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  1. Re order ping relate classes

    That's... Probably why they put it on the bottom of the list? Anyway, I would probably rank destroyer below force master, not above, depending on your build and playstyle force master isn't that bad, since some of their non-optimal builds are only slightly worse but are a lot more ping friendly, while optimal destroyer is pretty ping reliant.
  2. The delay on countering defensive abilities is terrible

    The reason is mostly due to the latency, and the horrible amount of purely server reliant coding that was done in this game. B&S was pretty much designed around every single player playing on 0 ping. Aka it's basically a game that should have been designed with client-sided commands in mind, but was inexplicably reversed and is completely reliant on the server to issue each and every command. In order to cast a guard-break you have to wait for the data from the server that tells your client that you're standing within range of a target that's guarding, meaning until you get that data you can't cast a guard-break on the target. In regards to your other problem, you can similarly use guard breaks until the server tells the game client that you're no longer in ranged of a target that's guarding. Meaning your guard break can be cast, can hit the target, and can even apply status effects despite the guard having ended. The most annoying thing about that second issue is that it breaks one of the games other rules, that you can't cause an effect while the opponent doesn't have the required effect. E.g. Even if you cast a knock-up on a target while they're stunned, if the stun wears off before the skill casts, the target wont be knocked airborne. This is because it does the attack, the attack performs a status check, the status check fails (target = not stunned), target is not affected by the skill effect because status check failed. But guard-breaks don't follow the same rule, because guards are considered an action and not a status. Meaning that you perform the attack, but the attack doesn't perform a status check, so whether or not the target is guarding or not, the target is affected by the skill. Last point is that latency can cause enemies to hit you in stealth. If you have say, a 0.5 second delay, you can stealth, and the enemy can still attack for 0.5 seconds, if one of their attacks within that 0.5 seconds hits you through the stealth evasion boost, it breaks stealth.
  3. Are there bots in arena ?

    Does it seem suspicious? Does it feel like a bot? If yes, treat it and report it like a bot. You can follow an assassin in stealth with good eyesight and some practice, but bots and players act differently when following a stealthed character, and while it's hard to describe, it's really easy to tell in a live scenario after a few matches, bots have a very unnatural way of movement that specifically locks their camera to the other player. Turning while CC'd is part of something that the bots use, their way of movement and command input is different, since they don't use a mouse/keyboard, so it bypasses the normal rules of being CC'd. You can easily tell this apart from someone lagging since if a player is lagging, their actions will continue like normal after the CC, as if they were unaffected by it. A bot however will be clearly affected by it instantly, but still be able to slowly turn. Some people like to argue that it's just a glitch, but obviously if the glitch is abused multiple times in a set match, it's being used intentionally, and is equally rule breaking.
  4. EU arena unplayable without VPNs

    You know I've always seen the comments from Oceanic players saying "If you people had to play with our lag you'd see complaint threads all over the forums constantly!" and these last week or two with the EU server issues has really put a lot of delicious proof in the pudding.
  5. Latency Issues for Non NA/EU Players

    The reason a lot of other games don't seem as bad as B&S does with 200+ ping is because most games have a fair few, or a lot of client based actions. There's generally 3 different types of input methods, client based, client based w/ queue, purely server based. B&S falls into the last (and worst) of those categories. If your game is client based (or has lots of client based actions), then you press a button, it tells your computer, and your computer presses the button. Overall it takes about 5ms to perform an action. If your game is server based with a queue, it means you can press 20 buttons, it tells your computer, your computer tells the server, and the server tells your computer to press the button. With 200ms it takes about 200ms (duh) to perform an action, but since it queue's up the actions, there's about the same delay as a client based action system after the first button press as long as you don't stop. If you game is entirely server based, it means you can press 20 buttons, it tells your computer, your computer tells the server, and the server will tell your computer it can press the first button, but not the other 19. That last one is how B&S works. You have to press a button, then that action goes around the world once, comes back to you, then you can press another button. That's why 200 ping in this game feels so much worse than other games. To answer the actual question though, the development team have no intention of trying to change this system because they don't care. The only way to improve your massive delay would be to be closer to the server. But of course once more they don't care about having servers in the SEA/Oceanic region, so it comes down to the age old solution of if you want to play an online game that relies on ping, don't live in the SEA region, because according to game devs, you don't exist.
  6. Performance, FPS, LAGS, Freezes

    Well there's your problem right there, just avoid players, problem solved. Or use ctrl+F to get rid of all the other players.
  7. EU server ping / lantency need FIX

    As an oceanic player that has never seen ping below 200 or had NCSoft's concern in any regard, I can't really sympathise... However I still wish you (and all the other EU players) luck, it must suck to have to play on high ping all the time.
  8. How this Destroyer do it? Is Legit?

