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  1. I am a Masters founder and i disagree with non masters not having any say in it Im not saying it should or shouldnt be done either Im just saying if it were something that happened it wouldnt be a very big deal
  2. I go a step farther and say in the end its a petty complaint for something that does no real harm to the founders If they gave everyone every founders benefit for free there might be an issue but just a costume isnt bad
  3. I didnt notice the change and its not significant but is slightly annoying As far as the exclusive outfit goes Ive said the same thing for this game as any other If they rerelease the transcendence for all players i will be entirely fine with it
  4. Its really with every game like this First the servers were populated and we had a bot issue When things settled down there were posts saying the game was abandoned There was a thing for nerfing the warlock or complaining that it was OP before it came out despite the devs saying long before that we were getting the nerfed version Some people need to take a chill pill is all
  5. I have pretty mediocre gear and thought te first 4 floors were easy
  6. Did you check the class skills? Current KR rankings? Balance patch info? These are important
  7. There are alot ill admit but theyre incredibly outnumbered by the amount of players who spend moderately or nothing at all And in these kinds of games the more you spend the less efficient your spending becomes Except for that premium bonus That actually makes spending more give you more
  8. Why is it that so often i hear subbed players begin described as rich? Isnt that an extremely negative assumption to make? it shows alot of Bias,malice, and..... im trying to think of a more proper word for it but since i cant ill say saltiness
  9. Can you post a video of this so i can see it myself?
  10. Doesnt that mean youre generating more hate than your cat with that max DPS though? Every taunt is still a chance to get free burst damage between defensive skills as well
  11. I still havnt personally experienced the cat losing aggro before the 8 seconds but assuming it does The summoner has and AoE hold Multiple slows Double KD into pounce Double Daze into playtime Dandylion Backstep And Petals for distance attacks Is that not enough to get by in most situations?
  12. It does taunt Just not permanently I dont think its fair to push assumptions onto it Dont take that as an attack or anything but it does do what it says it does Its just not permanent like it was before
  13. I like the limited wardrobe idea I dont feel that the game is pay2win still The advancement certainly isnt as fast as youve said by comparison either
  14. I still dont have an issue soloing any dungeon up to the boss if nothing else Still figuring out how some bosses work Unexpected poison *cricket* Dokumo caught me off guard last run
  15. Isnt that good though I mean theres not much use if the summoner is never aggrod
  16. Youre misunderstanding what im saying They wont change something if just the west wants it but if theyll consider it like they consider the suggestions of eastern players Not as much but its not nothing like so many players believe
  17. They said it was coming to NA 1 for 1! And theres going to be pvp in this one too 2 for 2! Dont forget the patch they said theyd bring that they did This is stupid! Your argument is really not something that can stand ._. I play a few korean games where they do listen to NA players. One of them is Nexon and if Nexon can give attention (Small but its something) to western players then surely NCSoft can
  18. How about we count the things they said theyd do that they did I mean im no Scientologist and havnt asked a Mathmagician about this but if i can read this pie chart correctly it shows that odds are...
  19. Im having trouble believing youre that dense but im going to remember this and message you when it happens so we can either bring it up to the devs or i can tell you you were wrong about it and ask for you to cry ._. I dont know how much more clearly they couldve said their intent or how much bigger an ass you intend to make of yourself so this will be fun
  20. I dont see much issue either way Except not having Iframes for certain repeated large damage attacks is awful The cat tanks just fine if youre playing with your head I had alot of issue with never being aggrod It was OP
  21. The future Voice for the future Balance takes time
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