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  1. Events in bns : Go farm x timegated dungeon to get x timegated curency to spend in x timegated merchant. And if you want at least one or two of the most interesting materials (cuz its always mats) you have to farm every single day of your life until the end of the event. Farming outfits makes you lose time and currency on those said needed mats rather than being a cool bonus from the event. Still amaze people are still happy with that... You can't call this an event, its just a copy pasted farming content. And also the fact that writing in NcLULZ forums is utterly useless
  2. Unload is now a projectile -___-

    Pve hero boys trying to argue on pvp balance when they know absolutely nothing of it... oh wait, 6v6 is pve ofc.
  3. I tried BnS agian but I can't sorry

    1: Be rich and pay 2: Be a nolife and make this game a second job 3: GTFO because ncwest doesn't care of your feedback and nothing will change anyway cuz they have no power since the beginning. That is how this game is.
  4. PVE hero game meta

    We all know Ncsoft doesn't care about pvp balance, and they prefer to milk people on 6v6 pve as long as they can. But watching pvp tourny more and more you can realize its all about pve as well. First we got the warlock aerial non tabbable & wallbang meta. Lock your opponent for 5sec where he can't do sh**. This was last year way to go. Now this year people learned to deal with wallbang, Wl aerial still strong and here comes a new challenger : scummoner & gunner. We entered the new meta of warlocks/scums/gunnar when its all about running with iframes and getting that rmb spam when possible. What a shame, "art martial fighting game skill based" yet you just have to play pve hero classes to easily win and do insane damage. We can't even talk about outplay or skill, all we see as viewers is people running + iframe and doing some pve instead of skilled combos. High skill cap classes blademaster & KFM has became irrelevent. Yet they are those classes that represent(ed) the more the martial art skill game bns relied at its beginning. The fighting gameplay was all it lasted from this game, everyone was like "ok everything sucks here but the fighting gameplay is the best we've seen in a mmo yet", yet they want to make it disappear as well for pve heroes. This game is more and more a waste. Only thing there is to know is how many years before its (obvious) death. This post is not directed toward ncwest or their esport management, they don't know sh** about the game anyway, no interest to talk to pawns on a chessboard. This post is not directed toward nckorea since they abandonned pvp long ago (and hello reduced prize pool) and will never read me. This post is just me who wanted to write smth knowing its all useless.
  5. Try to save dying game

    To sum up you can already throw your towel or travel to korea to have a meeting with devs. In case you didn't know, Korea don't even listen to their end game pve testers from who they officially take feedback. Which made those testers to quit the game as well (one of them did a post on reddit summing up what happened). At best you can expect the dull corporate company response "thank you for your feedback we're looking into it blabla..."
  6. Try to save dying game

    Good but utterly useless post. But I guess you already know it.
  7. Loot Boxes

    You're saying a lot of nonsense and completely missed the point... First berlgium government probably has tons of smart researchers compared to you who are just you. 1. "any item that is in the loot boxes can be obtained in game by regular play " Dodge over 9000. We're talking about GAMBLING, not things that are accessible or not. And even without that, all I can say is that theres lot of things not accessible by farm in the game that you can only get in the shop aka outfit or bag amelioration. I bet there's, nothing you can say against that now. 2. "You are clarly informed on what you get from each box and what is a chance to get" Yes I'm informed of the items I can get but I'm not informed on their chances to get them. Dude again you completely avoid the point and this second argument adds nothing to the table. We're still talking about gambing, aka a game of chances where you put your money onto something that will either give you a similar reward of the same value, or less value or more value. If you put 100 euros, and you get either 99 euros or 101 euros value as a random chance then it is gambling however you look at it: A game of chance with loss or gain. It wouldn't be gambling if I directly buy the product without a chance to not have it like cosmetics in cash shop. ===> We're talking about the value, not the names of the items being informed to us. But here you say we're clearly informed, and I can tell you yes OF COURSE we are informed on what product we put our money thanks god if I buy a bns loot boxes and I get a real life television or a real life gum from it without expecting it, it would seem weird isn't it ? Just to say its not the subject here or rng boxes would be scam even more than gambling... If you enter a casino of course you are obviously informed you can win money and not real peanuts... And as a player since beta day 1 I've never never never never never never never ever seen any display of percentage of chance of every single item you can get from rng boxes. Unless you share alone with ncsoft some information 99.99% of the population does not ? Stop dodging, give real arguments or don't if the discussion is too complicated for you. Trove and rng boxes are gambling and should be removed if all the europe takes actions against that. Materials and cosmetics from the cash shop are not gambling since directly buyable. But it makes bns still p2w tho (materials ofc, not outfits) The last point is that if cosmetics are themselves gated behind rng boxes like Overwatch then it is gambling. Since you don't buy directly the outfit you want and you're forced to play a game of chance that can reward you with things you don't want such as another cosmetic or upgrade.
  8. 50 box RIP off

