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  1. Adjusting content to playstyle

    I have been playing MMO's since the day of boost mobile prepaid flip phones, and Blade and Soul since 5 minutes after servers went live. 20 soul stones x 2 million players = even more of a market to compete with.
  2. Adjusting content to playstyle

    We have all been there, it is a annoying component of the game but one that keeps you playing it. You really want a grind ? wait until your discover dreadtime arena and want the costume drop from it, RNG based and has taken some players months to finally get it. Once you're into the 24 man instances where gold/keys/and common daily supplies are not the issue, your focus can change and maybe you can see this topic from a different perspective. Just soloing both E. Fleet and Nightshade harbor on a daily basis will have your inventory and warehouse filled with upgrade mats and evolution materials. Level 50 will add a additional 24 man zone plus all your daily DG runs..... once there 24 gold for 100 soul stones completely affordable , If your game style has the Soulstone quests not suitable or convenient for you to do. Players who have been playing since the game went live in January and enjoy that sort of PVP promising content utilize it as income, The market is over saturated, due to a high number of the player base actually play the game for that sort of content.
  3. Adjusting content to playstyle

    Yeah, I think you are right, he hasn't entered the end game content as of yet. Game is designed to keep you playing over a long period of time, it is not a 60 dollar 5 hours start to finish console game by any means.. That is one of the primary traits i like about it. No matter what grade player or how fast/slow or which route you choose to play, time still has to be invested and NCSOFT is making changes frequently too keep the game playable by a wide array of players.
  4. Adjusting content to playstyle

    yeap or sell to help fund gear and weapon progressions. you won't get rich but when you get caught slipping or get in a tight spot for supplies like tonics and dumplings keys are a fast sell too keep you playing the game :)
  5. Adjusting content to playstyle

    @Sidcor Question : why are you making keys? running daily DG quest should provide you with more than enough to handle your gear progression as a new player. keys are also another item that can be bought for relatively cheaper than time and gold cost to craft, especially after you hit end game and have all those cross server dungeon quest you can complete on top of the green quests instead of the DGs
  6. Adjusting content to playstyle

    Weeks for you? The game is being played as intended then, any other sources of the SS in the game will still present you with limitations of never can be geared enough, will further spread the gear gap of casual, dedicated and elitist players. Understand the current game economy. NCSOFT recognizes that a PVP focused player need a little assistance, I agree PVE focused have no issues. Pay to win have no issues. Your suggestion directly hurts free to play PVP oriented Players. You missed it before but here it is again .. two sides to this coin,
  7. Adjusting content to playstyle

    I don't know, perhaps they have issues dealing with a target that doesn't drop decals on the ground and give them a chance to see telegraphed attacks.
  8. Adjusting content to playstyle

    Soulstones are gotten w/ pve based dailies..
  9. Patch Notes - 4/20/2016

    No patch to give you notes for... Read the announcement for the day Routine server maintenance and modifications.
  10. BnS Guide to Fix Lag and FPS Problems

    @Xogi If you're experiencing a 3 second delay on skills with a 50 ms ping...and it disappears when you're running under a VPN, you have something configured wrong or needing to add an exception for some program or your game, to your firewall or antivirus... 50 ms doesn't equal 3 second skill delay. Ping 150ms and under is actually fairly playable. I can load up my paid for high speed VPN and connect to Osaku, Japan with 150 ms according to speedtest, that doesn't negate the fact that i still have 250 ms to the server from my home network to that same IP. The VPN only gives me a much more stable connection so that I don't get timed out and booted from server/game etc etc for a long delay or non -response. WTFast and similar programs do not magically move your computer X amount of miles closer to the destination.
  11. Has Prio been updated to work with Win 10, it used to not work, didn't see it on site or missed the answer?
  12. BnS Guide to Fix Lag and FPS Problems

    lol A for effort, those apps only provide a stable/alternative connection, but not something everyone or everyone having issues needs. In most cases it will increase ping. most all the of those type services explain it in detail, but you gotta read the fine print. 3rd world countries with poor Internet will benefit from spending the additional money, but the countries with stable high speed Internet, you won't see any thing beneficial except using "their speed and ping testing software" The only way you can ideally achieve a really nice stable connection and low ping to a game's server is shop by the game. find one that is close to your home and has a relatively low hop route, and play the game. If you're choosing to play a game that the server is located 100 light years from your home, then no matter what neat program you install and pay an additional 10 bucks a month for their service, your gaming experience will be less than enjoyable and will never BE issue free, and that is simply a personal choice you have made due to the game and/or friends playing it
  13. no, seems to be a lot of people who play in EU region have the same issues. When asking for help or a solution, it probably is best if you state which region you play in.. NA or EU. Your issue is your region not your system setup.

    OP is right, 3rd party sites do buy, sell accounts as well as gold in every game that money can be made.
  15. Low FPS/Stutter Fix (Nvidia)

    I completely disagree. Optimization is on par and better than most dx9 mainstream titles out GPU gets used, screen shot in windowed mode at idle, check the usage. Perhaps you have settings or drivers that are negatively impacting your card. Turn more eye candy settings on if you want a higher usage. I'm not running with everything on in this screen shot. Just to show that it does.