    It's a bot, not a player, and also thus obviously not legit. They can turn while CC'd because they bypass the input locks, since it's not using a keyboard/mouse. There's thousands of them in arena right now because you can now make money off of arena, and of course you can't say money without implying bots because after all we are playing Bots & Soul.
  9. ping booster for sea player?

    Most people use WTFast, however it requires a subscription after the trial period, but it has some of the best servers for a gaming VPN. You could also try programs like Pingzapper or Battleping. Additionally, don't worry about people saying you could get banned for using a VPN, just don't pick a dozen different servers all over the planet when using one, if you use the same servers you'll have no problem, you only get flagged if you suddenly log in from 20 different places around the world in a short period of time. Lastly, remember that even the best ping from the SEA region will still be pretty bad, anyone near the server will still attack twice as fast as you even with a VPN and "good" ping, and the only way to change that is to be closer to the server.
  10. GameGuard is gone - now the game is full of bots

    Gameguard didn't stop anyone, it's not even that it was "stopping some people", it stopped nobody. Basic client hacks weren't even noticed by gameguard, and the ones that did require a bypass were glad to see that GG bypasses were publicly available within the early access period... The only reason you're seeing more hackers now is because people started publicly sharing their programs. Most of them weren't available at launch because they weren't very stable, and people wanted to abuse them themselves before releasing them to the public. There's still a dozen far more gamebreaking things than simple speedhacks that you haven't seen yet because they haven't been made public, and honestly most hackers aren't going to release them either because it's a lot better for them not to. Gameguard did nothing past present or future to stop hacking, in this game or any other. Bypassing it is laughably easy, it kicks about as many hackers as it does normal players, so it's probably better not to get so upset about it. The only thing gameguard really does is cost the makers of the bypass a couple minutes/an hour after each update to edit and reupload the bypass to the forums they posted it on.
  11. What soul shields can I fuse into

    Since nobody really explained it: In order to fuse a soul shield into another soul shield they need to be of the same region. The regions are pretty much split into levels, so 1-20, 21-36, 37-45, 46-50. You also can't use a soul shield of the same set. For example if you attempt to use a soul shield from Viridian Coast on a Cinderlands soul shield (E.g. Blight > Sacrifice) it wont work. Similarly using Sacrifice > Sacrifice wont work. Anything else from the same region will work, even if it's not the same level. For example the set obtained from the Pinchy world boss roulette will work on the Sacrifice soul shield set. The amount of stats you get is based on the amount of stats that the original soul shield had, for example a soul shield with 30 crit will give less than a soul shield with 50 crit when you use them for fusion. This means a Pinchy soul shield piece #8 will give more than piece #1 (since they all give crit). There is a special type of soul shield you can purchase off the broker or craft yourself using the soul wardens crafting. These soul shields are called Primers and have a prefix of the region they're used for (E.g. Moonwater Plains Critical Soul Shield Primer). You can get a green version or an artisanal (blue) version of the soul shield, these shields give a lot more crit and have a smaller range, meaning rather than getting 10-30 crit from dungeon set you would get something closer to 28-40 from a primer.

    Title trolling >.> You get it from here.
  13. To be honest I don't think the reason is solely because of pronunciation. a lot of American games are based around single-name systems (Jack instead of Jack Daniels for NPC's, normally long names are reserved for titles like Jack The Drunkard). Additionally it would be weird for a lot of players since the names aren't exactly ordered the same as English names, a general English speaker would read Jin Soyun, and question why the obviously female character is named Jin which is clearly a male name, even though someone knowing the other language would be oblivious to the fact that that's wrong. Other things like Do Chun and Do Danha, the chance many people wouldn't make the familial connection is higher than you might think. Generally when thinking over a topic like this it's best to think of it from an oblivious standpoint, most Americans would have more trouble with understanding separated names that aren't in traditional order. Having them pieced together may not be true to the source but it feels a lot better to purely English readers, and that's what the game is targeted at.
  14. why we really need better ping