    blahblahblah cry cry cry So much useless complaints when you will all be the first to rush on the next rng box that will be thrown at you, again & again... Honestly that was fun at the beginning to always see posts of complaintsbut its been 1 & a half year now, people never learn or never try to be smart or control their will to not buy even if they 100% know it will always be a rip off. It's very annoying. You may "technically allow the server to still live" but its also your only fault that the game is in very bad state. As long as you spend money,the server live, but as long as you spend money they don't have to invest on the server to make it better, or fix the issue, or listen to you BECAUSE YOU STILL THROW YOUR MONEY AT THEM ANYWAY SO THEY DO THE MINIMUM EFFORT FOR YOU FOR THE MAXIMUM PROFIT FROM YOU. ps: I also know my post is useless, but hey if there is at least one smart person that reads me and act accordingly then I'm happy to save another wallet.
  9. Overpowered Classes

    Hello, I'm here to remind you people that 6v6 is definately not pvp but PVE. Thus, normalized BG wil never appear since its the only way whales gets to spend money and show off and feel powerful against other players. To sum up, I just hope that : - You'll learn that 6v6 is pve p2w - Your post is sadly useless as you know it. Like 5 posts a day about the subject.
  10. Two souls available in Korea?

    Still not p2w btw. Kappa
  11. Community

    you mean 2 years ago ? Kappa
  12. Talking about dailies as well, and you have to grind your alts to be able to do all raids in the first place. Cuz I like mmos ? cuz most of them so far unless they are KR don't require to be a full time job ? Well first thanks god I have the right to complain on how a game works. that is how every game gets better (or worse when ncsoft don't listen to you) Secondly, no worries I stopped pve since I'm not into grind for grind and the only way I would go back to it would be to change it and make it better, which is why I'm complaining in my right to ask for better things. "A thing not moving or improving is as good as a dead thing" Thirdly, I'm not asking every game to be the same, I'm just saying the game system of WoW is far better, but I can also say the game system of ff14 is better as well.are they the same ? not really, but they are still better. again don't say what I didn't say. Of course wouldn't be fun to have exactly perfect copy pasta games, makes sense... Again (again) don't say what I didn't say. I said "almost catch up to real endgame" which doesn't mean max gear at all. Because if you want to be max gear in wow it means mythic raids which are done by pros & tryhard guilds but even as a casual the game system of wow is made so that you can enjoy ALL the endgame content as a casual and still have tons of things to farm before reaching the max gear. And if you're smart and friendly you can even do raids with some of those tryhard guilds for your max gear EVEN as a casu again. Here that's why we're always talking about lack of communication. Nobody knows if half, more than half or less of community would be happy if ncsoft changed things because they never listen at all and they do what they are told by KR devs. But I guess if theres countless topics about how rcs is hard or that the event is bad it probably means that a change is needed even if theres some other people who like it that way. And anyway, theres already more than half of the people who complained and left the game through the 2 years as a proof that they don't like how the game works. I don't even need to prove it myself, its already done. And don't start to say "its the same as any game, first theres the hype then it dies" no I'm also talking about long term, and even without the hype theres a lot of game out there that attracts everyday more and more people instead of losing them like ncwest. yeah, basic. that is how life works no problem. But not liking something and asking for a change doesn't mean you're wrong. Did I ? again I didn't. (stop say what I didn't say x3)There's a universe between the terms "better" and "perfect". Well since nothing is perfect the world is like this. Btw what does 10%-15% or people complaining represents? explain the figure Between 10%-15% of 100% of the population playing. or between 10%-15% of 100% of the population active in forums? Numbers have a different meaning according to how u manipulate them ^^. All we know is that wow forums & reddit are far more active, yes because there are more players and why is there more players ? Cuz the game is better.(overall) How would bns get more players ? by being better as well (or interesting enough for a larger base). But I guess we can go back to the easy "Hey buddy ! if you don't have a lot (lot (lot))) of time to invest or money to spend, then leave beause no one cares !" eh ?
  13. Boring bi-weekly outfit rotations

