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  1. @Xogi If you're experiencing a 3 second delay on skills with a 50 ms ping...and it disappears when you're running under a VPN, you have something configured wrong or needing to add an exception for some program or your game, to your firewall or antivirus... 50 ms doesn't equal 3 second skill delay. Ping 150ms and under is actually fairly playable. I can load up my paid for high speed VPN and connect to Osaku, Japan with 150 ms according to speedtest, that doesn't negate the fact that i still have 250 ms to the server from my home network to that same IP. The VPN only gives me
  2. Has Prio been updated to work with Win 10, it used to not work, didn't see it on site or missed the answer?
  3. lol A for effort, those apps only provide a stable/alternative connection, but not something everyone or everyone having issues needs. In most cases it will increase ping. most all the of those type services explain it in detail, but you gotta read the fine print. 3rd world countries with poor Internet will benefit from spending the additional money, but the countries with stable high speed Internet, you won't see any thing beneficial except using "their speed and ping testing software" The only way you can ideally achieve a really nice stable connection and low ping to a game's
  4. I completely disagree. Optimization is on par and better than most dx9 mainstream titles out GPU gets used, screen shot in windowed mode at idle, check the usage. Perhaps you have settings or drivers that are negatively impacting your card. Turn more eye candy settings on if you want a higher usage. I'm not running with everything on in this screen shot. Just to show that it does.
  5. either taking some of the workload off of the primary card or sitting @ idle it looks to me it is very much working.....
  6. you need to create a new shortcut for blade and soul, find it, right click, select properties, click advanced, run as admin, click apply and ok and use that shortcut. Unless you're using special setting to just game on, you don't have the need to test under a guest account that will limit your admin permissions for other programs Edit to clarify why i said create a new shortcut. It gives you an option of deleting it if for some random,strange reason it goofs your game up, and you have the original shortcut created by the installer untouched.
  7. yeah, that really isn't an issue. Simple enough to open settings and disable everything.....
  8. That would depend on the age of your computer's parts... DX 12 alone makes it worth the upgrade, I have never had a stability issue running Windows 10 Pro. IMHO Windows 7 has to many vulnerabilities in it, risking not only personal information, but any game/email and social account information isn't worth the risk if your machine can run Windows 10 you should be doing it. 10 uses less resources and operates using less system processes, so many advantages are presented not to take advantage of it.
  9. AMEN! Windows 10 is a lovely gaming platform
  10. Ha i am still watching this thread, and starting to go into a mild state of depression for Nvidia users, I use both AMD GPU and CPU and game runs very nicely for me. Some of the other games i play as well have started to see an increase in Nvidia users having issues running MMOs. I think the problem persists with Nvidia drivers and not this or the other games. As far as Blade and Soul being CPU hungry i disagree with that post.
  11. Works universally doesn't matter the manufacturer or of it is a red or blue team. Solid programs to have running
  12. You can go to MSi's website and get rivertuner bundled with MSi's afterburner
  13. Rivertuner has a stealth setting that allows your video and OC programs to hook into games. Ever wonder why you change stuff on your computer using crimson or other programs and it has no effect on the game? You need to enable stealth settings... OP has a solid tip, for those that choose to use it.
  14. My ping is somewhere between 20 and 35 ms. If the game is kicking an error that is disconnecting due to Network Issues, then it is no doubt happening on the games side of the firewall. To many players are reporting the same message, same results. Higher ping and no issue would still make sense takes a longer time to travel and gives time for the request to be completed. Then again NA and EU are different regions. I play on NA servers. I think the error for me is, my game is sending commands filling the Unreal Engines command buffer and overflow buffer up, it decides to not process them
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