    The issue is due to routing. Most, and I'm talking around 75%+ of the oceanic region doesn't route directly to Korea/China/Taiwan/Etc. Routing from say, Australia to China is generally expensive (or so it would seem) so almost every single connection in the oceanic region to those locations is routing through Europe or America. Meaning an almost entire world trip for a short hop skip and jump connection. Most Americans get lower ping and more stable connections to Korea/China/Taiwan/Etc than people in the oceanic region because of this. Pretty much anyone in the Oceanic region that wants to connect to one of those servers has to use a VPN, and most VPN's don't have great Oceania-(Insert one of those locations here) routes, so the connections are either still high ping, have massive packet loss, ping spikes or are just generally unstable. I know for a fact, after some investigation, only ONE out of a dozen ISP's available in the QLD region of Australia actually have short routing to China, the rest of the ISP's all route through far away locations so they can get the connections to insert previous location here on the cheap, instead of having to shell out a massive buck for the actually good lines between here and said locations. Effectively imagine if, in order for you to connect to Texas, you had to route through Australia, because there were no stable lines that your local ISP's had access to for public use. That's what it's like here. It's not that there aren't any lines to get their with minimal issue, but you probably wont ever get on one of them as a public citizen unless you have access to some sort of business line with your ISP.
  15. Discuss Poharan's Gender

    So I just wanted to resolve something/add to this discussion. We can all debate whether or not Poh is a man or a woman, sure, but someone brought up one of the NPC's who will say "Is the admiral a man or a woman?" over and over. Poharan is not the admiral, she's the vice-admiral, so this NPC isn't asking the question towards her, he's asking it towards the actual admiral who we haven't met yet. So I introduce to you... THE ADMIRAL! (@ 23:51 in vid) So the real question is... Is the admiral a man, or a woman?!
  16. Misty Woods Key being Duplicated?

    There are multiple groups of gold farmers (not bots, but not really players either) that spend all day every day farming terrors. On my server at peak hours the terrors are only up for a couple of seconds before the armies of summoner gold farmers show up to kill them. Literally 50~ players, all summoners, swapping channels and doing nothing but farming terrors. It's hell for anyone not in the same faction as them too, anyone not in the same faction as all the gold farmers aren't able to get keys because the sheer number of them... You have to either wait till the dead hours and hope you can round up enough faction members, or swap factions and join the hordes of summoners.
  17. Loot from raid bosses favors ranged classes

    Have to agree that it's a pain for melee's to do blackwyrm. As a ranged class you have pretty much nothing to worry about on either of the raid bosses, be it blackwyrm or the terrors. It's a special kind of nightmare doing blackwyrm without a tank in case you don't have one or they die when you're a melee, since aggro will hop like crazy making him turn around constantly, your chances of doing a no-death run becomes abysmal, especially if you have high ping or you're playing a class that doesn't have spammable blocks/evades. This is why (at least on my server) there's an army of 50~ summoners that are farming the terrors non-stop all day. The first time I saw them I thought it was funny but now it's just depressing, nothing but summoners, not a single other class, in mass groups, farming terrors all the time. They're all ranged and have hundreds of cats to tank, so they never get attacked by the boss, and they can all heal each other so they don't even have to worry about damage from AoE's. Not sure how I feel about the current end-game raid content being 99% ranged classes and 1% melee.
  18. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Well you see... ...Money.
  19. Reversals not working as intended

    They've always worked for me. There's a minor detail about reversals most people miss, in order for a reversal to work they have to be used just before you get hit. Once cast there's a small window in which your character will guard against attacks, if you get hit during that you'll perform a reversal, if the player doesn't hit you while the effect is active you wont perform a reversal and the skill will go on cooldown. There are also some, very limited skills, that can bypass reversal, although they're far and few between so it's incredibly unlikely that this would be the issue you're encountering.
  20. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    Guess I probably shouldn't tell you about the swimsuit for Lyn that gives the Lyn females boobs then... I'm sure that the guy who made that other topic about wanting Lyn boobs will be happy though. P.S. Yes they have jiggle physics.
  21. Avoid a ban (Sticky please)

    I know I'm condescending, so that's not something new. Also you don't need to type a full technical process of how your internet works to demonstrate you understand technology. Questioning why someone uses a program, and stating that it can't do anything for you however is pretty presumptive when you have apparently have an idea of how the technology works, but no clue of their circumstance. Otherwise the answer to your question should be incredibly obvious, and the statement you're making potentially incorrect. Spouting out potential misinformation can be harmful to people who don't know better. Typing up a response to just insult and mock someone by the way, just starts an argument like this one, especially when you add nothing constructive or least bit relevant to the potential actual conversation you could have had instead.
  22. Avoid a ban (Sticky please)