    if u really think they will give up their marketing plan on keeping the good outfits for trove and milking all the whales ur dreaming. no worries trove is comin' (Well I think u know this topic will change nothing I guess (like every suggestion topic))
  14. Its not the fact of leveling alts that takes time(no one cares), its the fact of playing multiple alts per day, for dailies etc and all of this to gear one main. Kinda funny how people who claim "you can gear f2p" don't realize people don't complain about the fact that you can or cannot, but that if you can you have to spend your whole life and time dedicated to the game. And guess what ? people have a real life to take care of aside of bns. It takes like 2/3 hours (at best)do to all dailies on one char only. (depending on ur gear, ur computer, the moment of the day, etc) The problem is the dedication you need to be a minimum relevant as f2p in bns. And the other problem is that you can't enjoy new endgame content right away unless you put that dedication into work (aka put a lot of hours per day for grind instead of living your real life)and you're doomed to enjoy it 3/4 months later when its nerfed and not relevant anymore (I don't mean in term of materials but in term of fun. When you see a trailer of a new content releasing u want to play it right away). Whereas in other better games (and non p2w) you can play one character only, almost catch up to real endgame in a few weeks and having shittons of things to do, to enjoy, to personalize and to grind for a very long time even playing really really really casually. Yes I'm talking about WoW.
  15. They don't care, and you know it. Its just a mean to occupy people into farming new outfits or force you to not miss a single day to have the maximum expensive mats you can get during the event. And because features are already implemented in the game by korean devs, nothing more to do or to invest on.
  16. What bothers me about the new premium

    Damn, the way you think is terryfying. You will never get out from your "permanently abused consumer seat" of the society. You have no ambition you get tricked by basic things. No wonder why company like ncsoft are still alive milking mindless humans like you.
  17. Reason why your game failed in the West

    Here you are talking about top players which are 0.5% of the population in bns. At this point only the rock paper scissors rule applies. Which also mean that for a top summoner player "(insert class here) are one of their easiest match-ups" too. Which means aside from reaching top level of play, you are stupidly strong as a summoner even if you play with one hand. That is also what the pro says above on the video. From start summoner is stupidly easy while being too strong. But when you reach a high level of play it lack skill ceiling. Which doesn't necessarily mean they are weak or strong, just that when you reach a certain point you can't do much things (than just spamming Kappa) and it mostly depends on how your opponent can handle you rather than your own skill. Come on, everybody knows it and everybody says it, pro or not. Are we ok now ? Btw I lol'd so hard when I saw this : Grimoir: "Actually no, it takes a lot of mindgames to win as summoner , expecially in 1v1." Then you watch the video at 6:04 and the pro says "They should be nerfed cuz they are currently too easy to play - There are no mind games at all" #Roasted.
  18. What bothers me about the new premium

    Sorry but even as a new player or alt leveler premium is useless. Leveling is a piece of cake now, u can be max level in 2 days or so just doing yellow quest. Yellow quest being the main quest you have to forcibly do whatever happens + being already really really fast = all the leveling perks useless. And the only moment when teleport is annoying its during the zaiwei storyline which requires you to teleport 10 times in a few minutes arround the city. And I don't see any perks about "no mailing fee" careful what you say. Just saying ^^ Noticeable premium perks : 450hcoin per month = 15 hcoin per day, so careful its not instant 450 hcoins. Makes a huge difference. 100% on venture tkens value but low RNG daily dash but RNG no weapon glamour fee (Its not like theres tons of weapon to glamour in this game tho and the cost is not that important but whatever lets put it...) remote storage for the interested niche 30% on peaches for the interested niche Windwalk to show you are premium Kappa login queue priority Keepo. The most important perk of all Kappa And the 3 new perkz were : Free daily 15 Hcoin Treasure trove free key daily premium cache for 30 ncoin/hcoin Quality revamp right there.
  19. cant fulle delete bns folder

    reinstall bns. Go to the folder and delete it Then delete bns from your programs in ur program list. If you use the uninstall exe from bns it will not delete all the files. I gain like 20go compared to when I used the uninstall.exe months ago.
  20. Reason why your game failed in the West

