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  1. why not give DPS meter to 6-man dungeon? afker, bots, and account buyers without knowing how to dps always stay and stick to 6-man dungeon...
  2. because this will happen... in cross-server dungeons...
  3. The plan that kill Lycan first capture cores later was once my favorite plan when I was low dps. Problem is, first, taking dam long time, secondly, people just fail to kill the mini boss and capture core. My other plan is taking Snapsaw first and wait for Lycan come by to kill him nearby Snapsaw, meanwhile I expect my team able to capture Blood and Soulward... Problem is, they just simply fail to capture it Now, whenever I participate in Necro, I help them capture Blood and Soulward, ask if anyone can capture Snapsaw and kill Lycan 1/ if no one able to capture Snap
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