    Totally offtopic but that's a pretty stupid simplistic way of looking at it, which gives off the wrong idea. Your internet doesn't work as You > Your ISP > The game server > And back to you. More often than not, particularly when connecting to locations with high traffic, or far away, or from a location with cheap ISP's, your connection looks a lot more like: You > Your ISP > Routing Server 1 > Routing Server 2 > Routing Server 3 > Routing Server 4 > Routing Server 5 > Etc etc etc > Game Server > Back through a dozen servers > You again. Mainly because you can't just connect straight to some server whenever you want, your internet uses cables to travel, not thin air, so your ISP has to contact someone else in order to get a connection from them to wherever your connection needs to go. More often than not, the company your ISP has to contact someone else, etc etc, until they find someone who can connect to the server you need to get to. The reasons for this are aplenty and far too many to list, the primary one being money. Cheaper routes are never the short ones, and often have many hops from place to place. Overall, most people use a VPN service because their ISP uses too many hops to get to the server. Which is the case for a lot of people since not everyone lives right next to the server. It's also often because their ISP lines to that particular region are super high traffic lines, causing lots of jitter on the lines. Plenty of reasons can lead to people using a VPN, and if you fall under the right cirumstances a VPN will generally help, since they normally don't use crowded lines, and they have minimal hops between their internal server networks, so as long as your connection to the nearest server of theirs is good, the rest of your route should be as optimal as possible. Best example of this I can give is when I was playing B&S China from Australia. Australian ISP's are massive cheapskates, so in order to connect to China the connection routed from Australia, across a dozen islands, to America which then routed through a couple more servers before reaching China and back again. To give an idea of the distance that connection covered, it was about the equivalent of two round trips across the planet, for something that should have been at worst about 1/8th of that distance. B&S China however is run by an awesome company that has their own VPN service, which reduced the ping from a staggering 580 to a reasonable 110~, due to having a great system set up. So yes, a VPN does help. Gratz on learning something today.
  23. Target not Found

    This is most likely impossible due to technical limitations rather than just simple you're not allowed to because we said so kind of thing. The reason is because you can't send whispers cross-server, for technical reasons, and dungeon matching dungeons as well as the arena are located on their own server, separate from the rest of the game servers like Poharan/Mushin/etc. So more than likely you wont see this change in the near future.
  24. So something I feel like I need to point out, that people have a horribly hard time understanding for some reason. B&S and gameguard aren't detecting 99% of the things people think they do. Everyone seems to assume that oh it's macro's and VPN's and all this other stuff that's the problem, but it's not. If you're using the correct software B&S and GG can't detect macro's. The software they use is designed to detect looooong, extended and perfectly repeated cycles of server requests, not player X pressing LMB and RMB in a perfect 0.5 second delay between each other. You can use macro's to do pretty much any minor task without being detected. The software being used is to detect botting, not macro's, there's a difference and it's not hard to understand it. The things people are getting banned for in reality, have nothing to do with the reasons they actually think they got banned for 99% of the time. Normally, it's a false positive set off by some sort of routine system function. Computer do a virus scan? Banned. Driver update? Banned. Any random harmless process on the computer touch B&S suddenly? Banned. But GG doesn't report enough details to differentiate false positives from actual causes normally, so whenever someone gets auto-banned the support staff don't have enough detail, that's why most people need to get escalated multiple times before they get a support staff member capable of checking in enough detail to tell if they were actually innocently banned. I honestly laugh at how people think X or Y can get you banned, and how far off the truth it actually is. A member of a B&S skype group I'm in plays NA B&S even though he lives in Korea. He uses a VPN system to make it look like he's in America. He does 3D modelling, so he's modded the client pretty heavily, he has a dozen modded outfits/hairstyles/etc in the client files. He also hates the lack of costumes here vs Korean B&S, so he uses cheat engine, to hex edit the game client. To top it off, he uses macro's to do skill combo's perfectly as well as to single tap for SS/EE/QQ. He's been doing this since beta and hasn't been banned, which I think is a pretty heavy testament to just how ignorant the client and GG is in regards to actual cheating. The absolute irony in this, an actual friend of mine, who actually lives in Texas, is completely oblivious when it comes to technology. I had to baby sit her through the entire installation process, she doesn't even know what an .exe stands for, and she doesn't even have custom hardware, she uses the bloody trackpad on her laptop in order to play B&S. Yet she was banned for suspicious activity just after the first week of free launch, after hitting level 30 something...