    I may seem repetitive but who cares about 6v6? who cares about pve ? We're only talking about pvp & esport here, your post is irrelevant. 6v6 is straight pve.
  21. Reason why your game failed in the West

    Why do you act like I said that class imbalance makes the game less popular ? Honestly maybe, maybe not but that is just one of the numerous reasons why people are seduced to pvp. No, what makes the game less popular is the poor management and the poor communication both between players and on the internet. I'm blaming ncswest for the poor popularity here. But I'm only blaming NCkr for the imbalance for existing players because the only devs are korean and that everyone would have expected a huge balance change after seing the world championship abuse of aerial & wallbang. Which turned the semi to finals stream to a boring aerial/wallbang fest. The qualifiers were definately more fun since there was a lot of different compositions but as the tourny was going on the aerial/wallbang pattern dominated. And also being a niche game doesn't explain why a game isn't popular. Altho I don't know which "niche" you are talking about for bns. It is like every other mmorpg, only the gameplay changes but that doesn't make it a niche game. We got 1k viewer at best for worlds and 200 for little tournys because the game pvp isn't popular, that's all. If they we'ren't so lazy, the game would be as popular as the launch (ye I know a bit less) they just didn't invest because they want us to catch up before investing money. Why invest on optimization before we catch up ? why implement arena spectator WHICH WS HIGHLY NEEDED FROM THE START and which will cost us money if we will have it in 1 year ? That is how they think. If they had backed the community sooner like Impbns, legion etc. which was itself creating tournaments to make the game well known we wouldn't be in this dead arena state. A problem of management & communication on ncwest part. A problem of game core & investment on nckorea part. We can just resume this whole bns probleme by the word "investment" As long as there's no investment from ncsoft, don't expect the game to change. They are still getting a lot of money from whales so its only a matter of "if we want to make things right" rather than "we're losing money, we have to do smth quick!"
  22. premium-membership-tier-reward, comment

    To sum up premium bonuses : 465 hm per month +100% on venture tokens daily dash The cool windwalk animation. Everything else is irrelevant andd not need AT ALL. HAHAHA have fun investing your money in it.
  23. Reason why your game failed in the West

    world championship in figures is simple. - WL on almost all team comp. - 3 of the 4 teams to make it to semi were the perfect meta comp WL DES SIN Only ways of victory - Warlock air combo - Wallbang from DES/FM And of course the only 3 team to have both of these conditions of victory were in semi & finals. That was SO BORING in semi, even the casters started to meme "warlock coming through" or "the first to wallbang or aerial wins the fight". That is how the world pvp of bns is now, just get the perfect meta comp wih the 2 major ways of victory and you are a finalist. Bns esport is dead, theres like only 1k people watching the competition, and even the rewards comes from the whales who are lured behind lootboxes in order to pay their own tournament (which they are not even watching). But still, no one talks about it, no tv, no stream, nothing. Only a post on the main site and on twitter viewed by 14 people. And we've not talked about participants yet, there like 6 to 8 teams active in EU and 5 teams at best in NA, always the fcking same top players since arena is dead. I'm still amaze that the korean dev don't do shit about balance when seing that wallbang was utterly abused during the world tournament. STILL NO BALANCE PATCH. It wasn't even about skill anymore, I was disguested about that so called "skilled based game" becoming a "combo breaker abuse game". On a side note, even top pve players stopped the game, they made a letter saying that NC doesn't give a fck about them and their useful feedback. So if they already don't care about their biggest part of income, aka super end game whales, I think pvp is a grain of salt for them.
  24. premium-membership-tier-reward, comment

    Don't worry, they didn't forget to NOT revamp the convenience: "queue priority" when there is less & less players everyday. BEST PERKS EVER. Let that sink in Kappa