crystals going to be antique soon?
  4. Did you just install the new Windows 10 version? You can see it at Settings > System > Info If you got build/version 1803, then that is the problem. Go back to an older version or wait until NCSoft has optimized the game. https://www.howtogeek.com/236195/how-to-find-out-which-build-and-version-of-windows-10-you-have/
  5. I did and checked this several times
  6. Is there a fix for the low FPS yet? I'm using 32-bit and i have 4 FPS and freezes in dungeons T_T (60 FPS when not fighting) I have this problem since december 2017 (Fall Creator update) and ncsoft support couldnt figure out what the problem is. Since december i'm trying to find solutions on google and this forum, i think i tried everything, but nothing helped... It was all fine before, i could play on high setting without any problem. I have: Windows 10 Home 64-bit Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60 GHz GeForce® GTX 960M 125 GB SSD, 23 GB free sp
  7. I saw in task manager that the client is probably running in 64-bit, but it looked like 32 for me, because windows are bigger than normal. Maybe it runs a bit better now, but I'm not convinced that this really solved it, I used to have much better FPS than this in 64-bit. Here can you see my settings:
  8. The client uses all cores already, and i changed the details settings to high, but it still doesn't make any difference. I was at mushin tower standing next to the training dummies, and i got 5-10 fps.
  9. Hello, I tried your solution, but when the folders are in the 'C:\Program Files' directory, Blade & Soul will run in 32-bit even if I uncheck the box in the launcher to run in 32-bits. It this supposed to happen?
  10. I tried your method to move folders and re-install launcher, I've read your steps about 10 times, so I'm sure i did it right. But somehow it still acts like 32-bit client while I unchecked that box in the launcher. Am I missing something?
  11. Hello all, I've been having issues since the Windows 10 Fall Creator Update (dec 3), and I've seen other posts about this. I want to give clear information about the issues and I hope others can help me (and others) out to resolve the issues. I have send a ticket about my issues, but they gave up after about 8 tries to help solve my issues. Blade & Soul won't launch (somehow solved): Some people including me are having the issue when the launcher loads the game and the client doesn't appear/start after. To resolve this, you have to set the launcher's compatibil
  12. I think you have to change the launcher's compatibility to Windows 8 or lower, at least this solved my issue
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