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  1. Why so much patchs

    A couple of reasons: They want NA to be a part of the competitive scene. Since KR and the rest are at 50, and the current balance is at 50, they're trying to catch up as fast as they can. This is 100% a marketing drop. They *could* have released this stuff with the previous patch and given people time before the next patch, but then they'd have nothing to release the day before BDO launches... Until we're at 50 and caught up to the rest of the world, expect this rapid race. Take a deep breath, you'll be fine. :)
  2. Just unlock the Warlock already

    Eh, tired of grinding dailies on my alt, and tired of spelling out the obvious issues for NCSoft with their current decision to try and use the 'lock as some idiotic tease. Thanks to the Australian ping I've got a very limited selection if I want to PvP (Which is major point of interest for me), and I'm not interested in summoners (No Lyns for me :P). Oh well, might check back when they release warlock, if I'm not too busy with XCOM2, Far Cry Primal, Deus Ex, The Division, Dark Souls III, BDO, Doom, *cricket* it's going to be a busy season...
  3. WHERE THE *cricket*

    If this is how you act NORMALLY, then I can totally see you harassing someone in-game to the point of receiving a ban. If this is how you react to being cut off, I'm concerned over just HOW addicted you are to the game. I don't technically believe in the whole "gaming addiction" story, but man are you a prime candidate to changing my mind. Log a ticket like a human being, remembering that the person on the other end didn't ban you and is ALSO a human being. Then get up, walk it off, play something else, play outside, play with yourself, do SOMETHING.
  4. Just unlock the Warlock already

    Or... Much more likely, play something else. Which creates a high chance that people will just forget and move on (Out-of-sight and all that). So many good games coming, NC needs to realise that sooner would be much better than later. Get people invested in their MAIN class BEFORE all the potential distractions that could keep them busy and out of B&S (And possibly have them never return).
  5. Warlock

  6. Warlock

    The official estimate is "any second that they feel like it". They've already stated that it's ready and can be activated "with the flick of a switch". Any day that they don't release it is just a marketing decision on their part.
  7. The Demand For Oceanic Servers

    Not to mention that NCSoft TOLD us to "help drive Oceanic/SEA players to tell us that they want B&S, that would be a big help!"...
  8. 2K NCoin Outfit

    ^ THIS, endless amounts of THIS!
  9. Just unlock the Warlock already

    Your argument was that it's designed for 50 content, hence we don't get it. Well... I since that's your point, the 3.0 balance patch was for 50 content, why do we have it now? Besides, can you read the next line, it's ready now, there's no reason beyond idiocy and counter-productive marketing (Frustrating instead of exciting fans) for them holding it back.
  10. Ty NcSoft

    Yeah, was waiting for someone to pull my words out into the extreme. I didn't say "drop your basic manners that your parents hopefully taught you". But you don't go into that restaurant, sit down, order a steak, get a piece of cardboard with a "*cricket* you" note stuck on it, then thank the chef for bothering to take the time to prepare your meal for you. I absolutely believe in the mantra "If the person you are with is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, he/she isn't a nice person", and NOTHING I said in my post applies in such a case. What I'm tired of seeing is gamers willing to swallow whatever level of quality drivel publishers feel like they can get away with, and then tell everyone to be thankful that the publisher is spending time fixing their own product (Good example, people defending WB for Batman:AK and saying people who bought the game should be grateful that they're fixing it, and in the OP, saying we should be grateful that NCSoft is fixing issues. ERRRRR... Wrong.). NCSoft's job, as I said, is to create a product that we WANT to spend money on, we don't have to be grateful that they bother doing it at ALL, or are trying to fix issues, it's in their OWN best interest to do so. It doesn't mean we can't give positive feedback or a proverbial pat-on-the-back for, say, shorter than expected maintenance. But no consumer should feel like they have to be grateful for a company bothering to deliver a working product.
  11. Just unlock the Warlock already

    And yet, the 3.0 balance patch, that we just got, was originally released with 50 content, in fact, it's BALANCED around level 50, it was made for 50 and not 45... And yet, here we have it. They've already stated that it's ready, that they just have to 'flick the switch', their delay is nonsensical and unnecessary. Them adding 'Soon™' into mix just add fuel to the fire.
  12. Ty NcSoft

    You do know that you, as a consumer, don't actually have to be GRATEFUL for a company selling you a product. They don't do it for you, they do it to generate a profit on top of providing jobs (All good things, don't get me wrong). This whole "worship devs who bother to fix their game" crap needs to go, you are a CONSUMER. Do you walk into an Apple/Samsung/Dennys/IHOP/McDonalds/Take-your-pick store and thank them for being so wonderful and that they're so great for selling you <insert whatever product> because it works/doesn't taste like $#!&? They, like every other for-profit company on this planet, need to provide a product/service, and hope that they manage to convince us that it's worth spending money on.
  13. NCoin Fraudulent Purchases

    Good luck! It's absolute horseshit that you risk your account every time you want to give NCSoft money. These frequent false flags and subsequent responses of "Kinda looked like maybe it might possibly be fraudulent (We're not actually sure), account banned, not gonna open it for any reason, *cricket* you, *cricket* off." from them is unacceptable.
  14. 2K NCoin Outfit

    Careful, you might get flagged as a 'high risk' for fraud or, heaven forbid, receive a ban (Since they seem to hand those out quite randomly). O_o That's what I'm currently nervous about.
  15. UnBalanced Classes

    The 'red' spin does decent damage, but costs resources, has a lengthy CD, and most common specs reduce speed by 30%. In other words, just kite it. The 'blue' spin is mainly defensive, increases movement speed/resists, no CD, costs resources, and kinda used like a backup gap closer.