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  1. To get rid of he slow/freezing frames , TURN OFF 'Use Reflex Context Guide' in your camera options game settings (it shows you want skill to use to counter boss attacks but causes freezing/frame slowdowns)
  2. also, turn off motion blur, nvidia hairworks, & especially turn off 'use context reflex guide' that kills frame rates (it's what shows up what skill to use to defend vs. boss attacks)
  3. find out what video card they use --that's the most important thing below is benchmark of all mobile laptop gaming video cards 1060+ & 2060+ or higher is what you want https://www.notebookcheck.net/Computer-Games-on-Laptop-Graphics-Cards.13849.0.html -searchable & customizable by game & cards
  4. To rotate camera, HOLD DOWN MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON while moving mouse (you can change the button/mouse to whatever you want or default it to whatever)
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