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  1. Reason why your game failed in the West

    Here you are talking about top players which are 0.5% of the population in bns. At this point only the rock paper scissors rule applies. Which also mean that for a top summoner player "(insert class here) are one of their easiest match-ups" too. Which means aside from reaching top level of play, you are stupidly strong as a summoner even if you play with one hand. That is also what the pro says above on the video. From start summoner is stupidly easy while being too strong. But when you reach a high level of play it lack skill ceiling. Which doesn't necessarily mean they are weak or strong, just that when you reach a certain point you can't do much things (than just spamming Kappa) and it mostly depends on how your opponent can handle you rather than your own skill. Come on, everybody knows it and everybody says it, pro or not. Are we ok now ? Btw I lol'd so hard when I saw this : Grimoir: "Actually no, it takes a lot of mindgames to win as summoner , expecially in 1v1." Then you watch the video at 6:04 and the pro says "They should be nerfed cuz they are currently too easy to play - There are no mind games at all" #Roasted.
  2. What bothers me about the new premium

    Sorry but even as a new player or alt leveler premium is useless. Leveling is a piece of cake now, u can be max level in 2 days or so just doing yellow quest. Yellow quest being the main quest you have to forcibly do whatever happens + being already really really fast = all the leveling perks useless. And the only moment when teleport is annoying its during the zaiwei storyline which requires you to teleport 10 times in a few minutes arround the city. And I don't see any perks about "no mailing fee" careful what you say. Just saying ^^ Noticeable premium perks : 450hcoin per month = 15 hcoin per day, so careful its not instant 450 hcoins. Makes a huge difference. 100% on venture tkens value but low RNG daily dash but RNG no weapon glamour fee (Its not like theres tons of weapon to glamour in this game tho and the cost is not that important but whatever lets put it...) remote storage for the interested niche 30% on peaches for the interested niche Windwalk to show you are premium Kappa login queue priority Keepo. The most important perk of all Kappa And the 3 new perkz were : Free daily 15 Hcoin Treasure trove free key daily premium cache for 30 ncoin/hcoin Quality revamp right there.
  3. cant fulle delete bns folder

    reinstall bns. Go to the folder and delete it Then delete bns from your programs in ur program list. If you use the uninstall exe from bns it will not delete all the files. I gain like 20go compared to when I used the uninstall.exe months ago.
  4. Reason why your game failed in the West

    I may seem repetitive but who cares about 6v6? who cares about pve ? We're only talking about pvp & esport here, your post is irrelevant. 6v6 is straight pve.
  5. Reason why your game failed in the West

    Why do you act like I said that class imbalance makes the game less popular ? Honestly maybe, maybe not but that is just one of the numerous reasons why people are seduced to pvp. No, what makes the game less popular is the poor management and the poor communication both between players and on the internet. I'm blaming ncswest for the poor popularity here. But I'm only blaming NCkr for the imbalance for existing players because the only devs are korean and that everyone would have expected a huge balance change after seing the world championship abuse of aerial & wallbang. Which turned the semi to finals stream to a boring aerial/wallbang fest. The qualifiers were definately more fun since there was a lot of different compositions but as the tourny was going on the aerial/wallbang pattern dominated. And also being a niche game doesn't explain why a game isn't popular. Altho I don't know which "niche" you are talking about for bns. It is like every other mmorpg, only the gameplay changes but that doesn't make it a niche game. We got 1k viewer at best for worlds and 200 for little tournys because the game pvp isn't popular, that's all. If they we'ren't so lazy, the game would be as popular as the launch (ye I know a bit less) they just didn't invest because they want us to catch up before investing money. Why invest on optimization before we catch up ? why implement arena spectator WHICH WS HIGHLY NEEDED FROM THE START and which will cost us money if we will have it in 1 year ? That is how they think. If they had backed the community sooner like Impbns, legion etc. which was itself creating tournaments to make the game well known we wouldn't be in this dead arena state. A problem of management & communication on ncwest part. A problem of game core & investment on nckorea part. We can just resume this whole bns probleme by the word "investment" As long as there's no investment from ncsoft, don't expect the game to change. They are still getting a lot of money from whales so its only a matter of "if we want to make things right" rather than "we're losing money, we have to do smth quick!"
  6. premium-membership-tier-reward, comment

    To sum up premium bonuses : 465 hm per month +100% on venture tokens daily dash The cool windwalk animation. Everything else is irrelevant andd not need AT ALL. HAHAHA have fun investing your money in it.
  7. Reason why your game failed in the West

    world championship in figures is simple. - WL on almost all team comp. - 3 of the 4 teams to make it to semi were the perfect meta comp WL DES SIN Only ways of victory - Warlock air combo - Wallbang from DES/FM And of course the only 3 team to have both of these conditions of victory were in semi & finals. That was SO BORING in semi, even the casters started to meme "warlock coming through" or "the first to wallbang or aerial wins the fight". That is how the world pvp of bns is now, just get the perfect meta comp wih the 2 major ways of victory and you are a finalist. Bns esport is dead, theres like only 1k people watching the competition, and even the rewards comes from the whales who are lured behind lootboxes in order to pay their own tournament (which they are not even watching). But still, no one talks about it, no tv, no stream, nothing. Only a post on the main site and on twitter viewed by 14 people. And we've not talked about participants yet, there like 6 to 8 teams active in EU and 5 teams at best in NA, always the fcking same top players since arena is dead. I'm still amaze that the korean dev don't do shit about balance when seing that wallbang was utterly abused during the world tournament. STILL NO BALANCE PATCH. It wasn't even about skill anymore, I was disguested about that so called "skilled based game" becoming a "combo breaker abuse game". On a side note, even top pve players stopped the game, they made a letter saying that NC doesn't give a fck about them and their useful feedback. So if they already don't care about their biggest part of income, aka super end game whales, I think pvp is a grain of salt for them.
  8. premium-membership-tier-reward, comment

    Don't worry, they didn't forget to NOT revamp the convenience: "queue priority" when there is less & less players everyday. BEST PERKS EVER. Let that sink in Kappa
  9. Reason why your game failed in the West

    Can we all agree on the fact that we are only talking about arena pvp and not about outdoor pvp and 6v6 which are just pure PVE ?
  10. Reason why your game failed in the West

    I think what he meant wasn't the fact that japan succeeded to export into west. But rather that the system of their games, even if they don't create it for the purpose to export it to begin with is something which quality appeal to everyone no matter their country. In short before even thinking about exporting it, their game has already the potential to be a good game for everyone in the world, then they decide to change it and either focus their own country or export it. Meanwhile, korea creates games almost only for their market, but that doesn't mean they create a good game overrall, it just mean the game they create appal only to koreans. Which also means koreans tastes in term of gaming isn't the same as a worldwide taste, and isn't the best either.
  11. blablabla, you all cry but you're going to be the first to spend a shittons of money on next trove like brainless dolls. Those damn cash cows not learning to control themselves so their voices will be heard...
  12. Why Is Everyone Complaining?

    not gonna tell people their work is good when its bad...
  13. Dear Asura Ember:

    2018 and ncsoft is still not thinking about moving loot table to other recent bosses. That's also why mmo with expansions are better in that way, old content is old content. They could just create a new item required for hm skill for the recent content like "sanctum ember" or smth.

    3v3 is ded. which also makes our esport arena boring as hell seing the same guys on top forced to premade with each other. You can't have fun nor progress now in pvp.