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  1. @Xogi If you're experiencing a 3 second delay on skills with a 50 ms ping...and it disappears when you're running under a VPN, you have something configured wrong or needing to add an exception for some program or your game, to your firewall or antivirus... 50 ms doesn't equal 3 second skill delay. Ping 150ms and under is actually fairly playable. I can load up my paid for high speed VPN and connect to Osaku, Japan with 150 ms according to speedtest, that doesn't negate the fact that i still have 250 ms to the server from my home network to that same IP. The VPN only gives me
  2. lol A for effort, those apps only provide a stable/alternative connection, but not something everyone or everyone having issues needs. In most cases it will increase ping. most all the of those type services explain it in detail, but you gotta read the fine print. 3rd world countries with poor Internet will benefit from spending the additional money, but the countries with stable high speed Internet, you won't see any thing beneficial except using "their speed and ping testing software" The only way you can ideally achieve a really nice stable connection and low ping to a game's
  3. New Costume is Hot AF! When the Car is built right!
  4. that's why it sounds like Data Execution Protection kicking in, something is throwing a flag making PCs dump RAM and restart. regardless if it is malicious or not. I got locked from a hard drive once due to DEP, after that it can stay disabled. Should be a debug file you can go back and look at, that will show which driver/process made it kick in should that be the case.
  5. Tera is free dx9 will create an overheat issue just turn everything up, Archeage u can try it it runs dx9 and dx11 as a way to see if it is your GPU/CPU failing or creating a thermal shut down due to a heavy workload, Running a benchmark like Furmark or something similar with heat monitor apps like MSI afterburner open at same time will do it w/o you downloading 30 gigs of games. PSU are built to be disposable, short lifetime of 3-4 years. Hopefully it was nothing more than a corrupted file causing DEP( Something you could disable if your playing games) to do a restart.
  6. 3 sticks of 8 in dual channel using 3 banks = 24gigs . 32 gig is super common and mostly just bragging rights for the home user I run on 10 Gigs, 2 sticks of 8 in first channel and one stick of 2 in a bank on 2nd channel, 8 gigs was not enough for on line gaming, after hitting 10 everything runs smooth, and leaves me room to upgrade still yet should i choose to do so. lets you run in single channel mode all the RAM is accessible, my paging file never exceeds 6 gigs though depending on what i am doing. That rig is primarily just to run what ever game i choose to play. i use a 2nd
  7. I right clicked window desktop went to display properties and changed it from 1980 x 1020 to a 1600 x 900. When i log into the game i just alt+enter to switch game into fullscreen and allow it to scale to monitor. Game is and has been running fairly stable for me since i have been doing this. Don't know if it works for any one else but for me. I have no issues what so ever now. I only use a single 55" 1080p display so for me this is a decent band-aid, for the people who are running duel and 3 monitor setups I'm sure this will not be acceptable.
  8. OP never mentioned at what resolution or what display he is using. Frames bouncing usually is low ram, windows updating etc, freezes can be conflicts between drivers for game-pad and mouse both being active. If he is on a standard display 1068x and not getting 70+ frames then it is either/or. Perhaps the wi-fi signal is weak, not enough information really TBH.
  9. Game only runs on 9.0c ??? regardless he is pulling 50+ and only dipping into the 30's when v-sync pops. dunno what his complaint is, needs to upgrade to a better tier of Mobo, NIC, CPU, GPU and add at least another 8gb of decent RAM. OP is under DX12 he stated he is running Win 10. Browse thru the bug sections and see people running rigs and dropping into single digits. Would be chill if they could port Dx11 into the game, as popular as it is, the question is.. if the Unreal the used to build game with is after the DX10-11 came available or is it perma locked at DX9 like Tera due to
  10. Would be nice if they would allow is to disable or sign a digital contract that lets players use or not use Game Guard, TBH i hate even having it installed on my machine, seen it create issues with several games , Windows and hardware updates in the past. Just a suggestion.
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