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  1. Man, don't bother posting an SS of your inventory. F2P players will cover their eyes and pretend they didn't see that and scream P2W even louder than before.
  2. Actually, there has been no actual staff guaranteeing a p2w model if wardrobes came free to everyone. It's more of a common sense thing. Would a company continue to shell out money to run a server on stable premium services subscribers or risk rollercoaster rides in it's stock market where potential investors find unattractive to invest in? I wish more people knew how companies function.
  3. That's the trouble conversing with people who demand everything for free. I hope your welfare coupons can get you your next carton of beers! Cheers. /thread.
  4. So how does costumes prevent you from experiencing the game's story/pvp right up till the end? I'm just curious.
  5. It's hard to explain pay2win to a player who has never experienced it. I'm an Asian and i tried literally every MMORPG out there. The cash shop here is really fine. Trust me.
  6. Lol Teffy i swear these F2P players want the game to fail before it even takes off. Hahaha!
  7. And Asian B&S is pay2win. Let's all include end-game gear in cash shop while we're at it shall we? ;)
  8. Lolwut you conveniently left out that no one would buy premium after that, which means a loss of a STABLE income for the company. Premiums always outweigh the occasional costume buyer.
  9. NCsoft should do the right thing and not just hand everything out. They would lose the bulk of their current profits. PS: And it's funny how people use the word "Greed" on a company who has made the most fair F2P model i've seen in a long time.
  10. Except that you left out how pay2win the other versions of B&S are. My F2P friends are happy with how the game is, especially when they came crawling out of the Pay2win mess the other servers are in now.
  11. Which is why i had already mentioned that costumes are vanity-only items and not required to complete the game. And hell even the faction costumes that are required to quest don't take up much space. My alt doesn't even use F3 wardrobe function as a Premium user. Only my main does. People just want everything for free without paying.
  12. NCsoft won't hand out a vanity-only feature to free players. Guess what, they'll just announce the closure of B&S NA/EU because it isn't profitable enough. The only reason why f2p players are even able to play is because of premium subscriptions. Think the game will survive on the occasional f2p guy who spends a few bucks on a costume without becoming pay2win? Think again.
  13. Precisely my point. Any MMO that has given tons of free stuff eventually became pay2win or closed down because they were desperete for income just to keep servers afloat. That fails as well.
  14. Like i said, i'm not giving them any more money if B&S allows free players to have access to wardrobe. Most of the premium players agree with me on this on my server. So in essence, NCsoft loses a bulk of their paying customers if they decide to go with free wardrobes.
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